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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

   devil day over! rejoice!

wow. i didnt die yesterday! hurray! im gonna change my theme soon again. it'll be kingdom hearts! hey steelangel, i cant help it! well, you guys should go check out the otaku of medival warrior. i changed his theme. speaking of medival warrior, hehehe. today in class, my gym teacher was subbing. he isnt a very good sub whitch makes him the best! get it? lol. anyway... medival warrior was out of the room when he was there. when special k (medival warrior) wasnt there, we were talking about everyones crushes. then, he walked into the rooom. the sub went up to him and says, "well kelvin, any seeecret crushes?" i can can feel my cheeks turn burning red as i blush, blush, blush! a few of my friends saw but they know better than to say something about our "little situation," which is longer really a situation. well, thats pretty much the only thing that struck my interest during that class. wish me luck on my math finals tomorrow!

ps. kelvin! i'll kill you in rune scape! oh shoot, stupid barbarian! it... killed me! i need armour... you owe me big time for various things!
-many cowhides
-otaku themes
need i name more? muahahaha!


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