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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   i gots a 100%

hey, guess what? no, i didnt fall and scrape my knee. i got 100% on my test! yay! boy, remember i posted a while aso saying my teacher asked what i was doing that weekend in a "guy way?" well, i kno why. i finally struck up the nerve to ask. he thinks special k and i like each other. its true, but he doesnt really know. he says we would make a cute couple (also true, lol). all i could do was laugh in nervousness. i think he wants us together. but we already are together! he could mess things up for us, seriously. i dont want that to happen. i really like special k. im gonna have to secretly email my teacher and tell him that we are going out. but hes gotta swear that he wont tell anyone first. the reason me and special k doesnt want anyone to know about us is because people are mean and they will make fun of us. some people already know, but they are nice so it doent matter. i guess it doesnt really matter that they know. as long as they dont tell the gym teacher. our gym teach is the gossip king! he always ruins everything for everyone so we are trying not to let him know.

well, thats all i can think of posting for now. i might post later too.


nevermind. ive decide not to tell my teacher about us since special k really insists on not to...


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