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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


today is the devil's birthday. today is also my sister's birthday. i'm scared. damn scared. holy crap in my pants scared! well, most of the day is done so all i have to do is keep positive. man, i could hardly sleep last night. i slept late and then woke up early this morning. so in the first time of my life, i fell asleep in class. i didnt get in trouble, thank god! oh god, i had to go through some drastic measures just to sleep last night. well, here they are:

-first, i brought out all my kingdom hearts games. (kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts: chain of memories, and kingdom hearts 2). i kissed all the games for good luck. mmm... i liked kissing sora. lol. anywayz... i lay them by my bedside. i felt much safer.

-second, i brought out my laptop. i put a loop of the kingdom hearts theme songs (simple & clean and sanctuary/passion). i felt much, much safer.

-third, i put on this dress that i havent wore in a year. why is this dress so special, you ask? well, i had my first kiss in that dress. i was feelin' good! lol.

ps. not a real kiss, just a kiss on the cheek.


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