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I have MySpace and Facebook. ;D About me... um, I guess you find out in the posts. XD All I can really say here is that my official internet names (in order of importance) are as follows:

¢取WarriorGal - My default name, ALWAYS. Unless it is taken (which means that someone stole my beloved name TT_TT), I use... ¢取TheWarriorGal - I basically add "The" in front of "WarriorGal" (obviously). If that's taken (OMFG, NO!), I use... ¢取Jessychan - My last resort. You will know that this is me because somewhere it will say that I am WarriorGal. If the truly unfortunate thing happens (that is, my name being taken by some jerk, because I have been calling myself WarriorGal since I was 5-years-old!), then I try to space out my usernames with spaces [ ], underscores [_], and dashes [-]. (e.g. Warrior Gal, Warrior_Gal, Warrior-Gal) So please keep in mind that in each of these, it will mention that I am either WarriorGal, TheWarriorGal, or Jessychan.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

   I miss myOtaku.

MyO is officially dead. I miss it. I was reading through my old blogs and one read "I'm never leaving myO, I was born with it, and I'll die with it too!" And now myO is dead. So now what?

This is what.

Goodbye, myOtaku. I love you.

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