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Friday, May 12, 2006


wow, something creepy happened to me today. my teacher, mr. m, asked what i was gonna to for the weekend. in a guy-way. ithink you know what i mean. creepy... *shivers*

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

   my friend is a perv

i have a friend who is a perv. lets just call her ms. dr. well, we went to my teacher's (mr.m) myspace page. she saw his pictures and said he looked fine! so she comment some pervent stuff USING MY NAME! im gonna kill her.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


i made an otaku for "special k". he really likes it a lot. its called medival warrior. go check it out please! he is a good guy.

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   yay! someone likes me!

someone in my class likes me. his name is kelvin. and remember before, i told you i havent seen my bestest friend in a while? well, ive already seen him three times this week! omg, praying and begging does work, well sometimes anyway. this is a special shout-out to my best friend and my boyfriend:

emanuel (best friend)
kelvin (boy friend)

aside from this shout-out, i have another treat! i always talk to my friend about kelvin and i being together. but i dont like to use his name and usually just say "you-know-who." but now ive made a code name for kelvin. special-k. get it? lol. well, i gotta go do my homework now. i have to add like 10 lines to the yankee doodle song (ugh).

ps. uh, kelvin? boyfriend as in friend that is a boy. ok?

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

theme help

hey, someone commented that they miss the kh music. should i put it back along with the keyblade cursor, even though i changed the theme? i think i will. and im gonna put the cbox back on top too.

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Monday, May 8, 2006


hey, like my new theme? lain... anywayz - the cbox at at the very bottom of this page. should i leave it there or should i put it back on top? i think i should put it back on top... yeah, i think i will tommorow though.

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   Help Me!

OK, I wanna change my theme. But I need some help! What should I change it to?

-Kingdom Hearts (but w/different pics)
-Final Fantasy VII(7)
-Final Fantasy X(10)
-Final Fantasy X-2(10-2)
-Full Metal Alchemist(FMA!)
-Anime Mixtures(you tell me!)
-Game Mixtures(you tell me!)

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Yay! Mum bought me Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children! Clound and Sephiroth are sexy!

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   Learn Japanese! And Check Out These Cool Bannes!


^Go to this site and learn Japanese! Its pretty useful to me!^


^Go to this site and make cool baners! Useful as welcome signs or your username!^

PS. Hey guys (and I mean only boys), check out my bio at the bottom of this page and see if you wanna date me...!

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

   Look at my grades!!

YAY! I got First Honors!

Religious Studies - 95
Reding - 95
Language Arts - 94
Composition/Writing - A
Mathematics - 95
Social Studies - 85***
Science - 95
Art - A
Music - A
Physical Education - A

Conduct Grade - A
General Effort - A
Average - 92

***My Social Studies teachers says my grade was supposed to be a 95. So yeah... I got First Honors!


I get Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children now! Kupo!

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