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Monday, May 23, 2005


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Me: Yeah, no school! WHOO HOOOO!
Chaud: oh boy... this day will never end.
Me: *Smacks Chaud in the head* Anyways, I'll catch up on some homework and do a little drawing and listen to some music!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Speaking of music, do you guys like my song? It's Pretear-White Destiny OP theme! =D I really like it! =D
Chaud: It's OKAY, I guess.
Me: Okay? It's GREAT!
Chaud: Riiiight...
Me: Well, I couldn't find a Megaman song that I liked, so Pretear it is! =D
Chaud: -_-
Me: La la la.... yummy berries! -^^-
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Well, just wanted to post about the new music! XD So, this won't be long! I've got things to do! XD Anywho, ja neeeee! I'll post later if there's something I forgot to mention!

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Sunday, May 22, 2005


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Me: WHEE! Just got back from gardening! Heehee who knew my sister and mom could be such soilphobics?
Chaud: *Backs away*
Me: Huh? *Looks down at keyboard and mouse, and then at hands* Whoops, I guess I forgot to wash my hands after moving wet soil ^^'
Chaud: You had better, I'm not touching you.
Me: -_-' *Goes and washes hands*
Chaud: ...
Me: *Grabs a towel and cleans dirt off computer objects* *Ahem... moving on.... Yep! You heard right! I made a new name here! It's Y CaNNoN and it goes along with Z CaNNoN and X CaNNoN! Teehee
Chaud: -_-'you will most likely be able to tell that it's her since the colors are the same. Some of the pictures won't, but the avatar is also the same.
Me: Uuuuuuh huh! Teehee feel free to sign the GB there if you have time and I'll do it for yee! OH! And I'll alternate when sending in fanarts! =)
Chaud: Won't that confuse y-
Me: Yes.
Chaud: Then wh-
Me: Because I want toooooo! XD besides all three of us (X, Y, and Z CaNNoN) Are all viet teehee that's really cool! -^^-
Chaud: -_-'
Chaud: -_-' So you have two names... big deal...
Me: But on another notw, I'm sorry for not visiting everyone's sites lately! I've been so busy with the play and the work is piling up! But I'll try my best to get to all of your sites! X3
Chaud: ... you've ben watching Battle B-Daman too much, havn't you?
Me: Maaaaaybe... XD Well, anyways, MY BIRTHDAY IS ALMSOT HERE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?!!?! I'm so excoted! =D I just hope my cold goes away by then... yeah..... I have a cold... I'M SICK OF IT! And these coughdrops aren't working! It's supposed to numben my throat to keep me from coughing, but it's not! It is instead numbing my gums, my tongue, and my lips! And i'm still coughing too.....
Chaud: -_-' Dont' you have something to say about the school play?
Me: Ah, yes... IT STUNK ON FRIDAY! Belle kept forgetting her lines and I think I heard somebody boo that day.......... ah well.... yesterday's play was better! heehee and the costumes were funny! Gaston had a wig that looked like elvis! And then Lefou was played by a fool (AKA Cyrus, AKA, the cursed child) nd dthe beast had fur taped to him! XD That was super funny! XD mustve been a pain to take off once transformation came around... XD And the dancers were the enchanted objects, they were salt and pepper shakers! XD But I don't get it! At the bowing at the end, we clapped when the main characters came out(I'm a normal townsperson along with my friends and then the main characters were taking individual bows) and when everyone left, we headed to the cafeteria(Yeah, there are stairs that connect the gymnasium to the caf.), our music teacher starts yelling and saying we CAN'T clap onsntage! WTH?!?!
Chaud: I don't think that was a bad thing.
Me: See? Not even HE thinks it's bad!
Chaud: *Pulse mark*
Me; Anywho, I think I'll stop here for now... Just thought I'd update for now =D Anywho, post laters, ja neeeeeeeeeee!

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hello all!

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Me: Goooodddd MORNING!
Chaud: At least I'm awake this time.
Me: Well, yeah, that's good too, otherwise you would've strangled me for waking you again... ANywho... SATURDAY! YAY! CARRRRRRTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS!!!! XD
Chaud: ...
Me: Teehee -^^- Anywho, I'm also building something that will be shown to you all eventually as soon as I finish... only 1 or 2 of you know what it is already though, no more shall know! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Chaud: Like they want to know.
Me: *Pulse mark* I HEARD THAT!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Anyways, yeah, something's going on and it won't be done for awhile! SO! I'll keep you all in suspense! *Suspense music plays* AHAHAHA!
Chaud: ... Do you really think that'll make them want to know?
Me: Well, no, but it's still fun! AHAHA!

Me: Anywho, I'd like to thank you all for 747 visits and 95 GB signings! yay1 i couldn't do it without you all! I also hit the record of most comments on my site! YAY! Thank you all for the record of... 9 COMMENTS! XD I know it's not a lot, but it's the most comments on my site! =3
Chaud: ...
Me: Anywhooooooooooooo, THANK YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! I'd especially like to thank some individuals with awards!
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Me: Teehee -^^- That's all the awards for now! For those that won something, i'll PM you the award URL, okay? ^^
Chaud: ...
Me: Anyways, Yeah, That's about it for the day.. .AH! I forgot! My day! XD Yesterday was typical... boring classes, had recess, longer than usual, the cafeteria food was delayed and we had to wait... missed 8th Per., had a sub. in LA and now, I have homework as well...
Chaud: You call that typical?!
Me: No, but some of that stuff it -^^-
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Anyways, Yeah, I'll stop it here and then PM the URL to those that won it! SOooooooooo
Chaud: She'll post later...
Me: JA NEEEE!!!!!!!

Days Until My Birthday: 22
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nothing says 'Good Morning!' Like some cold water splashed onto your face, and some breakfast!

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Me: *Takes bite of Cereal(Which is Cocoa Puffs by the way if you care!)* Yum! -^^- I alllways start out with a teensy bowl of Cereal and when I brush my teeth, I wash my face with cold water to keep me up, that really works too! That partly explains how I'm so hyper in the morning ^^
Chaud: ...
Me: Teehee ^^ oh, I apologize for not posting all this week, but I'm a Little busy doing stuff for school... they've kicked practice to the stage now Too. I didn't go yesterday though, since I had to go to the eyedoctors for a checkup XP
Chaud: RIiight...
Me: I did!
Chaud: I know. I was there after all.
Me: heh heh heh...

Me: *Goes around room picking up dirty tissues, cutips, and clothes* EW! None of this is mine! I can prove it too!
Chaud: ... that's because you're near the trash can with a box of tissues here, you don't use cutips, and you change in your mom's room( Okay, here's how it works: My sister was booted out of her room so she has to move into mine and so she changes here instead while I change in mom's room, since she would be gone by the time I wake up, which is around 6-6:30).
Me: AGH! THIS PLACE IS A PIGSTY! WHHHHHYYYYYYYY MEE?!?! she leaves her books all over the place! AND! it's not in a neat pile! Papers siccking out everywhere, books are sideways, upright, EVERYWHERE! I even found some on my computer chair and her laptop and chemistry junk on my table which knowcked off my watch! Grrrrr.....
Chaud: Okay, okay, calm down.
Me: *Inhales and sighs* Thanks, Chaud. Anyways, I'm trying to get to those picture requests, but I can't until I finish the work for school(Which includes the DNAngel picture I have told about) and let me tell you now; It needs to have words to get a grade, so I'll have to write on a little bit of Daisuke T_T Ah well.. it was only his mouth... XD Although I also have that spanish project so I'm gonna be really busy.
Chaud: Okay... Moving on.
Me: Alllrighty! School yesterday was okay. I read my novel, drew a little, some of this, some of that... You be the judge.... The classes were boring though. I almost fell asleep in LA class again! XD It was soooo boring! T_T I also read Mink and Dream Saga, so that was good. I also found a file of Chaud and Lan and Tory and the others on a site.. I'm not telling! But I found a picture of Chaud that was AWESOME! XD Hehehehehehehehe Chaud's the best bishie(At least to mee ^.~) ever! XD Doo doo doo dooo..... Heh heh heh...
Chaud: ... What the heck was that for?
Me: I don't know!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Anywho, What else.... Ah yes. Heh heh I'm going try to find some Rockman EXE DVDs this weekend so I can get some screencaps! =D I hope I can find some where I am... Anyways, that's just about it for the day... so far at least. ^^
Chaud: ... Ookay then..
Me: Post laters, JA NEEEEEE!

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Monday, May 9, 2005

*inhales and sighs* I love the smell of no school(and tea!) in the morning!

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Me: Yep! It's around 10:30 over here and I have no school! YAY! Tomorrow I start back though... T_T Can't wait until school is over... XP Anyways, Yeah, it's good to have a good 10-hour sleep. I've been lacking in sleep because of school and homework keepin' me up past curfeu!
Chaud: ...
Me: What? I stayed quiet in bed today so you could sleep!
Chaud: ...
Me: See? I told you to wash your face with cold water! That's what I do in the morning to keep me awake! XD
Chaud: *Falls asleep*
Me: Shhhhh! *Whispers: We're gonna play a trick on him!* *runs to the bathroom and gets a cup of cold water*
Chaud: ZzZzZz...
Me: ssh! *dumps cold water on Chaud*
Chaud: AAGH! Okay, I'm up, I'm up!
Me: *Smiles* That's better! XD
Chaud: *glares at me*
Me: I had to get you up SOMEhow.
Chaud: ...
Me: Here. *Hands Chaud dryer clothes(of course it's gonna be the same thing he always wears... XD)
Chaud: takes clothes and goes in bathroom to change*
Me: Anywho, last night was burnin'! Soooo, I changed me pants to shorts and then my sister and then she somes in my room and she said "Trish, give me one of your T-shirts(I have a lot, going to the same summer camp for awhile now.... they fit me like a dress, the size Ms at least) from camp." So I did, but I gave her a size small because all my mediums besides the one I was wearing were getting piled on down in the washing machine room! so she said "Hey, this doesn't lok like a medium! What size is this?! (Yeah, she calls me Trish)" so I replied, snickering "size small!" And so she looked through all my shirts in the drawer and had no choice but to wear it! I couldn't stop laughing! this was how I literally laughed, in a whisper though since I didn't want anyone to hear me: Aha ha ha hee ha ha kee kaa hahaa! I couldn't stop! It was hilarious! XD
Chaud: At least you gave me the right clothes though.
Me: ^^' Anywhoooo, yeah, I was lookin' at some Rockman production art and I saw the coolest pictures! I can't tell you where it's from though, it's a seeecret! XD but I'll tell ya, it had the coolest Enzan/Chaud production CELs! I wish I had some! XD Yeah, I'm sure people who talked to me late last night like ElvesAteMyRamen know about this already... XD
Chaud: -_-'
Me: ^^; Anywho, yeah... y'know, I think I'll go play with me GameCube now! I only have 3 games though... XD Megaman(of course! It was the first game I got), Beyblade, and Soul Calibur! =D Sooo, I'm off! so I'll post laters j-
Chaud: Ja ne. *presses add post button before I butt in*

Number of Days Until My Birthday: 27
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Sunday, May 8, 2005


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Chaud: Uuuuuhh... what's with the title?
Me: So I'm hyper. What's wrong with that?
Chaud: What's wrong with that is that you've been keeping me up since 6 in the morning!
Me: Not my fault.
Chaud: Yes it is.
Me: Is not!
Chaud and I: *Bicker back and fourth*
Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, anywhoooooo, I'm workin' on some requests, some originals, and some *Painful* Art projects! -^^- all is right with the world again! XD
Chaud: Not really, you're still in it.
Me: *Pulse mark* WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
Chaud: Relax. You sure kick up a fuss over nothing.
Me: *Mumbles: I'll show yo ua fuss...*
Chaud: What was that?
Me: Oh, nothing. Anyways, next up(As soon as I finish it) to be sent in to myO is.... Wing Moon's Kouji and Kouichi picture! ^^ I'm also working on a Naruto and Sasuke picture as well as a chibi picture of Chaud and I bickering back and fourth endlessly ^^ WHEEE! Anywho yeah, that's some good news, and I'm still open for requests ^^
Chaud: You always are.
Me: Well I need SOME way to keep myself occupied this summer!
Chaud: Uuuuuuuh huh.
Me: What?
Chaud: Nothing.
Me: Ooooooooookay, then. Anywho, if I was chatting with you last night, you'll know that.... I got me a new novel! YAY! ^^ It's called Secret of the SpiritKeeper and it's part of a 4-book series with each book written by a different author! Crazy, ne? XD Anywho, Yeah, it's a pretty good book, but I wanted to get Chamomile Mourning(My first choice; this one was my second... looked it up at the site! XD) which is thick(My kinda book!) and mystery; my faaaaaaavorite Genre!
Chaud: Yeah.......
Me: Just not those wanna-be books like Mary Kate and Ashley adventure/mystery, that crap(Sorry if this offends any of you who read it!), but puuuuuure mystery- and sometimes murder mysteries are cool too. That's what's in Chamomile Mourning.
Chaud: Yep.
Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh huh! Teehee ^^ But! I'll stop here for the time being, sooooooooo post laters, ja neeee!

Number of Days Until my birthday: 28
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Saturday, May 7, 2005


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Me: Wow, I just finished watching the TMM dub on TV and it gave me shivers! XD Anywhoo, Sorry for not visiting you all lately, I only visited a couple of people because I only have time for so much at the moment, I have to get my art project done, I have more math homework(20 sets every night isn't paradise you know!), more other homework, School is driving me CRAZY!
Chaud: ... doesn't it always?
Me: You have a point there... Not to mention my Spanish research! XP I have to do Puerto Rico... My friend in that same grop has Costa Rica and my other friend who's licated in the next highest group(For not doing a lot of homework last year... we told her she'd regret that... and we were right! Are we oracles or what?!), has um.... I forgot. ^^' But the Cursed Child(also known as *HISS* Cyrus) has nicaragua, which my seventh grade friend has and she said she didn't want it anymore XD
Chaud: ...
Me: ^^' but i'd like to tell you all my story yesterday at lunch! My friend Chris, she said she couldn't hear and stuff, so she closed her eyes and said- Well, let me just type you guys a flashback that I think I remembered right:

Chris: What? What did you say, Cyrus?
Friend 2(The reason I'm not putting her real name is because she has an unusual name but I know it though): WHAT?! Who are YOU callin' ugly?!
Me: You, Nigel!
Friend 2: WHAT? I am not Nigel, Lamar!
Me: WHAT?! I am NOT Lamar! He's too dumb to even be confused with a m icroscopic piece of dust!
Morgan: You're right. He's too dumb. But YOU might be confused with Brandon!
Chris: You did NOT just call me that, Brandon(There are two brandons in the class) H.!
Morgan: Well you like him, don't you?
Chris: NO! What made you think of THAT idea?
Morgan: Hey, what th-?! I am NOT Brandon H.!
Chris: Might as well be, he's your cousin!
Morgan: *GASP!*

~End flashback~

Me: That's what I thin khappened, I have a faulty memory ^^' But it was fun!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: What?
Chaud: *Sigh* ...
Me: Aaaaaaaw, feelin' lonely?
Chaud: WHAT TH-?! I've BEEN lonely for so long, don't you think I'm used to it?!
Me: Boy, soneone's cranky today!
Chaud: -_-
Me: ^^' Anywhooooooo, I'm workin' on me DNAngel project! Just gotta color in Daisuke's BG, color Dark and his BG and I'm DONEEEEEEEE! XD And right now, I'm taking a little break from it to draw a semi Chibi Chaud! X3
Chaud: -_-'
Me: What?
Chaud: ...
Me: Ooooooooookay, moving on... we also finished reading our greek myth t he other day, it was funny! Perseus used Medusa's head as a weapon! XD It turned all the bad guys Phineus threw at Perseus to stone! XD Now that is one ugly monster! XD Next, we're gonna go to another myth and I can't wait! I'm also getting started to download some Knights of the Zodiac/Saint Seiya epis too! =) Anywhoo, I'll end me post here, sooooooo Post laters, JA NEEEEEEEE!

Number of days left until my birthday: 29
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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Afterschool.......... -_-

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Me: *Yaawn* Just got back from School T_T It was TORTURE! except for LA whcih was fun because in Literature, we're reading Greek Mythology and we're reading something called "The Gorgon's Head" Whcih is the story of Perseus, but we didn't finish reading yet so, I don't know what happens next. But The Gorgons(Medusa is one), who are all female in the story, have a NASTY description! It said that they had wings, teeth similar to the tusks of a walrus, brass hands, snakes as hair, scales, the sight of them can turn men and beast alike to stone, and other NASTY stuff XD That doesn't sound like a dream date, huh? XD But it gets worse; There are 3 gray/grey(Whichever you prefer) sisters that all have one eyeball and one tooth among all of them! XD I'd hate to see THAT in person!
Chaud: Neither would almost every person alive with common sense. Who would want to see that, period?
Me: Eeeeeeeeer.... he's got a point there...... =P Anyways, the names are also found in Knights Of The Zodiac/ Saint Seiya, such as Andromeda, Athene, so forth, so forth.... XD
Chaud: Nicely Worded.
Me: ^^'
Chaud: ... Scoot over.
Me: *Scoots over*
Chaud: *Sits down and puts arm around Trisha*
Me: O///O A-a-anyways-s, Yeah, that was one of the funnest parts in school! =)

Me: Also, I got new Prismacolors! Yay! Now I can color in my DNAngel picture ^^ Speaking of which, I have art class tomorrows!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: What? Aaaaaaaaaanyways... As soon as I finish me art project, I'm gonna start on the requests I got! WHOO HOOO! I have Kouji/Kouichi for Wing Moon, A Naruto or Final Fantasy character for Black Orb, and A Tao Ren picture for someone, I forgot who, but I'll check laters ^^
Chaud: Don't you have it written down?
Me: Not yet, but I'm going to as soon as I finish my homework ^^
Chaud: .....
Me: Anyways... AH! Tomorrow we have dance! one part of me says "FUN!" And another part of me goes, " No mooorrreeeeeeee... too tiring..." XD Anyways, I SAW CHAUD CROSSFUSE TODAY! *Squeals and glomps Chaud*
Chaud: ^^' Could you get off of me please?!
Me: *High pitched squeal* AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! >.<
Chaud: _-_'
Me: What? I'm the only one inside the house at the moment! (Papa and uncle are out in the yard) =)
Chaud: =T Anyways, Like she said before, se got new prismacolors and she might send her DNAngel picture in when she finishes it and it is graded.
Me: YEP! AndI'd also like to thank ElvesAteMyRamen for that neat little linky at the top of her site ^^ It can help me when it comes to the coloring ^o^ THANK YOUELVESATEMYRAMEN! ^^
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Ehehehe ^^' Anywhoo, I recently finished reading an installment of DragonStorm's story! It's so awesome! If you havn't read it, please stop by and read it! She's a really good writer! ^-^
Chaud: Enough of that then...
Me: Ehehehehehe ^^' Anywhoo, I'm in more of a YellowCard(It's a band my cousin introduced me to, PM me if you'd like to get it from me and I'll send it to yas if you want!) mood today for some weird reason...
Chaud: Yeah, and you only listen to two of their songs.
Me: ^^' Yep, I do though... "Way Away" And "Ocean Avenue"! Teehee ^^ Anywho, now I must do homework, so I'll visit sites later and sooooo, Post laters, aja neeee!!!!!
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Monday, May 2, 2005

Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh....

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Me: Tubby little tummy all stuffed with fluff, it's-
Chaud: Okay, enough with the kiddie songs!
Me: What's wrong with that?
Chaud: -_-'
Me: *Still humming "Winnie the Pooh"* YAY! Winnie the Pooh has to be the best kiddie show/non-anime yet! XD
Chaud: _-_ Yeah, right.
Me: Of course it is! Why would I have a WtP Sweater, a Piglet T-shirt, and a keychain is it wasn't?!
Chaud: Because.... YOU like it.
Me: exactly!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Anywho, moooovnig oooooon, I have rehearsals today, so I won't be back until 5:00p.m. est. time so I'll post this morning.
Chaud: ... She has practice Mondays and Thursdays now.
Me: Yep, Village cast(My friends and I are in the village) monday, full cast Thursday! everything else I didn't pay attention to when she announced it. XD
Chaud: You should have.
Me: Aw, I was in a rush to get out of the school! =P
Chaud: ...
Me: Anyways, I'm working on my art project where you have to make an ad for something already out, I think most of you know this already, but now for the deciding factor: Who's hair is harder; Daisuke or Dark? XD
Chaud: But you only drew Dark so far.
Me: That's why I asked...
Chaud: Ooookay...
Me: Anyways, I also have more good news! ^v^ I entered Black orb's site contest and grabbed second for cutest site! YAY! THis is the first time I won anything on MyO! ^^
Chaud: That's because you only joined with 3 or 4 of the contests.
Me: So? Anyways, I'm gonna try to draw that picture today in ILP(Sorta like study hall at me school), that dark and Daisuke one ^.^ Since it's an ad, we have to have words, pictures and that stuff in it, soo we're gonna put "When you DNA goes wild, only Love can calm it..." Please comment on if it's good for a DNAngel ad or not please ^^ Anywho, Not gonna make this as long as my other posts, so I'll stop here.
Chaud: ... Good.
Me: *Pulse mark* WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Oh, sorry minna, I get distracted a lot... Goota go though, post laters, ja neee!!!!!

Days intil my birthday: 34
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Sunday, May 1, 2005

The allergies are back.... *sniff*

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Me: Ah-ah, ah.... ACHOOOOOOO! *Sniff* Sorry, but my allergies are back... Sorry aboiut the late post though. I was gone for most of the morning. My family(Including the uncle that just got here and my other aunt that got here last year, whose husband and daughter were somewhere else) had to go the a hecka viet marts! and I, being the youngest, had to sit in the trunk because itwas filled in the other 2 rows(The shotgun and the one behind that)! And the food attacked me on every turn! And then when I went to sleep, I woke up and I was BURIED by the food! XD
Chaud: ...
Me: You're lucky you had to go save the world, Chaud.
Chaud: *Smirk* I guess I am, but I wouldn't go with you even if I wasn't busy.
Me: Why you-
Chaud: So what're you gonna do about it?
Me: I have my math book with me!
Chaud: And you still can't pick it up either.
Me: Drat... he's right. Anywho, I submitted a new fanart today requested by Inukid. You can see it right here !!! But remember, if you vote "No", please comment on why! Someone already DID vote "no" And was the only person who voted and didn't comment so far! =P Sorry it looks weird and dark... Like I said, It was a digital Camera... and if you care what was behind it, that's my spare art folder in case my other one breaks... the one I'm using currently is a reddish orange. Anywhoo, I'm working on those requests! ^^
Chaud: Yeah.... how do you know if someone voted "No"?
Me: Because my artwork level is down to a 75...
Chaud: Well, maybeI'M the person that voted "No".
Me: You'd better not be. If I found out who voted no, I'd-I'd, *Sigh* only I don't...Oh well, I'm sure they had a good reason...
Chaud: ... You are way too gullible.
Me: So what?! Anywho, I'll get to visiting right now! Ah! I forgot though! I have good news!

Me: And the good news is:
1. I got my poetry project back Friday and the score sheet is stapled to the back where my teacher said I did a fantastic job on my metaphor! HOORAY!
2. I think I finally get the hang of Dark's hair!
3. Although I don't have all "Yes"s on my fanarts, I'm still in the 90s area! HOORAY!

And that's all I can think of now... and for those that would like to hear my poem-
Chaud: Let's just leave and forget the poem.
Me: Can read it right here!

Your dreams are your kingdom,
Free for you to rule.
You make the rules, you reign.
Your dream is like a paradise,
For you and you only.
You fly on wings, gazing over.
You are a ruler,
Full of great ambition.
Wandering the land,
Free to do anthing.
Your dream is a deep secret,
Unknown by all but you.
Your dream is a train,
Taking you away from your worries.

There it is! Hope you liked it! It's my favorite poem that I wrote for the project! ^o^ Anywho, NOW I'll go visit ya'll so post laters, ja ne!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: *Clicks 'Add Post' button*
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