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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Afterschool.......... -_-
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Me: *Yaawn* Just got back from School T_T It was TORTURE! except for LA whcih was fun because in Literature, we're reading Greek Mythology and we're reading something called "The Gorgon's Head" Whcih is the story of Perseus, but we didn't finish reading yet so, I don't know what happens next. But The Gorgons(Medusa is one), who are all female in the story, have a NASTY description! It said that they had wings, teeth similar to the tusks of a walrus, brass hands, snakes as hair, scales, the sight of them can turn men and beast alike to stone, and other NASTY stuff XD That doesn't sound like a dream date, huh? XD But it gets worse; There are 3 gray/grey(Whichever you prefer) sisters that all have one eyeball and one tooth among all of them! XD I'd hate to see THAT in person!
Chaud: Neither would almost every person alive with common sense. Who would want to see that, period?
Me: Eeeeeeeeer.... he's got a point there...... =P Anyways, the names are also found in Knights Of The Zodiac/ Saint Seiya, such as Andromeda, Athene, so forth, so forth.... XD
Chaud: Nicely Worded.
Me: ^^'
Chaud: ... Scoot over.
Me: *Scoots over*
Chaud: *Sits down and puts arm around Trisha*
Me: O///O A-a-anyways-s, Yeah, that was one of the funnest parts in school! =)

Me: Also, I got new Prismacolors! Yay! Now I can color in my DNAngel picture ^^ Speaking of which, I have art class tomorrows!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: What? Aaaaaaaaaanyways... As soon as I finish me art project, I'm gonna start on the requests I got! WHOO HOOO! I have Kouji/Kouichi for Wing Moon, A Naruto or Final Fantasy character for Black Orb, and A Tao Ren picture for someone, I forgot who, but I'll check laters ^^
Chaud: Don't you have it written down?
Me: Not yet, but I'm going to as soon as I finish my homework ^^
Chaud: .....
Me: Anyways... AH! Tomorrow we have dance! one part of me says "FUN!" And another part of me goes, " No mooorrreeeeeeee... too tiring..." XD Anyways, I SAW CHAUD CROSSFUSE TODAY! *Squeals and glomps Chaud*
Chaud: ^^' Could you get off of me please?!
Me: *High pitched squeal* AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! >.<
Chaud: _-_'
Me: What? I'm the only one inside the house at the moment! (Papa and uncle are out in the yard) =)
Chaud: =T Anyways, Like she said before, se got new prismacolors and she might send her DNAngel picture in when she finishes it and it is graded.
Me: YEP! AndI'd also like to thank ElvesAteMyRamen for that neat little linky at the top of her site ^^ It can help me when it comes to the coloring ^o^ THANK YOUELVESATEMYRAMEN! ^^
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Ehehehe ^^' Anywhoo, I recently finished reading an installment of DragonStorm's story! It's so awesome! If you havn't read it, please stop by and read it! She's a really good writer! ^-^
Chaud: Enough of that then...
Me: Ehehehehehe ^^' Anywhoo, I'm in more of a YellowCard(It's a band my cousin introduced me to, PM me if you'd like to get it from me and I'll send it to yas if you want!) mood today for some weird reason...
Chaud: Yeah, and you only listen to two of their songs.
Me: ^^' Yep, I do though... "Way Away" And "Ocean Avenue"! Teehee ^^ Anywho, now I must do homework, so I'll visit sites later and sooooo, Post laters, aja neeee!!!!!
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