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Sunday, July 23, 2006


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Yuki: Uh... nice title...?
Me: Yep! ^^
Waya: Christina just lubs dat song doesn't she?
Me: EVERYBODY DOES! Except Ian... and Trevon... and Miles... well, technically all the guys hate it XD anyways I have more stuff on camp.. if you dun wanna read you can skip this next part:

TENNIS: Sooo um... I really suck at tennis, right? and we had to partner up to play 2-on-2 games and switch partners every win or loss... we had to "match heights" according to that oldcoot of a coach Bob, and me, the 2nd shortest, got paired up with Garrit, WHICH IS ALMOST LIKE 6 FEET... MAYBE TALLER... Richard, the 1st smallest called Anthony, and then I heard Garrit mumble "I don't wanna me stuck with *mumble mumble*" And I thought he meant me and I like spazzed out with sorrys that I suck and he's like "Oh, I meant Anthony not you" XD I was with Anthony last game and we lost 10-0... HE couldn't serve the ball over the net and serving is the onl ytime I can get the ball over the net... XDDDDD We won that game 'cause of Garrit, I only hit the ball over like twice ;_;

LUNCH: Ahaha, so besides that whole Chicken discussion we had yesterday (Check last post) Tim was also bringing up the fact we did portraits in art class and I did Christina Anime style:

Tim: See? What'd I say? Amine is al-
Shalay: It's AN-I-ME
Tim: An... ni... ne?
Tiffany: AN-I-ME
Tim: Amime?
Christina: Just forget it, tim you can't say words right
Tim: So as I was saying, You asian people ALWAYS draw Anime! Why?!?!
Tim: No, I'm Korean, I'm not Japanese.
Shalay: She's not Japanese, she's Vee... Vit..

Waya: Well, I guess that's all We'll report today.
Yuki: So Ja-

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Friday, July 21, 2006


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OMG! We had the FUNNIEST day ever today at summer camp. This was my first week there and man it was fun!! OMG Today so much funny stuff happened... let's start with lunch:

Me, Christina, Tim, Shalay, Tiffany, Anthony, and Richard were argueing over whether Chickens can fly. XDDDDDDD We asked some of the counselors that worked around the camp, and a few said they could and some said they couldn't. I'm on the I think they CAN fly. XDD here are each of our theories:
Me: Chickens can fly.. the longest recorded was 13 secs, and they can longer too, 'cause ROOSTERS of the zodiac that get on planes can fly, AND if you put a chicken on an airplaine/ toy airplane, they can fly. :D
Christina: They CAN'T fly. Their wings are useless, pretty much.
Tim: CHICKENS CAN'T FLY 'CAUSE THEY'RE TOO F***ING FAT! I mean, if you push it off the empire state building, they'll fly... until they plop to the ground.
Shalay: Chickens can fly! They just feed chickens fattening seeds to make them eatable (yeah, she said eatable XD). If they didn't try to fatten chickens up, they could fly.
Tiffany: They so can NOT fly. They can't 'cause they're too fat.

XDDDD SOo yeah, the others weren't very big in the discussion XDDD and then we had this rock concert (At my camp theres a daycamp for people who want to be in a rock band... they were horrible.) and then after that me and Christina went around asking everyone on a scale of 1 to 10 if they liked it... here are their responses:



Me: Hey Chris, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you-
Chris: 1. Nice talking to ya.
Christina: But she didn't finish the question!
Chris: Ok. do it again.
Me: On a scale of 1 to 10-
Chris: 1.
Me & Christina: *leaves*
Chris: Nice conversation with you guys.

GARRIT'S (sp?)
*NOTE: Garrit is really tall*

Garrit: *walks over*
Me: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate that concert?
Garrit: What? *Bends down so I can actually reach his ear*
Garrit: I dunno, 8?
Us: WHAT?!?!
Garrit: What? I have no idea what you guys are talking about!
Garrit: OH! That! I'd give it a 1.
Christina: There we go.


Christina: HEY KHAI! What did you think of that concert over there? On a scale of 1 to 10?
Khai: -100.


Quincy: *comes over*
Christina: On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate that concert?


Him: I give it an 8.

Um... there was more, but the post is getting PRETTY long XDD so then we played badmintino with ping pong paddles and no net... I LOST 10-2! AREN'T I AWESOME?! XDDDDDD ok ok ok, so Miles played and he lost, so he kicked the bench and the girl sitting on it fell down... let's just say things got PUH-RETTY UGLY. XDDD Ok ok ok ok I'll stop here, but anyways JA NE! I'll post laters!!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

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Eh.. not much to post about today... ehehehe ^^;; welllll, Yuki and Waya ditched me again -_- boo hoo. XD oh well! I'm rereading my DNAngel Mangas right now just 'cause XD It's the only incomplete series I have... not that I have much... DNAngel, LE (I'm still unsure if they're continueing it), Pretear (Only 4 volumes XDDD), and Megaman, but it's been AGES since the next volume was out at the bookstore >.>;; and, is it me, or does Satoshi have a thing for Risa??? OooOOOoohh!! XDDDD WHEEEEEEEE *runs around like a maniac* BWAHAHAHA I AM HYPUHRRRRRR BWAHAHAHA SUGAR SUGAR MORE SUGAR! BWAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHAH!!!! Uh... anyways XD I know my post isn't long, but I'll stop here XD So, post laters, JA NEEE!!!!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

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CHYEAH! Can anyone hear my MIDI playing?
Yuki: What the heck does the musical "Hairspray" have to do with anything?
Waya: It surely has nothing to do with Go.
Me: Yeah... BUT STILL! "You Can't Stop the Beat" is a cool song =D does anyone know where I can find the original one with the words? I like the middle part:

'Cause you cant stop the beat

Ever since this old world began
A woman found out if she shook it
She could shake up a man
And so i'm gonna shake and shimmy it
The best that i can today

'Cause you can't stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the rain from above
They can try to stop the paradise
We're dreaming of
But you cannot stop the rhythm
Of two hearts in love to stay
'Cause you can't stop the beat!
You can't stop the beat!!
You can't stop the beat!!!

^_^ Some of the otehr words are... very... uh? XDDD I've never seen the musical before, I heard the song on So You Think You Can Dance... yeah I watch that show XD I thought the dance was awesome... funky chicken XDDDDDDDDDD sooo anyways, how're you guys doing? Ehehehee I guess I Don't have much to post today... but has anyone ever read the manga Lagoon Engine? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! AND THEY DISCONTINUED IT! NOOOES! BUT! on Tokyopop.com, I see an unactivated link for vol. 4... I sure hoep they can continue it 'cause I love LE! It rocksss!! anywhooo, I'm done rambling about nothing, so I'll post laters... JA NE! ^_^

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Like my new siggie? my nickname's Hamtaro to some people, so I thought it'd be a cute siggie. ^^
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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Yuki: Found what?
Me: Nhung Ngay Nang Dep- Seasons In the Sun by Lynda Tram Anh, Hollie Thanh Ngoc, Van Quynh, Duong Trieu Vu, Luong Tung Quang, and Adam Ho!!!
Me: I dunno... I only understand part of the words and the others I don't get xD;; I just like the tune... it's a really sad song though, despite the music. Actually, the 2 boys besides Adam were on that Disco melody I was talking about in my other post ^^ it's actually only the Vietnamese version of the song Laissez Moi Danser (I'm not sure if it's spelled right). I also Downloaded the Japanese version of the song Barbie Girl by Aqua! XDDD Only instead of the verse being "I'm a Barbie Girl", they say "Chiri Chiri Boom" XDDDDD
Waya: Do you even know what that means?
Me: Uh.. it's a sound effect?
Waya: -_-
Me: Well that's what it sounds like! XD WHEEE XD
Yuki: ... -_-
Me: Anyways, I'm finished posting, so I'll end here, post laters, Ja nee!!!
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Monday, July 10, 2006

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Ellozz peoples! Sorry for not posting the past few days, I didn't have much to say ^^;; Yuki and Waya left for the day... Waya's at his pro test and Yuki is... um... somewhere? ^^;; So, I've noticed a lot of people went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 =P I'd go see it if I weren't such a big chicken *bawk bawk* XD I wanna see the 1st one too anyways =P so has anyone ever played DDR? I wanna play! I suck at dancing though -_- can't dance for CRAP XD *is painting her toes blue for no apparent reason* Heehee I havn't gotten my nails done since I was like, 4! So they really suck... XD so anywaysss has anyone here heard of Trish Thuy Trang and Cardin Nguyen? I'm listening to a song by them called "The Chase"... not too bad XD Anyways... Now I'm listening to Butterfly by Dreamy... heh heh heh... the songs i Listen to on DDR are song by:
CREAMY: Neverending Story, I do I do I do
DREAMY: Butterfly

XD That's funny sooo anyways I don't gots much to say today either.. so ja ne, pose laters! *goes back to painting her toenails (though i'm getting more on my skin XD)
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Friday, July 7, 2006

   Oi troi oi...

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Me: Hiya peoples! How're ya doin? I'm so hyper (despite my subject XD) AND thanks to Gameboy, I FINALLY unlocked the Sega Carnival Track on my Sonic Riders game! ^___^ Does anyone else have the game? It's SOOO FUN! =) My favorite char. is Tails of course ^^
Yuki: Only because he's yellow.
Me: Nuh uh!
Waya: Yuh huh!
Me: WHY IS THE WORLD AGAINST ME T_T No I'm just kidding but yeah I do like him 'cause he's yellow, but he's also CUTE! And he's good XD
Yuki & Waya: Told you!
Me: Yeah yeah -_- anyways I was looking through some stuff, and I found something my little sister drew for me... not biological sis, but at my school we have a little brother little sister thing, and my little sis likes to draw like I do and she drew me a picture of a... multicolored chicken... XD It's very creative and I like it =3 well anyways I dun gots a lot to talk about, soo I'll end here... OH! AND! I found some Vietnamese Disco music! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Wanna see? I'll post it tomorrow whether you like is or not... BEWARE RAVEMASTER 13 (If you're reading this)
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Wednesday, July 5, 2006


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Me: Hiyoo! How's everyone doing?
Waya: I'm fine thank you.
Yuki: Same... I guess
Me: *Thinking: I meant the others.. but oh well ._.;;*
Waya: So how's everyone else?
Me: By the way, just outta curiosity, is my new Hikaru No Go layout okay? I know I gotta fix the welcome sign, but otherwise it is good? you can't really see the text, and I doubt you all wanna, but still here's the full wallpaper:

I still have some fixing and adding to do ^^;; here's the original pic:

Me: So what do you think? I still wanna add some effects to mine so it's not so much alike o_o
Waya: But you still don't know how to USE the photo editing program other than adding text and tones ._.
Yuki: You're not very good at anything, are you?
Me: *pulse mark* Why you-
Waya: Chill, Trisha.
Me: And this coming from a guy who grabbed that arrogant pro and caused a racket while games weer still in progress?!
Waya: -_-; It's not my fault! That guy's head got too big when he turned pro.
Me: Eh, true...
Yuki: Well, the post is getting pretty long... let's stop here.
Me: Okay, I'll post later! JA NEE! *goes back to editing wallpaper*
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Tuesday, July 4, 2006


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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY MINNA! I would have made a banner but my computer is being a retard and won't lemme open my photoeditor >_< sooo uh.. this'll be a short post 'cause I'm going to play video games soon :)
Waya: Try Go, it's fun too.
Me: But I'm always LOST.
Yuki: Then what's the point of watching Hikaru No GO?!
Me: 'cause... well, I dunno actually... but I sorta get it! I'm learning with Akari! Right Akari?!
Akari: Yep!
Yuki: She's not learning ANYTHING.
Me: -_-
Waya: Well at least you know about capturing stones and territores/ Seiji
Me: YEAH! I know how to tell who wins! And that's really all that matters since half the game is never shown XD
Waya: Well, I'm off to Insei classes... oh any by the way, that post is still down there so you might want to claim now before it's gone...
Yuki: Soo.. you still never answered my question...
Me: Did too!
Yuki: Nuh uh.
*continue argueing*
Waya: er.. that might take awhile, so I'll close up. We'll post later, ja ne!
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Monday, July 3, 2006


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I'M SOOOOOOOOOO VERY VERY VERY VERY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY *Continues till the 100th REALLY* SORRY!!!! I'm sooo sorry for going off and on and off and on myO ._. I hopefully will be able to add a post and comment from time to time, but I might not everyday. =S and I'd like to adda big fat THANK YOU! To those who kept me on their friends list! Now I gotta make it up to you guys TWICE because I said I would make it up last time I came back, sooo...

now that I'm getting the hang of my photo editing program, I will make a bishounen/ bishoujo banner AND a myO banner linking to them and put it on my site (Though I highly doubt that would get much publicity... but it'll be pretty! XD) AND! Those people are... *drumroll*:

- Yoh Asakura Fan
- Xx Beth xX
- RaveMaster 13
- SSaiyanShinobi
- Riakou
- Merik Ishida
- Master Hiko
- Len 23
- Ruiji Hametsu
- K Crystal
- Jennifer 92
- Inukid
- Haiku
- Gameboy
- FLCLAlchemist
- DragonStorm
- CardCaptorRyoko

O_O WOW that's a whole lotta people to make graphics for...

Now, I'm not doing this so I can get outta doing work, but if you DO NOT read this post and are on that list, I WILL not make a graphic for you, only because it's confusing to have someone come to me a week later with that... so Goman Nasai XP Anyways I don't have my own banner, but here are MY Bishounen banners ( FOR ME! BWAHAHA)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well, that's all for today, tomorrow I'll go in and talk about my summer so far, k? JA NEE!!! POST LATERRRRR

Yuki: ... you say that too much -_-
Me: AW WHO CARES?! HEY! You're new here! How would you know?!
Waya: Your archives are right there... *points to archives link*
Me: ... oh -_-;;
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