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Monday, May 9, 2005

*inhales and sighs* I love the smell of no school(and tea!) in the morning!
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Me: Yep! It's around 10:30 over here and I have no school! YAY! Tomorrow I start back though... T_T Can't wait until school is over... XP Anyways, Yeah, it's good to have a good 10-hour sleep. I've been lacking in sleep because of school and homework keepin' me up past curfeu!
Chaud: ...
Me: What? I stayed quiet in bed today so you could sleep!
Chaud: ...
Me: See? I told you to wash your face with cold water! That's what I do in the morning to keep me awake! XD
Chaud: *Falls asleep*
Me: Shhhhh! *Whispers: We're gonna play a trick on him!* *runs to the bathroom and gets a cup of cold water*
Chaud: ZzZzZz...
Me: ssh! *dumps cold water on Chaud*
Chaud: AAGH! Okay, I'm up, I'm up!
Me: *Smiles* That's better! XD
Chaud: *glares at me*
Me: I had to get you up SOMEhow.
Chaud: ...
Me: Here. *Hands Chaud dryer clothes(of course it's gonna be the same thing he always wears... XD)
Chaud: takes clothes and goes in bathroom to change*
Me: Anywho, last night was burnin'! Soooo, I changed me pants to shorts and then my sister and then she somes in my room and she said "Trish, give me one of your T-shirts(I have a lot, going to the same summer camp for awhile now.... they fit me like a dress, the size Ms at least) from camp." So I did, but I gave her a size small because all my mediums besides the one I was wearing were getting piled on down in the washing machine room! so she said "Hey, this doesn't lok like a medium! What size is this?! (Yeah, she calls me Trish)" so I replied, snickering "size small!" And so she looked through all my shirts in the drawer and had no choice but to wear it! I couldn't stop laughing! this was how I literally laughed, in a whisper though since I didn't want anyone to hear me: Aha ha ha hee ha ha kee kaa hahaa! I couldn't stop! It was hilarious! XD
Chaud: At least you gave me the right clothes though.
Me: ^^' Anywhoooo, yeah, I was lookin' at some Rockman production art and I saw the coolest pictures! I can't tell you where it's from though, it's a seeecret! XD but I'll tell ya, it had the coolest Enzan/Chaud production CELs! I wish I had some! XD Yeah, I'm sure people who talked to me late last night like ElvesAteMyRamen know about this already... XD
Chaud: -_-'
Me: ^^; Anywho, yeah... y'know, I think I'll go play with me GameCube now! I only have 3 games though... XD Megaman(of course! It was the first game I got), Beyblade, and Soul Calibur! =D Sooo, I'm off! so I'll post laters j-
Chaud: Ja ne. *presses add post button before I butt in*

Number of Days Until My Birthday: 27
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