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Friday, April 29, 2005


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Me: Today, was a normal day, except for that "Dull" rally.
Chaud: Don't you mean Pep Rally?
Me: No, I mean dull rally, it was so BORING! I'd rather be in class! I mean, they didn't have a pep squad! They had one last year, although it wasn't all that entertaining, it at least kept me awake! i would've fallen asleep if we weren't sitting on the floor! T-T Anywho, yeah.... al they did was talk and introduce the 2005 track tem which I'm not in. IT. WAS. BORING! *Ahem* moving on...
Chaud: Uh, yeaaaaah.......
Me: MOVING ON, I'd like to point out that the year is ending but the teachers just HAVE to strike back and pile the homework on us! *Moans* And another thing, I think the boys are getting meaner *And dumber*. At my school anyways. Why do I say that? Here's why: Well, it's only one MAIN person. We won't point out names *Cough cough* Cyrus *cough cough*, but yeah.... *It* pushed its chair out just when I was passing him to get to my assigned seat in Spanish! AND, He keeps accusing me of having stolen artwork! How dare he! He said it right ot my face too. He said "Trisha(No, he called me my full name, not my nickname, but I'll never reveal my real name!), why you always say you draw your own pictures? We both know that obviously you can't draw that good, so just quit the whole act." How rude! He's accusing of stealing the pictures in my folder (I don't carry a sketchbook; I use a folder, more compact, which I need!), and he doesn't even KNOW how I draw! Hmph. You all don't think I stole my pictures, did you? I really didn't!
Chaud: I know I can believe you, cince all I do when I'm not out saving the cyberworld is watch you.
Me: -_-' Anywhoo, yeah, I really didn't steal them! You can't find those pictures EXACTLY as they are in the fanart section that belongs to me anywhere else! =( I feel so dirty, being accused of that. Anywhoo, moving on. *Sigh* I said they were getting *dumber* Because we had a science test today, so I was doin' some last minute cramming in the time our teacher let us when she went down to copy the tests(She forgot to yesterday XD), and the boy who sites next to me(Who was assigned there =(, he sits to my left, his best friend sits to my right, and their other sits across from me. Real torture, especially since they talk 25/8 about girls and their *Cough, shudder* bodies....), he asks "Do we have a test today?" What the heck?! It's right there on the chalkbosrd, and I'm studying! So I reply *Meanly, may I add, since I was in a bad moood because they were talking while I was trying to study one last time and they were distracting me*, "If we didn't have a test today, why would I be studying?!" Man, he is dense!
Chaud: _-_
Me: *Sighs* Sorry about that, guys. I just had to get it out.

Me: On another note, I'll answer BrokenKokoro's questin: Yep, you got it! My birthday is June 5! ^^ Teehee ^^
Chaud: But there's something weird, yet cool about that. They say Aquarians and Geminis get together really well, and her best friends at school, Chris and Shanice, are both Aquarians and she's a Gemini.
Me: And there are 2 Gemini in the story! XD Anywho, speaking of this stuff, my friend, Arielle, She's a cancer, born 25 days after me, same year, she got a shirt from LTD. Too(The only place with clothes as small as her XD) that said "Cancer- *Something, something*, and caring" So I said, "Caring?! Yeah, right!" And then She replies, "On the inside!" And then 5 minutes later, she pushes this boy in out group, who's this real annoying person, off the slide in the playground! XD So I said, "Yes, Arielle, that's caring!" And she said, "On the inside!" XD Hahahahaha! that makes me laugh everytime!
Chaud: *Sarcastically* Ha ha.
Me: Y'know, I'll ignore that remark for the time being.
Chaud: _-_
Me: Anywhoo, yeah, that's right. And today, I'm finally gonna get some pictures in! HOORAAY! X3 I'll send in a Chaud picture, A Yoh picture requested by Inukid, and a surprise ^.~ Anywhooo, I'd better end this before it gets too long XD
Chaud: Yeah, whatever.
Me: Post laters, ja ne!

Days until my birthday: 37
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


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Me: *Ahem* Sorry, but if you're wondering what happened that made me say that, it can only be from one person: Cyrus. He's mean to my friends and I, and he did something BAD today.
Chaud: So he hugged another girl in your class (He's in 6-1 with me NOOOO!) during rehearsal today! Not hugging like in Animes, hugging as in, perverted-like! he was hugging under her chest! And from behind! Not on, under, and not directly under, like the center of the stomach! and that's not even the grossest part! That girl (They're GFxBF >.< Love stinks!) was SMILING! EW! EW! WE'RE ALL ONLY 11 HERE! My friends and I were all grossed out! it was NASTY!
Chaud: _-_
Me: Anywhoo, I turned in my poetry reading today, so I can't show you all until I get it back XD Sorry. Anywhoo, 8th grade and the teachers had a kickball game and 6A didn't even watch! We had to sit ON the lot that was being used, only away from the bases and stuff. it was HOT out! but nobody in 6A Watched; we all talked and stuff XD Anywhoo, yeah. It wasn't fun for us to watch, so we got bored.
Chaud: Typical for you and your friends.
Me: Yepper! XD I get bored easily...
Chaud: ...
Me: .. OOH! Winnie the Pooh! Winnie the Pooh! Tubby little tubby all stuffed with fluff! XD I'm listening to that at the moment ^^ I love winnie! for those that missed yesterday's post, you'll have to read it for this to make sense: Today, we dressed up, and I had a piglet shirt underneath and then a sweater(It was a little chilly in the morning) with Pooh and Tigger which I wore during the game, AND! I also have a winnie the pooh Keychain on my backpack! ^^ Anywhoo, now that's the school day's done, I'm BORED. Ah, and that NASY thing happened at rehearsals, where I found out, next week, I only have rehearsals only for mondays and thursdays, so I'll be on more often! YAY!
Chaud: Yay.
Me: ^-^ Are you still mad that I woke you up this morning too?
Chaud: ...
Me: I'll take that as a yes... AH! During rehearsals, when I wasn't singing, I was drawing, and I drew a hand without a model! It looks better than I thought, too, considering I didn't have a model and I stink at hands ^^'
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Ehehehe ^^' Anywhoo, yeah... that was my day..... XD Not very long, as you can see, but I'll stop it here! AH! I almost forgot! I am starting a countdown until my birthday! HOORAY! You'll have to decode the numbers at the end of my screenname to find that date. Anywho, post laters, ja ne!
Chaud: Whatever.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


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Me: *Ahem* I'm back! I don't have dance this Thursday either! YAAAAAAAAAY!!! XD Anywhoo, tomorrow, It's gonona be a major part of Spirit Week(Which is this week, of course!)! We chose class colors on Monday, and 3 MS classes chose blue, including 6A(Which I'm in), so 6A decided to make it blue and/or white! Cool, huh? I have to raid my closet tonight!
Chaud: You might have to claw through it, since your sister's clothes are there too.
Me: What he means is, I now share a room with my sister for around a year while m y uncle that came from Vietnam finds a house here, so he's gonna be in my sister's room, and if you've seen how many clothes my sister has, -
Chaud: You'll know why I used the term 'claw'.
Me: Yeah... I'll go through and say, "Chris's, Chris's, oh look! Mine! No, wait, that's Chris's...
Chaud: I've heard her do that more than once too.
Me: Yep! But today, I saw Megaman NT Warrior Access! Wow, what a long name! I personally prefer Rockman EXE Access better... XD anywhoo, since I'm gonna miss a lot of episodes, I'll just download them! I've got 1-5 downloading now, then I'll get more ^o^
Chaud: ...
Me: Anywhoo, not onto my day. The morning, typical, I was loud and hyper, I woke up Chaud *Again*.
Chaud: You are WAY too hyper in the morning.
Me: Teehee ^^ Also, I have to work on my LA project, where we write original poetry by us, and we make a cover and table of contents too. I decided to draw a maid on my cover ^^ I thought it'd be fun to draw the frilly thingies on the uniform ^^ It sorta looks like what I had to wear in Last year's play of "Annie" when I played one of the maids XD I've also been trying to get into the habit of signing my art(As bad as my penmenship is) because of all the reports I've hear about stealing from ElvesAteMyRaman, Neo Italy, Seifer Sama, MeruChan, and others. I'll sign it 'Trisha' or 'Trish' depending on if I feel like putting that extra 'A' there XD
Chaud: *sarcastically* Wow, one "A" Makes all the difference.
Me: *Whacks Chaud in the head with her math book*
Chaud: HEY! WATCH IT! That thing hurts!
Me: Not my fault I'm forced to take 8th grade math! (Along with 16 other kids too... XD)
Chaud: *Rubs head and grumbles*
Me: What was that?
Chaud: Nothing.
Me: Oooooooookay, then! Anywhoo, if I can find that digi-camera set, I'll get those pictures in... *Looks around* darn messy sister... *Starts to claw through the mess* Y'know, a girl shouldn't have to cross dirty stuff just to get to her computer when it's HER room and NOT her mess!
Chaud: it's even messy on the bed!
Me: Which I normally climb on to get to my computer... _-_
Chaud: *Sighs* Did you find it yet?
Me: Nope? Now where was I? Ah yes. My day. Well, after LA, we had ILP(Sorta like study hall) with one of the worst ILP teachers! He even gave us assigned seats! It's supposed to be a free-period! Yeesh... Anyehoo, I'm working on some things, I might sell some that I don't like as much as I like the ones I don't like. But who to sell it to...? Or does anyone have a request? If you do, please leave a comment or PM! I'll be more than happy to accept it!
Chaud: Shouldn't you shower now? It's already 4:30 PM.(I normally take one at 3:30).
Me: I guess.... lemme finish my day first though! Anywhoo, in Spanish, we now have a project to work on........ grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeat...... Okay, now I'm done! XD Anywhoo, to the shower!
Chaud: Okay then! Get your clothes and get into that bathtub!
Me: I'm goin', I'm goin'! Yeeshie! Anywhoo, gotta go, ja ne minna!
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Sunday, April 24, 2005


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Me: Anywhoo, Today is a good day! Yesterday wasn't XD
Chaud: What she means by that, if you didn't read the post yesterday or contact her in any way last night, She went to the bookstore and they didn't have any of the books she needed.
Me: They had FB 8(Which my friend Chris needs). Dream Saga 4, Mink 6(Both which my friend Shanice needs; they're for 10+ Since she's not allowed to reead teen books since we're all only 11-12, I'm the only 11-year-old but my birthday's coming up!), but no DNAngel 7, no Pretear 3, and NO Megaman 4! XD Those are the books I Needed! T-T Ah well, My mom said she'd take me to another one today... Gotta use that coupon before it expires!
Chaud: She signed up for a waldenbooks Coupon that'd be sent via Email and got it friday and it expired at the end of today.
Me: Hopefully they'll have it there today! Anywhoo, I FINALLY BEAT ELIZA! WOOT! AND SILVA! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD aw man! The light's red! Good thing the charge-plug is right here next to me! ^^ *Charges SP* While that's taking place, time for the good things that heppened in the short time I was up today! My sister made a deal with me!!! If I took pictures for her of her, she'd let me use the camera for as many pictures as I want! (Not all at one time though... XD)
Chaud: *unenthusiastically* Yaay...

Me: -_-' Anywhooo, Sorry if I didn't get to your sites yesterday. I only got to visit people that posted before 4 in Eastern time since I was barely on the computer yesterday, but I'll try to get to everyone today.
Chaud: She was at her aunt's house yesterday, so she could only get on the computer for an hour, since afterward, she went to the mall and asian stores to prepare for a party (It's a welcome party for my uncle that just came from Vietnam) that night.

Me: On yet another note, starting this Monday, I Might not be able to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays since the Spring play is nearing (It starts on May 20) and the music and Dance teachers are kicking the rehearsals up a notch and I don't think I'll have enough energy by the time I'm finished for the day.
Chaud: You practically don't have enough energy at this rate!
Me: I know... T-T Anywhoo, I'm off to go to another bookstore to see if they have the books I need XD Anywhoo, post laters, ja ne!
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Saturday, April 23, 2005


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Me: [Warning: Rantin ahead in first paragraph] I DON'T GET IT!
Chaud: *just woke up again(I first woke him up sneezing) due to the yelling* Whatever happened to sleep?!
Me: My sister and mom say I'M the big-spender, just because I have mangas and they have a Mini Ipod, a digi-camera, and a hecka clothes! I got some new ones, but Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs! and it'd take....... like... 36 mangas to total that stuff, maybe even more! I only have 11 so far! Wait... 2pretear+6DNAngel+3Megaman=.... yeah, 11 mangas! THATS NOT EVEN HALF AS MUCH! And when I asked them for a tablet (I wanna learn to color on the computer too, and alternate between hand-colored and computer) they say I have enough mangas and it's too expensive! WHAT THE HECK?!
Chaud: T-T *Mad because I keep waking him up*

Me: *ahem* Sorry, had to get that out. XD Anywhoo, she said 'no' to my request last night to use the camera! T_T I even begged!Sorry guys *hangs head* I'll try again...
Chaud: Just don't yell again.
Me: Uh... sorry, Chaud ^^'
Chaud: hmph. *goes back to sleep*
Me: Ah-ah-AAAAAAAAACHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *sniff* Sorry, but it's allergy season... *that little boogie thingy hangs*
Chaud: *pulse mark* HOW MANY TIMES CAN I GO TO SLEEP AND YOU WAKE ME UP?!?!?!?!?!
Me: I SAID SORR-- ah- ah- ACHOOOOOO!!!! *sniff*
Chaud: -_-' *Hands Trisha the tissue box*
Me: *sniff* Thanks. *blows nose*
Chaud: Well, no use in trying to go back to sleep again...
Me: *sniff* Ah-ah-ah- AAAAAAAAAA
!!!!!!!!!!! *Sniff* That was a big one _-_ I hate allergy season....
Chaud: *Throws the whole tissue box at Trisha*
Me: *sniff* thanks....

Me: *Sniff* Well, I've been playing Shaman King and I finally beat that giant bonehead... now I have to find a way past Eliza..... This is hard- 3 battles in a row with no recovery time! T_T
Chaud: *sighs*
Me: Uh-oh... now my eyes are starting to hurt... *takes glasses off* Much better... still hurts..... where's the eyedropper?
Chaud: How should I know? I'm not the one with allergies!
Me: *sniff* Great. Anywhoo, now to attle Eliza........ *battles Eliza* AW MAN! DEAD AGAIN! Oh, uh... you Yoh fans might not wanna get this game considering that he's the character you play as.... XD Anywhoo, still no luck... Anywhoo, I think I'll answer some questions and head off to try my luck at Eliza, that bone brigade, and mr. big-bad breath.
Chaud: She calls the giant skeleton that because he breathes out poison that can kill Yoh.
Me: *sniff* To: Number 5: Yep, $20! That's a lot! But too little considering it was such a valueable jewel... XD
To: ElvesAteMyRamen: Yep, we dance every Thursday. I got KH, SK, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror all for Xmas- boy it's great to have so many relatives ^.~ Also, yep! We disected a flower alright! It was cruel, but fun! Teehee ^-^
To: Sam(I can call you that, right?): Yep! We used Disecting tools to Disect the flower! Cool, huh? Our science teacher Is fun!
Those are all the answers to all the sentences that're ended with a question mark ^^
Chaud: _-_
Me: Anywhoo, likee I said, I'm heading off to try my luck again on Eliza. Post laters, ja ne!!!! ^^
Chaud: *hits the 'Add Post' button*
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Friday, April 22, 2005


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Me: Yep! You heard right! No school fer mee! Teehee ^o^
Chaud: So what?
Me: So what? So What?! SO WHAT?! NO SCHOOL! Well, I have homework, but NO CLASSWORK! YEAH!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Anywhoo, sorry about not posting for two days straight, I had practice on Wed. and Thurs. and thursday was dance rehearsals! Tiring, but fun! Our school dance teacher added stuff in BEFORE the dance, when the drumbeats are seperated and was it funny or what?!
Chaud: How would we know?
Me: ^^' Since it's a battle scene, there's no respect in the air, so we're all hands-on-hips, talk-to-the-hands (Yes, I had to do it too, since we had to), the 'what-did-you-say?!' looks, boy was it fun! Speaking of boys, they refused to do that stuff and just goofed around, so the dance teacher made them do it withOUT the girls, and the girls were watching!
Chaud: Boys aren't meant to dance, you know.
Me: Nuh-uh!
Chaud: Well, most aren't.
Me: You have a point there....

Me: Teehee ^-^ Sorry for not visiting sites yesterday, I just recieved PMs and I visited some, but didn't comment.
Chaud: Yep.
Me: ^^' anywhoo, my sister finally found that cable, so she said I might be able to take pictures of my pictures tonight! YAY!
Chaud: She said she might, you know.
Me: It's better than a no!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Uh, anywhoo, the club's still open to new members! Teehee ^-^ Just PM me or YuukiChan if you wanna join! You can see the members at the bottom! I'm gonna add more later, though, as soon as I finish the post!
Chaud: Uuuuhm, yeeeeeeeeeeaaaahh..
Chaud: *sigh* nothing.
Me: Okaaaaaay...

Me: Anywhoo, I'm playing Shaman King: Master of Spirits at the moment, but I can't beat that giant skeleton! Can anyone help me?
Chaud: _-_
Me: What?! It could happen! I keep dieing though! T_T
Chaud: that's because you keep getting hit by that skelliton's hand.
Me: I CANT BEAT IT! I know where to strike(which I recently found out looking at pictures online, no, I didn't cheat...) but I don't know how to block! T.T
Chaud: _-_
Me: Can anyone help with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories too? I CAN'T GET PAST RIKU at the end of Destiny Islands! XPI believe I beat the rest of my games... Leaf Green, I just need to train my poke'mon, so I can beat Shanice! She got a Mewtwo! I got a Zapdos! My favorite legendary poke'mon in the game that I have access to so far! =D I know, I'm not supposed to use the master ball that early, but I like Zapdos! Plus, fighting can beat psychic, soooooo, if I train my Machoke (that's on a measly lvl. 12! XD) to lvl 80, I'll be able to beat Shanice! YAAAAAHOOOOOOO! XD
Chaud: O.o
Me: Yes, I am crazy.
Chaud: No kidding.
Me: -_-'
Chaud: Welll it's true.
Me: ... You're... RIIIIIIGHT! ^o^
Chaud: O.O'

Me: On another note, we disected Cherry blossoms in science yesterday! I saw the ovule! ^-^
Chaud: ...
Me: And in LA, a LOT happened! We're finally done with our poems, so we have to type, revise, and start decorating! ^-^ We're making a poem booklet!
Chaud: Which you havn't even started yet.
Me: I'll get to it today! Those dumb spanish wksts. keep sucking up my time! They're not even related to the language!
Chaud: That's because your new Spanish teacher doesn't know spanish.
Me: How she got hired, I don't know... >.<
Chaud: _-_
Me: And, our LA teacher lost the gem to her ring, and offered a reward if you found it, and on eof her HR students found it... and got $20! That's a lot from a teacher! T-T I needed that money...
Chaud: She's saving up to get a tablet.
Me: Yep, I want to see what it's like! And if I get one, I'll alternate between computer and colored pencils! =) Anywhoo, I think this post is getting pretty long right now...
Chaud: *points to the scroll-down* Gee, ya think?!
Me: ^^; Anywhoo, I'll post laters, ja neeeee!
Chaud: _-_ *presses 'Add Post' button*

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Good news, Bad news, Strange news, you name it!

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Me: Yepper! Do I ever have a lot to say! ^^ Weeeeeeeell, anywhoo, let's begin! First off, nothing unusual last night, but I'm doing some adjustments for my site for the contest Black Orb's hosting! So far, I've only gotten to change the avatar... XD Anywhoo, I'm changing and rearranging! ^-^
Chaud: She's not changing the theme, just making some tiny adjustments.
Me: Yep, nothing big, just fixing and changing!

Me: On another note, The Bishie club YuukiChan and I are doing is now open! You can PM me or leave a comment if you'd like to join, and when you do, I'll PM you the banner tag! The tags look like the ones below this post, okay? Teehee ^-^ There's more information there too ^-^ and below the letters, still in the post-
Chaud: Is going to be one banner that Trisha(My nickname, NOT my real name! XD) personally chooses and the members.
Me: Yep! Join if you want! Just contact me, or YuukiChan and I'll be the keeper of the member list! YAAAY!
Chaud: *Unenthusiastically* yaay.
Me: Aw, come on, Chaud! SHOW SOME SPIRIT!
Chaud: -_-'

Me: Anywhoo, on ANOTHER note, here's my day! At school, it was usual... there was homework, classwork, dullwork, and whatnot. We also had ADV today which was FUN! In Advisory(I'll abbreviate it ADV almost always), the goal is to know more about each other, so the 6A girls, we partnered up with somebody we don't hang out with every minute, and we filled this paper out together, it was a game! First game, I chose who I wanted to play with, and a girl in my class named Kristine, was enthusiastically waving and stuff when it was my turn, so I picked her. The next round, the others chose (we divided the room in 1/2, since there were 7 girls on both sides), and Jada, another classmate chose me! It was so fun! Also, they finally picked a new pope! We watched the TV(Which was mega-blurry, by the way!) but he didn't come out, and the bell had rung! XD All the girls in the ADV group (including my friends and I!) made a joke that, the pope still hasn't come out, and the dinosaurs are back on earth! XD It's another inside joke, so if you don't get it, that's why XD Also in LA, we worked on poems, it being national poetry month, so I'm typing my poems during HW hour! WHEE!
Chaud: *Points to me* She's gone crazy.
Chaud: _-_
Me: Ehehehe ^^' Anyways, today was my friend, Traci's birthday! YAY! I made her a card with a chibi on it and gave it to her at recess, so I won't scan it, but it was ever so kawaii, if I say so myself ^-^ Also, I'm going to make Anime versions of my friends and I, that I'll keep (unless they wanna buy it... *Evil grin*) and maybe scan later on, okay? YAAAAY! XD Anywhoo, I've got to go eat dinner now.
Chaud: At 4:00?!
Me: YES, 4:00! I'll eat when it's finished cooking! Got a problem?!
Chaud: No...
Me: Good! Anywhoo, post laters, ja ne minna! ^-^
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Monday, April 18, 2005


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Me: I have rehearsals today... at least it's not Thursday...
Chaud: If you weren't here before, She has to learn the battle dance on Thurs.
Me: I was so sore last Thursday too! XP
Chaud: Not my fault.
Me: WHY YOU--- (Can't say little, since I'm most likely the shorter one here XD)
Chaud: -_-'

Me: On another note, I'm sorry to say that Yuukichan and I have decided to get rid of the All Asians Club, BUT! We're happy to announce that we're starting another club that anyone can join! Okay, girls only... _-_ But not that many boys come around my site XD
Chaud: It's a bishie club. The only thing both of them thought of that was NOT taken by anyone else.
Me: ^^' Yep, we thought of a DNAngel club, but then we remembered that Miharu-san had one! XD
Chaud: _-_
Me: ^^; Anywhoo, We'll have the banner up soon if you want to join, and if you do, you can PM Yuukichan or I! Okay?

Me: And on yet ANOTHER note, I'm on the last of my 3-piece Chaud set!
Chaud: Thank goodness. I was getting stiff by standing still for hours.
Me: ^^'
Chaud: That's not easy, you know.
Me: Hey, I had to do it in MY art class! when we partnered up and had to draw our partner...
Chaud: So?
Me: SO?!
Chaud: Here we go again...
Me: *yelling in BG*
Chaud: Ooooh boy. She's ranting before school... I wouldn't say that would be a good idea.
Me: *Finally calmed down* *Phew* That was a doozy! XD Anywhoo, I'll stop here, since I've gotta go to school now... SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE MMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*Cough cough* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: T-T
Chaud:... Are you done yet?
Me: *Ahem* Okay, now I am! ^-^ anywhoo, post laters, ja ne! ^^
Chaud: _-_
Me: *Clicks 'Add Post' Button*
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Sunday, April 17, 2005


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Me: Sorry about the late post, my mom and sister dragged me to go to the mall, some other store, and the grocery store... _-_ Anywhoo, I posted up an old fanart that I finally got around to resizing ^^ You can visit riiiiight here and please vote and comment on it if you can! Plus, it's not as detailed as the others, since, like I said, it's old work!
Chaud: But she's fixing it, adding the shadows to it.
Me: Yep! Teehee ^^ But anyways, I have practice tomorrow......... Is that good or bad? XD I don't know.... I'm not gonna make this post as long as the others, since I have nothing to talk about at the moment.
Chaud: We're bored again.
Me: Yep, well, I'll stop it here, so.... Post laters, JA NEEEEE!
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Saturday, April 16, 2005


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Me: Today, I was at my cousin's house, and just got back, we had lunch there. All was well!
Chaud: Yeah, until you started choking.
Me: At least it wasn't serious!
Chaud: Uh huh.
Me: Anywhoo, I'm workin' hard on my picture to get it sent in >:) Work work work! XD
Chaud: *Hits me* Snap out of it.
Chaud: _-_'
Me: O.O Anywhoo, I'm gonna try to see if I can get them in via webcam, but Not too sure =T BUT! I got the new Shonen Jump yesterday in the mail! It's the june issue! (Early, I know!) and I'm reding it now! =D WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Is super hyper*
Chaud: ... you had sugar today, didn't you?
Me: YEP! WHEE-HEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Okay, I'm done! ^^Not much to say today........... What about you, Chaud?
Chaud: I've got nothing.
Artemus (My navi): We're all bored to death over here!
Chaud: _-_
Me: soooo... bored..... But last night, who saw Harry Potter? I DID! I DID! ^o^ Did any of you see it on Disney? It gave me NIGHTMARES! T-T Voldemort is scary! He gave me nightmares! WAAAAH!
Chaud: She's not kidding, she kept me up all night with her crying.
Me: I did? Oopsie, sorry! ^^'
Chaud: _-_ Anyways, she's about to help her sister find that cable.
Me: *Already looking* EW! EW! ANOTHER DIRTY TISSUE! *Pokes it with a stick* EEEEEEEEEEEEEW! Man, my sister throws things EVERYWHERE! I may be younger, but I have more power in the room, because it's MY room! MINE! It's not fair, nobody gives me any respect around here ._. *Starts to cry* Anywhoo, *Sniff* I'll post later, I guess. Ja ne.
Chaud: *Sighs and clicks 'add post' button*
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