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Sunday, May 22, 2005

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Me: WHEE! Just got back from gardening! Heehee who knew my sister and mom could be such soilphobics?
Chaud: *Backs away*
Me: Huh? *Looks down at keyboard and mouse, and then at hands* Whoops, I guess I forgot to wash my hands after moving wet soil ^^'
Chaud: You had better, I'm not touching you.
Me: -_-' *Goes and washes hands*
Chaud: ...
Me: *Grabs a towel and cleans dirt off computer objects* *Ahem... moving on.... Yep! You heard right! I made a new name here! It's Y CaNNoN and it goes along with Z CaNNoN and X CaNNoN! Teehee
Chaud: -_-'you will most likely be able to tell that it's her since the colors are the same. Some of the pictures won't, but the avatar is also the same.
Me: Uuuuuuh huh! Teehee feel free to sign the GB there if you have time and I'll do it for yee! OH! And I'll alternate when sending in fanarts! =)
Chaud: Won't that confuse y-
Me: Yes.
Chaud: Then wh-
Me: Because I want toooooo! XD besides all three of us (X, Y, and Z CaNNoN) Are all viet teehee that's really cool! -^^-
Chaud: -_-'
Chaud: -_-' So you have two names... big deal...
Me: But on another notw, I'm sorry for not visiting everyone's sites lately! I've been so busy with the play and the work is piling up! But I'll try my best to get to all of your sites! X3
Chaud: ... you've ben watching Battle B-Daman too much, havn't you?
Me: Maaaaaybe... XD Well, anyways, MY BIRTHDAY IS ALMSOT HERE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?!!?! I'm so excoted! =D I just hope my cold goes away by then... yeah..... I have a cold... I'M SICK OF IT! And these coughdrops aren't working! It's supposed to numben my throat to keep me from coughing, but it's not! It is instead numbing my gums, my tongue, and my lips! And i'm still coughing too.....
Chaud: -_-' Dont' you have something to say about the school play?
Me: Ah, yes... IT STUNK ON FRIDAY! Belle kept forgetting her lines and I think I heard somebody boo that day.......... ah well.... yesterday's play was better! heehee and the costumes were funny! Gaston had a wig that looked like elvis! And then Lefou was played by a fool (AKA Cyrus, AKA, the cursed child) nd dthe beast had fur taped to him! XD That was super funny! XD mustve been a pain to take off once transformation came around... XD And the dancers were the enchanted objects, they were salt and pepper shakers! XD But I don't get it! At the bowing at the end, we clapped when the main characters came out(I'm a normal townsperson along with my friends and then the main characters were taking individual bows) and when everyone left, we headed to the cafeteria(Yeah, there are stairs that connect the gymnasium to the caf.), our music teacher starts yelling and saying we CAN'T clap onsntage! WTH?!?!
Chaud: I don't think that was a bad thing.
Me: See? Not even HE thinks it's bad!
Chaud: *Pulse mark*
Me; Anywho, I think I'll stop here for now... Just thought I'd update for now =D Anywho, post laters, ja neeeeeeeeeee!

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