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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


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Chaud: Sadly...
Me: oh, come on Chaud!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Anywho, I guess I CAN'T be over Chaud becuase I doodled last night and wouldn't you know it was Chaud?
Chaud: And Kai.
Me: Don't ask where Kai came from though ^^' Well if anyone asks, they're both lone wolves that got used to not being alone?
Chaud: I GUESS that's pretty much true...
Me: For now, I'll post the lineart becuase it's gonna take me awhile to color since I don't have a gray colored pencil on me... ^^' but i hope you guys'll like my lineart of what I have so far XD I was only meaning for it to be a doodle, but it looked so cool! XD
Chaud: That's true, because i saw her drawing a bunch of different eyes. and looking through old anime sites she saved on her favorites.
Me: Mmmhmm!!! I found so many Chaud pictures, I just HAD to try my luck -^^- same with Kai, I had a shrine saved with pictures of nothing BUT Kai! XD I'll have it up soon, but not right at this moment becuase I still have to erase the pencil ^^'
Chaud: Are you ever gonna finish your Hamtaro layout?!
Me: Don't rush me, I'm workin' on it! Anywho, while I'm working on the layout and picture, howabout some pictures of my friends from camp?! none of me or my crush though, sorry! -_-'

Matt(Yellow) and Ben(blue):
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Arielle(white) and Christina(yellow):
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

that's all I have up so far, but I'll get more up later, Right Chaud?
Chaud: Right.
Me: I gotta go now, so post laters, JA NEEEE!

P.S.- I'll be looking at those who updated today later, okees? bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to posting more daily

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Me: Well, I guess you all can say i'm over the Chaud thing, so he won't be back for awhile, maybe never. Or maybe just today becuase I'm discouraged about talking to guys. The thing is, my crush signed on today, and it went well until I told him something that happened at camp and after that I think he's weirded out by me, so I don't think I should ever talk to boys again. But on the plus side, I'm still working on the graphics for the new Hamtaro layout and so far, it's looking great! I'll have them up in no time! But camp's over and I'm sad, but that gives me more time to post here! So there's something good. Anywho, camp's been a doozy. On the last day of camp, my friend Christina and I were running around getting people to sign our stuff(my book and her shirt) and it was HILARIOUS! she asked our friend Matt to, and it went something liiiike:
"Will you sign my shirt?"

and then I askehim what my papier mache looked like: "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." and other people friggin thought it was an 8 with ears, a snowman with 2 flat heads, or a bunny or an 8. IT WAS A FRIGGIN MOUSE!!!! Anywho, so yeah... once I paint it, I might take a picture and send it to you guys, same goes for my collage which totally rocks! Unless you have to draw it, which we had to do and I never finished it becuase it wasn't an easy picture to draw... but at camp, we made silly putty the last day in science and our teacher/ counselor(whatever you wanna use), Ms. Jo, she told me to sake it up and squeeze it, and I was jumping around and spinning and she told me to come over so she could see if it was done but I got too dizzy and ran into her! XD it didn't work becuase she forgot an ingrediant or something so we made another batch, we being Christina and I, and it worked! We dyed it yellow! But we didn't realize that it was the same color as our shirts(I had on a yellow Rainforest Cafe T-shirt and she had the camp chirt which is yellow as well) until someone told us! And my putty's right here too! XD anyways, i'm going to get my film developed now, so I'll post once I can scan them up(but no pics of mee!) and show them to you guys, if you want meto at least. I have to go now to get my school shoes(yeah, I wear a uniform... OOGLY PLAID KILT!) and stuff, but once I get back I'll visit and comment to those that post, okees? Anywho, post laters, ja ne!
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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hola mi amigos!

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Me: Okay, after a week of camp, I've been busy! ^_^
Chaud: Ya THINK?!
Me: -_-' Anywho, it's been fun because I took some pictures and I'll take more this week and then develop them and I MIGHT be able to scan them to you guys ^_^ most of them are my friends from camp, but maybe some of me will appear, who knows? BUT!
Chaud: ...
Me: There's this funny phrase that my friend Arielle and Ben say because Ben got a haircut some time ago after camp started and so it goes:
Arielle: What happened to your HAIR?!
Ben: What happened to your FACE?!"

Me: It's so funny!
Chaud: Ooookaaaaaay....
Protoman: Chaud, you have to get on another mission.
Me: ANOTHER ONE?!?!?!?!?!
Chaud: Yep. See ya.
Me: HEY! GET BACK HERE! I'M NOT DONE POSTING! *sees Chaud leave* Greeeeeeeaaaaaat....... *ahem* Sorry about that... *hands everyone a slice of cake*.......

Me: On another note, It's time to rant about my crush ^_^ haha not telling ya his name, buut... he's outta the country for a MONTH! Err... 3 more weeks actually -_-' But yeah.... ^^' Anyways, my friends Arielle and Ryan(who's a girl) think I like BEN! O.O I do NOT! They think so just because I agreed to what Ryan said when she said his haircut wasn't that bad! _-_ Oy.... *goes off into her own world* Trisha. TRISHA! *slaps myself* Ouch... Okay thanks, me. No problem, me. (yes, I tend to have one-sided conversations like this) but while on this subject, I must tell you something funny yet embarassing: in art class in camp, we're working on surrealistic collages and while I was glueing some things down, I started humming, but it got louder and louder, and louder and then when I stopped and looked up, everyong was staring at me! XD haha that was funny but embarassing, and if it were anime-style, I'd have a sweatdrop on my head! XD

But on another note, I'm sorry to those that have signed my GB but I've never replied, I'll be sure to get to that soon! But yeah, I think I'll wrap it up, sooooooooo... post laters, minna, JA NEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, July 23, 2005


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Me: Okay, I know I havn't posted or been around for over a month, but lucky me, my cousin's computer crashed earlier in the day when we got to cali. And so I couldn't update in cali, then my couisin FROM cali who's in the navy comes here where I live before we do(he was in cali when we were there but left before we did and was at our house earlier) and broke my internet... -_-' Evil cousin, right, Chaud? Chaud? *sees letter* "On mission, be back later." Gee, thanks, Chaud... anywho, guess it's just me today! AH! Also, I'm planning to change the theme to something else! Hamtaro! YAY! haha Anywho, besides that, I got my internet back awhile ago, but didn't update until now... I was a teensy bit busy with summer camp, but I DID make some new friends! This is the VERY VERY first time that I aso made friends that aren't female! I made a couple, actually. Okay, only 2... One of tem I kinda like too... and Ravemaster13, DON'T SAY A WORD! *ahem* The other one has a friend that I think really hates me... Then again, my friend DOES annoy them as well as almost everybody else... Ah well... haha it's still fun, besides that and tennis though... Tennis stinks! I have NO aim and I ALWAYS get introuble because they think I NEVER try but I do! But anywho, besidse that, I also made new friends that're girls too ^_^ Teehee ^_^ Anywho, the one that I like is outta the country, but he left when a storm was here, so I'm KIND OF worried O_o I'd NEVER be able to do that without panicking or running off the plane before they leave! XD Haha sorry about that, I'm sure you guys wouldn't care... haha Anywho, it's pretty early, and I need to get breakfast so... post laters, JA NE!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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Me: That's right! I go to Cali tomorrow! Not sure what time though, only my mom knows... XD
Chaud: Did it hurt you to ask?
Me: She wouldn't tell me!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Don't -_-' me!
Chaud: Why?
Me: 'Cause it's really gettin' old... *Ahem* Anyways, I recently finished a new fanart, but I'm not gonna send it in until I get to Cali, because I packed my folder so I could draw on the plane ride XD Hehehe
Chaud: Okay... but you've also brought your GBA, and DNAngel....
Me: Um.... yeeah.... about that, I am bringing DNAngel because I just bought it last weekend and I thought I could read it on the plane to make time fly XD But again, I'M SO SOOOORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY FOR NOT VIIIIISSSSSIIIIIIITTTTTIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG!
Chaud: O.O'
Me: I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I'll try to visit today, but Ihad to pack my stuff, get my clothes, sort out the clothes to give to charity, clean my room(Which is no longer an easy task with my sister here...) and I had to clean out my closet and drawers and pack my clothes as well and choose what to wear..... -_-'
Chaud: But she might just be able to visit today since all that is finally done... except for her SP which is still charging...
Me: ANd my gamebag...
Chaud: And your pencilcase...
Me: And my gum and lotion... Well, I guess I'm not done packing! XD But anywhoo, yeah, I have a whole nother day! So I'll be sure to use it wisely
Chaud: *gives Trisha a suspicious glare*
Me: And not play on the computer all day like I did before I started major packing...
Chaud: that's better.
Me: -_______-;;; Other than that, I posted a new song *Points to song below avatar* it's Jump 5- I love them! One of the very few american bands I like, but that's my fave. song from them! ^o^ Heehee why don't you give it a try? Go on, go on!
Chaud: By the way, it's ALl I can do.
Me: OH! And uh... about that fanart I mentioned earlier, it's of Ciel, and I'm thinking you all will be surprised with what it turned out like... but I'll ruin the surprise now ^.~ FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT WANT THIS FANART SURPRISE RUINED, PLEASE SKIP OVER THIS!
Anywho, it's a FULL BODY picture- Yes, full body. Except for the feet which got cut off, but it's not just a head and shoulders!

Chaud: Now that that's over with, those that didn't want it ruined may now look.
Me: ^-^ Heeheee but what're they gonna look at? I'm done now!
Chaud: hmmm.... got a point there...
Me: Anyways, I'll post laters(Meaning I can in Cali!), so see you all again when I get to Cali ^.~ Ja ne!
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

... I feel like ramming my head into this wall next to me.....

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Me: *Actually rams head* @_@ That's betterrrrrr....
Chaud: *Smacks forehead*
Me: *shakes it out* Okay, I'm better now ^_^ heheh Sorry I havn't been on in awhile and that I havn't commented or posted or anything I'm so sorry, school was driving me crazy, hence why I just did what I did... but school's out and I couldn't be any happier!
Chaud: Great... I can bet that there'll be less sleep around here...
Me: Aw, who needs sleep now?! IT'S SUMMERRRRR!!!!!!!! ^_^ I'm gonna go to CA to visit my cousins but I'll still post from time to time there since my cousin has a computer ^_^
Chaud: Okay...
Me: And I thank those who voted and commented on my newest fanart ^_^ Heehee I'm working on a new one with more of the body than the others I've sent in, like about a bit of the legs showing ^^ It's sideways, so uh.... yeah..... ^^; But anyways, it's a Megaman picture but that's all I'm saying ^.~ Oh, and that SURPRISE I havn't mentioned in awhile is working its way to completion ^.^
Chaud: Are you gonna tell them what it is?
Me: Eventually....
Chaud: -_-' knowing you, you'll forget....
Me: I'll pretend I didn't hear that... hehehe *Is listening to Animaniacs theme* AHAHA! very catchy ^^ I've tried drawing them, Winnie the Pooh, and Kiddie Tarzan, and I've failed on each one... but that doesn't mean I'll stop! AHAHA! I'LL TRY UNTIL MY HAND FALLS OFF! XD I wanna attempt drawing Yakko, Wakko, and Dot which'll be a challenge =) Anywho, uh... yeah I've been watching out for those that comment and those who don't on my site and I'm chopping down my list! AHAHA!
Chaud: Okay, I wouldn't trust you with a knife... you tried to stab your friends when they came over for your birthday...
Me: One thing, she backed up, and two, I was joking.......
Chaud: Suuuuure you were...
Me: Believe what you want... Oh my goodness, I woke up at 1 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep! I didn't go back to sleep until.... like... 4? it was so hot..... which brings me to the last day of school... the people who participated in the play had a tag day(A day where you don't have to wear your uniform) and so I wore a RF cafe T-shirt I got which is YELLOW!!!!!! My FAAAVORITE color! I was also wearing LONG jeans... and there's no AC... X_X It didn't bother me before, though... but by 12(We left at 12:30), My friends and I were the only one in our HR, since most were in the other 6th homeroom or in another room or roaming the halls, and the desks and chairs were brought into the hall, I was laying flat on the carpeted floor facing up XD Good thing no one saw me haha
Chaud: You actually did that?!
Me: Yeah, so?
Chaud: -_-
Me: *ahem* I shall end the post here and now, seeing as how long it is... soo.... Ja ne minna! Post laters! ^_^
Chaud: -_-' *Clicks "Add Post" button*
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Sunday, June 5, 2005


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Me: *Ahem* I'm SO sorry if I havn't been to your sites lately! I only have time for very little, planning out my party, or at least a get together with my friends, and with school... Bah...
Chaud: Ookay, birthdaygirl...
Me: hahaha Shamangirl and Birthady girl XD Hahahha anyways, I thank those that took the extra step to mention that my birthday was today like Black Magician Girl, Mew Tokyo Girl, and Shaman Lilac. THANK YOU!
Chaud: Ookay then, birthday girl.
Me: XD Hahaha anywho, I'm inviting over Skitty, and Rave Master13(See friends list) as well as others you don't know of. Teehee ^-^ It's gonna be fuuuuuuun!
Chaud: *ahem* And as thanks, she recently posted a new fanart you can visit here.
Me: Uh huh! Vote 'n comment please! Hahahahahahah Hope you like it! It's the main character for my story which has no name yet ^^; it shall be turned into a manga as soon as I get enough practice ^_~ Anyways, that's all for now, post laters-
Chaud: Ja ne. *clicks "Add Post" button*
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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Sorry for not posting!

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Me: *BOws a gazillion times* Me so sorrrrrrrrry! XP I'm sorry I couldn't vosot a lot this week, with all sorts of things coming up at school, it's tough to be here and post with the long posts I do... I don't like making short posts for an odd reason... XD hahah but good news! My uncle went away to Virginia with his other brother for a week and that means I have access to the scanner! HOORAAAAAAAY! XD
Chaud: -_-' Well, besides her watching Her Megaman DVD(dub -_-') and watching the ones she's downloaded..... she skipped to the parts where I'm in.... but I wouldn't blame her...
Me: *Sweatdrop* I'll handle it, Chaud. But yeah, I've been so stressed lately with a problem in my school (currently only CCR and Inukid know about it) and so, I think I told you that the majority was black and some were white and i'm the only asian in the MS, ne, ne? wellllll, in religion class, they got off track and talk about racist stuff- NOT issues, but saying whites can't do blah blah blah and blacks CAN do blah blah(No white people are in 6-1... where I am... but the religion teacher is... O_o) and I felt so hurt that they'd say that stuff when I'm the only asian there and I have to hear that biased talk =( and the lesson was about what to do when your temper goes nuts, and she let us write our things on the board, so I puc 'daydream' because that really makes me feel better to just go off into another world and then this big snob is like "Who put daydream?" all attitudy-
Chaud: Is that even a word?
Me: I dunno... maybe... XD But yeah, she made fun of MY personality and the whole class (Except my one friend in 6-1... the others are in 6-2, 6-3, and 6-4... yeah I have friends in all groups... they spread us out! XD) make fun of people's heritage and I felt so hurt that that happened and so once I got into the car, I started crying silently until we got to my house then I rwiped the tears so no one would notice I was sad and I acted happy.
Chaud: Not exactly the best way to solve that, you know.
Me: But if I told my family, they'd start yelling at those kids, and I really don't want my parents' involved with something as little as thi; compared to other things like their jobs and cleaning and cooking and stuff. but, thanks to Inukid and CCR, I feel a lot better now, thank you! *Hugs Inukid and CCR* and Chaud humored me with what he said in the dubs... though they make some lame puns in there... XD
"Lan, you're so clueless, it's scary." and then something that made me completely squeal was when count zap said:
"I'm gonna turn the amps up a bit! I hope those baby blues can see in the dark!"
If you didn't know though, he's talking about Chaud's eyes. but I think you all knew that.. XD But that's not what made me squeal. What made me squeal was the look on Chaud's face! >///<
Chaud: Riiiiiiight....
Me: ^^ and then I watched the jap. version of Rockman EXE Axess epi. 13 when Enzan and Blues crossfuse! XD and I think it'll be safe to say that Netto(Lan)'s voive in the jap. version sounds a LOT like Naruto... XD but those two are like the same kind of people! but Enzan was totally cool ^.~ hahaha
Chaud: Ooookay.......
Me: But my birthday! IT's drawing nearer and nearer! XD IT'S ALMOST HEEEEEEEERE! XD
Chaud: Okay then.
Me: It's this Sunday! WAHOOOOO!! XD *Ahem* you didn't hear that last interjection..... XD lol but! well, I have a GC and so my friend Shanice is gonna bring HER 2 controllers and I have 2 controllers and we'll play games that she brings over as well as the games I have YAY! We'll also pokebattle, play KH, whatnot.... haha... XD Anyways though, That's about it for now, sooooooo.......
Chaud: ....
Me: JA NEEEEEE! I'll post later on ^.~
Chaud: *Clicks add post button*
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Saturday, May 28, 2005


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Me: *Sighs* A time to post...... XD
Chaud: You didn't comb your hair this morning, did you?
Me: Nope!
Chaud: We can tell.
Me: At least nothing's sticking up!
Chaud: ... things are sticking OUT.
Me: ^^; *Ahem* On another note, I'm sure you all don't want to hear about how much my hair can stick out when I first wake up XD But I'm coloring a picture of one of my OCs for my story and she's only 1/2 body, but it was only meant for practice sketching, but I liked it so much, I wanted to finish it anyways. I'll work on full body pictures later ^^; I'll try to scan them, but I'm not sure when though. Sorry! I'll most likely send it in on Y CaNNoN- no, I'll send it in on ShamanGIrl and send in *Something* else on Y CaNNoN. =D havn't been on that one lately, I will today, if you signed. ^.~ WHEE!
Chaud: Now what are you hyper for NOW?!
Me: I'm goin' to the mall today... NO, not clothes, BOOKS! WOOT! Aaaaand a haircut....... XP My hair's plenty short though! XD
Chaud: .....
Me: Sorry for ntot posting lately, sorry! *Bows* I was too busy with all the studying for the finals! XP And I've been plotting my revenge for those racist snobs. I go to a school with the majority of blacks, some whites, and I'm the only asian in the MS sector. They always make fun of my heritage, and that's wring. I don't make fun of theirs!
Chaud: This IS excluding her friends. one is white, but the ones she hangs out most with (Meaning at recess) are black.
Me: Yeah, I don't mind, either! But those snobs are total racists. making fun of heritage. feh! They don't think I hear them, and they don't think I understand their "Gangsta" Talk just because I speak PROPER english! NOT 'Yo, why my fries be cold?" Now, I don't mean to offend you guys who say things like that, but that's only what the people at my school say, and that just really irritates me.
Chaud: it's no wonder why a lot of them have low grades in LA.
Me: Really. Don't you just hate it when someone talks about you? It makes me so sad, because I wanted to be friends with everyone in the sixth grade at LEAST, but they won't accept me, and that makes me sad, that less than 1/5 make up my friends =( I never thought that it could happen... *Shakes head* But you guys don't want to hear that, sorry! *Bows* Anyways, vinegar got spilled behind the rice and it filled the whole kitchen!
Chaud: So that's what I've been smelling....
Me: Pew! I just hope the rice is okay! XD
Chaud: Well, there's no more to say-
Me: Beeeeeeesudes... the face that MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT SUNDAY! MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT SUNDAY! XD Anywho, post laters, ja neee! *Continues watching TV*

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


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Me: This won't be a very long post, just want you guys to opinion on something...
Chaud: It happened at school.
Me: Yeah, there are these two girls, they walked be hind me and I hear one say "****isha is so ugly!" And the other one said "Yeah, she should have played the beast in the play, she is so ugly!"
Me: And I'm the only person I know with the name part of 'isha'. Why must people talk about other people? It's not the words that were said, it was why they said it in the first place. there were also people who I hear saying "Why does she some here anyways?" And "Why does she exist? She is such a loser!" I know they're talking to me, because they said my name.
Chaud: ...
Me: Oh well. I'm not gonna pay attention to those people, because they the stuck up, shallow, lowlifes that care of nothing but looks.
Chaud: Those people are stuck up on looks, huh?
Me: Yeah. And they're the ones that need to study, too. Because they're not doing good in school, and 10 years later, when they apply for collefe and jobs and such, they won't be able to slide by on looks. And I'LL be the successful one.
Chaud: yeah, because you study.
Me: Those people study last minute! *Ahem* Anywho, I'm working on a new story! It's a romance/fantasy/adventure/action ^.~
Chaud: ..
Me: It's about two people who moved away from each other when they were little but by then, the Earth split in 1/2 and they must go through many perilous dimensions to reach each other. ^.^ I'll clue you all in as soon as I finish the first chapter ^.~ Anyways, thought I'd post today, so I'll-
Chaud: Post later, ja ne.

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