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Friday, April 15, 2005


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Me: Yesterday's rehearsal can be summed up in 3 words that I might've told some of you guys: DANCE BOOT CAMP! It was HARD! It's the battle scene between the castle and village and we have to dance in it and it's HARD, considering I never learned it before T-T Ah well! It was fun!
Chaud: _-_ And to answer IndigoIce's question, I'm in Megaman NT Warrior- all seasons as Chaud, or in Rockman EXE- all seasons as Enzan.
Me: Rockman is the Jap. version. And to answer DragonStorm's question, I was over the PM limit, but I deleted some already, so you can PM me now ^^
Chaud: She went to 301 when the limit is 300.
Me: Yep! And now I think I have..... 256. So it's all right now! ^-^ Today, we have no rehearsal, so YAY for that! WHEE! But every Thursday, Dance practice for the play T-T It's fun, but hard! XD Anywhoo, Gotta get to school!


Me: *Phew* I'm beat! Buuut...... .NO HOMEWORK! WHOO HOO! YEAH!
Chaud: So what?
Chaud: _-_
Me: Also, we missed PE! YEAH! WOOT! Also, the LA teacher wasn't here, so we got to talk, so I had a nice chat with the girls (one of my friends, Chris, a GIRL, is in 6B, Shanice, my other friend, and I are in 6A) In the HR. It was funny! We did some limmericks as an assigned work and other stuff, and I think I'll share two of mine:

There once was an old Chalkboard,
That was stolen by a landlord.
He wrote and he drew,
but before he knew,
the chalkboard was taken by Ford.

'Round the corner lived 3 cooks,
Who absolutely adored books.
They read and they read,
until off rolled their heads,
now, everybody gives them looks!

Chaud: _-_
Me: Well, they said limmericks are supposed to be funny and lines 1,2, and 5 rhyme and 3 and 4 do too, right? XD Anywho, those are mine! Teehee ^_^ That's all for now then, post laters, ja ne!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: *Clicks 'Add Post' button*
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Thursday, April 14, 2005


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Me: IIt's sooooo early...... But today I have rehearsals, so I have to post.
Chaud: She won't be home until 5.
Me: Yep, And again, I ust ask ElvesAteMyRamen this: HOW THE HECK DO YOU DRAW REALISTIC PEOPLE SO GOOD?! I know you're older, but oh well... You don't ahve to tell me if you don't wanna, then it becomes a rhetorical question XD
Chaud: Uuuh huh.
Me: Yep! XD Anywhoooo.......... Yeeeeeaaahhhh... Read yesterday's post if that question didn't make any sense to you ^^'

Me: But on another note, I decided to wait awhile before sending in my Chahud picture because-
Chaud: Because she's working on a 3-piece set. We won't tell what it's made up of though.
Me: Yep! And I'll see if I can do Protoman too, but it looks hard!
Chaud: Hm... I guess he does.
Me: *Looks at trash can and sees dirty(NOT MINE!) tissues* EWEWEWEWEW!!!!!!! EW! GROSS! MY SISTER'S USED TISSUES! GROSS! I TOLD HER NOT TO THROW THEM! EW! *Goes to pick up and thinks: Ew! Ewewewewewewewewewew!*
Chaud: That's gross.

Me: On yet another note, My sister found her digi-cam!
Chaud: But she couldn't find the connector cable to link to the computer.
Me: T-T She needs to clean up better T________________T
Chaud: _-_
Me: Anywhoo, when I finish my Chaud set, I might make some G. Wing pictures! YEAH! WHEE! I have an art book full of them! ^__^
Chaud: Uhm... yeah.. so if you like Gundam Wing, that should be good for you.
Me: Teehee ^_^ Well, I'm off to school now..... I'll visit sites when I'm back, 'kay? JA NE!!!!!!!
Chaud: ..... *Clicks 'Add Post' button*
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


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Me: Man, it seems like my bookbag's gettin' heavier and heavier!
Chaud: Maybe it's your books that are making it heavier.
Me: No, I have the same books as usual... T-T Ooh well... Today in Social Studies, it was funny! 2 people (One occasionally and one always) didn't have their homework, one was a girl who occasionally misses homework for classes, and the other was a boy who almost NEVER does homework for ANY subject! We had classroom court and the girl's case, she took an offer and so she got a 70 on te homework but still had to get another wkst. I wasn't a witness for her, but for the BOY, he could've chosen a better lawyer.. He's one of the boys I mentioned yesterday and so was his lawyer, and I have to sit by them in SS AND Science and so I was a witness since everybody knew I play fair and won't stick up for him, so the 'lawyer' says "Did you hand Lamar (The boy) a homework sheet, *My name*?" And I said, "Yes, I did, I may have a faulty memory, but I know I gave him a worksheet." And he says, "But are you sure he SAW it?" And I say "Yeah, I put it in the middle of his desk" And everyone started laughing and whispering stuff like "Man, Lamar must be blind then!" And stuff and so the teacher asked me if I always hand things to him in the middle of his desk and I said yes, so he could have taken an offer of getting a 70 too but he didn't and ended up with a 0. XD HAHAHA!
Chaud: *shaking head* That guy is dense. Trust me on this. I've been to her school.

Me: On another note, We were watching the Disney "Beauty and the Beast" And we were watching and the good part came, but the teacher stopped it be cause it was time for the next class! Talk about wrong time!
Chaud: ....
Me: ^^' And in 6th per. Art class, we headed to the library where we could concentrate and partnered up (I partnered with my friend in the same group; the other is in another one) and we had to draw each other, I drew first, then my friend. Everyone was looking at MINE! And it stinks! And I must ask EllvesAteMyRamen: HOW THE HECK DO YOU DRAW REALISM?!?!?!?!?! It's HARD! XD And then there was a funeral for an 8th grader (I'm 11 in 6th) and so some of the teachers went and some high school boys in an all-boy school came to watch us-
Chaud: And every girl except Trisha(My nickname) and her friends were swooning.
Me: I can't believe they were swooning! They were U-G-L-Y!!!! XD And we said "If one comes by you, hit the trash can!" It's an inside joke, so if you don't get it, that's why XD And we were thinking: At lunch, it'd be funny if a girl watched them with a vid. camera and the boy looks at her and she says "Oh, don't mind me, just act natural!" This is just imagining XD And in LA, well, that was normal... XD That's my day!
Chaud: That was long.
Me: Thank you! XD Anywhoo, Gotta go now, ja ne! Post paters!
Chaud: Yeah, good bye.
Me: ^^ *Clicks 'Add Post' button*
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rehearsal was funner than I thought!

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Me: Yep! It was fun alright! But I never got a chance to do homework and had to stay up until 10 until I finished! XD All of us sang (Full cast, but the volunteers like my friends and I don't know what we are yet) Belle's song and Be Our Guest because, though we won't be onstage the whole time, we're still gonna sing, and I'm a Suprano(The highest group in the rehearsal, next are Altos and then Tenors are lowest, if your school doesn't do it that way) and no, I'm not in choir, so she organized us _-_
Chaud: Aaaand WHY did you join?
Me: Because it's fun! And we get to dress up(Not sure what I am this year though, but last year, we did Annie, and I was a maid who wore maid stuff the sewing teacher made) in fun stuffies! ^o^

On another note, I don't have rehearsal today, so I'll be able to visit more sites =D I'll also see if I can get the picture up by this afternoon, 'kay? I won't post this 'till then either XD


*phew* I have a whole LOAD of stuffies I brought home! All for Homework too T-T *Sigh* Ah well... Anyways, at school, I added the final touches to my Chaud picture! (adding some pink to his cheeks, fixing up his hair, cleaning it up a bit, that stuff) And now It's ready, and I'll see if I can send it in! =D WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I'm so hyper!
Chaud: And you came in crawling...?
Chaud: O.o
Me: That's better ^-^ Anyways, I won't have rehearsal tomorrow either but no idea why XD Didn't tell us why, but ooooh well! Ah! At advisory(Yeah, they made it a class _-_) we talked about ONE boy who, tries to commit suicide and takes jokes WAAAAAY too far! And I have to sit in between him and his best friend in science class! The girls said it was torture! XD IT IS THOUGH! Anywhoo, I've gotta go now, shower, homework, dinner, that stuff..... byee! =D
Chaud: Sure, whatever.
Me: *Clicks add post button*
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Monday, April 11, 2005


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Me: It's 7 in the morning... It's so early... GET ME OUTTA HERE!
Chaud: Not so fast.
Me: I'm posting early because, if you hadn't already known, today, I have to stay afterschool until 5 (in eastern time)P.M. to rehearse for the play my school's doing... _-_ At least I'll be able to do homework there... ah well...

On another note, SHARING ROOMS WITH MY OLDER SISTER IS A MESS! She never fixes the bed when she moves, gets up last, etc. and leaves ME to do it! Grrrr... AND! She leaves lotion, clothes, and that stuff ALL over my bed! Grrr... AND she leaves everything everywhere and it's a complete MESS! IT'S TEARING ME APART! *screaming*
Chaud: *points to me* She's a neatfreak.

On yet ANOTHER note, I'm gonna see if I can send my Chaud picture via webcam, 'kay? I'll see, but not too sure... -_- AND! Yesterday, at the mall's bookstore, Waldenbooks, they had a sale on Manga! buy 2, get the third free! So! I bought Megaman vol. 3, DNAngel vol. 6, and I got Pretear vol. 2 free! That's what I call a deal! 3 books, under $20 for all of them! XD Hahaha! Am I smart or what?!
Chaud: You only found out when you got there, and if you didn't have your &20 gift card, you'd be broke!
Me: _-_ He's.... right....
Chaud: *smirk*
Me: Well, I'll be off to my doom now...... SAAAAAAAAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

*5 minutes later*


Me: *ahem* Anywhoo, ja ne minna!
Chaud: Uh huh... whatever... *leaves*
Me: Ehehehe ^^' *presses add post button*
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Sunday, April 10, 2005


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Me: I still havn't typed up the next part of the story yet, it's not enough so far ^-^' *sketching*
Chaud: *Standing completely still* How long do I have to keep this up?! (He's my model, I'm drawing HIM! XD I'm re-drawing a 3/4 version of him)
Me: Hold still! I'm almost done! *5 minutes later* DONE!
Chaud: *moves around* Thank you.
Me: ^-^ I'll see if I can post it, but I have NO source because my sister's scanner is in her room, being occupied by our uncle T-T And she won't let me use her digi-cam like I'll break it as soon as I touch it! >:( I don't get enough respect around here... Nonetheless, I'm about to ink and color Chaud right now! =) I might send it vis webcam, but I doubt it'll work... _-_ *Listening to A goofy Movie songs- Stand out and Eye to Eye* And maaaaaybe love is the reason why for the first time ever, we're seeing things eye to eye! XD My sister calls it 'Hippy Music' HMPH! I wanna look for the lyrics! XD Found them! but they used I-2-I instead of Eye to eye, so I had to go back and change them T-T but here are the lyrics to the songs I'm listening to!

Stand Out

Open up your eyes take a look at me
If the picture fits in your memory
I've been dreamin by the rythym like the beat of a heart
And i won't stop until I start to stand out

Some people settle for the typical thing
Livin' all their lives waitin' in the wings
It ain't a question of 'if', just a matter of time
Before I move to the front of the line

And once you're watchin' ev'ry move that I make
Ya gotta believe that I got what it takes

To stand out
Above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
'Til mine is the only face you see
Gonna stand out 'til you notice me

If the squeaky wheels always gettin the greese
I'm totally devoted to disturbin the peace
And I'll do it all again, when I get it done
Until I become your number one

No method to the madness and means of escape
Gonna break every rule I'll bend them all out of shape
It ain't a question of 'how' just a matter of when
You get the message that I'm tryin to send

I'm under a spell, I'm in over my head
And you kno I'm going all of the way, till the end

To stand out
Above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
'Til mine is the only face you see
Gonna stand out 'til you notice me, yeah

If I could make you stop and take a look at me instead of just
Walkin' by
There's nothin' that I wouldn't do
If it was gettin' you to notice
I'm alive

All I need is half a chance, a second thought, a second glance'll prove
I got whatever it takes
It's a piece of cake

To stand out
Above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
'Til mine is the only face you see
Gonna stand out
Stand out, hey
Stand out!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Stand out!
'Til mine's the only face you see
Gonna stand out
'Til you notice me

Eye to Eye

Got myself a notion
And one I know that you'll understand
To set the world in motion by reaching out for each other's hand

Maybe we'll discover
What we shoulda known all along
One way or another, together's where we both belong

If we listen to each other's heart
We'll find we're never too far apart
And maybe love is a reason why
For the first time ever, we're seein' it Eye to Eye

If a wall should come between us
Too high to climb, too hard to break through
I know that love'll lead us
And find a way to bring me to you

So don't be in a hurry
Think before you count us out
You don't have to worry
I won't ever let you drown
(Nothing's gonna stop us now)

If we listen to each other's heart
We'll find we're never too far apart
And maybe love is a reason why
For the first time ever, we're seein' it Eye to Eye

Love is why we're seein' it Eye to Eye
(Yes, we are seein' it Eye to Eye)
Seein' it Eye to Eye
(Love is why we're seein' it)
I think we're seein' it Eye to Eye
(Eye to Eye)
To eye
We're seein' it Eye to Eye
(Eye to Eye!)

If you're ever lonely, then stop!
You don't have to be
After all, it's only a beat away from you to me
(Take a look inside and see)

If we listen to each other's heart
We'll find we're never too far apart
And maybe love is a reason why
For the first time ever, we're seein' it Eye to Eye

Seein' it Eye to Eye
Seein' it Eye to Eye
We're seein' it Eye to Eye, baby
For the first time
For the first time

Eye to Eye
Seein't it
Seein' it, baby
Seein' it Eye to
For the first time ever
Hey yeah
Seein' it, baby
We're seein' it Eye to Eye
Seein' it
(C'mon, baby)

Eye to Eye
Eye to Eye
Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye!

Me: There they are! XD If you want it, PM me (though I dubt any will actually do it XD)
Chaud: Yeah, Whatever.
Me: ^^'Now to ink in my Chaud sketch! And I'm gonna use my trusty Magic rub (which was cut in 1/2, then in 1/2 again, and now they're small triangles XD)
*breaks in half again and is now too small to use*
Me: *GASP!* MY ERASER! T-T Ah well! Good thing I got a new pack or else I'd be eraser-les at the moment! XD Gotta go! Ja ne, minna!
Chaud: *leaves*
Me: Hey! Wait up! *Runs after him*
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Friday, April 8, 2005


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Gomen ne for not posting yesterday, minna. I had to leave to pick up my uncle from the airport because he arrived from Vietnam(home) yesterday. Also, I've no school today because of the pope's death, I have a day off, but yesterday, we had a prayer service remembering him and I was reading in it and my f riends said to talk slow because I talk pretty dast, so I tried, and at the end of the day (It took up 8th and 9th per.), I said "Was THAT slow enough for you?!" And they nodded and said "Yeah, but we couldn't see you." XD I'm pretty short and I had to stand behind the podium.
Chaud: You ARE only 4', 9", you know.
Me: THat's 9and a HALF!
Chaud: *Sarcastically* Wow... what a difference.
Me: *pulse mark* Anywaaaaaaaaays, I got DNAngel vol. 5 today! I'm still reading it, almost done! About 4-5 more pages... _-_
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Teehee ^-^ Well, anyways, they have GREAT pictures in it that I wanna draw! =) I think I'll do it now! Laters, minna!
Chaud: Uhm, yeah. What she said.
Me: Ehehehe ^^'
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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

*inhales and sighs* Ahhhhhhh..... Springtime is wonderful!

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Me: Yep! It was soooooooooooooooo warm and lovely today at school at recess (You've guessed it! I'm still in middle school) it felt sooooooooooooo good! It feels good to have the sun out later!
Chaud: I've gotta admit, it feels good.
Me: Even he feels it! XD I think Spring fever has officially kicked into high gear! But it's soooooo warm! who can blame him?! I'm also working on a full body(almost, the feet are left out ^^;) pose and new styles for my story OCs! ^-^ I'm also taking requests if you'd like! ^-^
Chaud: She hasn't finished her story yet, so it'll take a while.
Me: Yeah, sorry guys =( *listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks* Hahaha I never get tired of the squeaky voices ^-^ *new song plays* Teehee ^-^ I love to download music instead of just buying them because you don't have to deal with the songs you don't like =)What else can I tell you guys.... AH! Now I remember! Starting next week, It's gonna take longer for me to post because all of the people that are participating in the play have to stay 'till 5:00 to practice and I'll be there helping to paint the set. So yeah, you get it, well anyways, I'm gonna go finish my picture ^-^
Chaud: Yeah, she'll post later if she forgot anything.
Me: Yep! You know the drill! Ja ne!
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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


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YES! Anyways, yeah, if you're wondering why I'm so happy,
Chaud: She HAS to help with the Spring production of Beauty and the Beast for her school because everybody has to and since she gets easy stagefright, she's able to work on the BG scenes.
Me: YAAAY! Hahahahahah anyways, yeah, just wanted ta share that ^o^
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Monday, April 4, 2005

Back to school....

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Me: Yeah, I'm back to school today to fin dout that Cyrus, this guy who's mean only to my friends and I and teases me of being the only asian in the middle school, I found out he has a cousin there too and at dissmissal, he all of a sudden comes up (I'm in 6th and the cousin is in 8th) and he's all like "Hey.... what....'s up?" all slow like I'm dumb, and if there weren't any teachers there, I woulda kicked him down low!
Chaud: Ouch.
Me: Grrrrrrrr. why am I always picked on?! *starts to cry*
Chaud: *points to me* She's a crybaby, she knows that and this isn't getting any better.
Me: WAAAAH! =( At least I got back and helped my friend get a little better at drawing and showed them my latest pieces because they were begging a--
Chaud: And she left it on top of her folder at lunch and her music teacher saw it and the teachers on lunch duty complimanted them
Me: That made me feel a lot better about my pictures too, but then at dissmissal... WAAAAAH!!!!!
Chaud: O.O' Anyways, before she gives you all buckets of tears, I'll end the post.
Me: *sniff* ja ne.
Chaud: *clicks add post button*
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