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Thursday, April 13, 2006


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FINALLY! Spring break is HERE! I'm so glad -^^- NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL YEAHHHHHHH XD I'm sorry I havn't been visiting sites ;_; I'm a bad hamster (Yeah sometimes people call me Hamtaro at school... but not so much XD) BUT as of now, I have an obcession with... HAMTARO ^^ I decided to keep this one up becuase i'm a rabid hamster fan XD My mommy's scared of them though so I can't keep one ;_; plus it's a whole lotta money to keep one -_-' but still, Hamtaro items will keep me company. =) right now i'm trying to see if a store near me has that Hamtaro wallet XD it's SOOO adorable, you gotta believe me =D then again, I'm just a rabid hamster fan =P WHY'D THEY HAVE TO CANCEL HAMTARO OFF TV?!?!?! T_T Well umm... yeah if i were to continue this post, it'd be all about hamsters, so I guess you all have had enough hamster blathering from me, so I'll post leter, eh?

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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Hey peoples! Sorry about the late post! BUT! I decided to try out for Track and Field at my school(doubt I'll make the team though... -_- I'm so slow when it comes to running XD) So what about you guys? Do you guys play sports at your school? This would be my first ^^;; Well, what do you guys think should be my new theme? I decided it's time to change my theme so what'll it be:

A. Lagoon Engine
B. Kingdom Hearts: Riku
C. DNAngel
D. Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Manjoume Jun

Soo? XD Yeah yeah Manjoume's my new bishie... Chaud's got Anetta... sadly ;_; which explains why he isn't in my posts anymore =PWell, now... OH! I actually played Basketball in gym! Usually, I just aimlessly run around the court getting and passing the ball when it comes to me, but I actually STOLE the ball! =O ITS A MIRACLE! Okay, no it's not, but still for someone as unathletic and uncoordinated as me, well, XD Hrm... Well I've run outta news today, so I'll just stop it here for now. Post laters, JA NEE! ^_^
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Saturday, March 11, 2006


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HI ALL! Just to let'cha know, I'll be updataing my site soon, and it's gonna be awesomeee :) It's gonna be Lagoon Engine, has anyone heard of it? It is so awesome, but then they cancelled it after the 3rd volume, so I'm hoping that one of Sugisaki-sensei's workers or Sugisaki-sensei herself will see it and continue! Though I doubt that'll ever happen, but who knows? Also, I finally found the code for the music player, so if you don't like the song (Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield), you can stop it at anytime. I think it's awesome though =) Hopefully, I can update my themes more often, but my comp. broke while i was installing antivirus(WHAT THE HECK?!) so my cousin has to come by, pick it up, and fix it. This one doesn't have the picture-editing program =( OOH OOH OOH! by the way, do any of you guys go on Gaia? If so, be sure to add HamTar0TimE6593 as a friend ^^ i only have a couple of friends there ;_; well, I'd better get going, so i'll post leter, JA NE! ^^
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Thursday, March 9, 2006


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OKAY PEOPLE! If you guys still have me on your list, I am SOOO sorry ;_; sorry for the long absence everytime i hit a myO site besides the backroom, it would say something like page not found -_-'l|'l But i can sorta visit people's sites so long as they don't have too much on it ^^;; So uh... if you still have me on your list as a friend, I'll be sure I'll make it up to you guys.... somehow ^^ Well i gotta get going now so i'll post later (Hopefully) ^^
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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Me: Heehee yeah just like the title says, Happy Turkey Day! Please excuse the inactivity here on myO from me, i'm sooooo sorry T_T I did visit the sites of those that posted alreayd though -^^-
Chaud: ...
Me: ... what?!
Chaud: *sigh* nevermind
Me: *pulse mark* anyways, i can't wait for the turkey, and mashed potatoes, and the stuffing, and the gravy, and thanking the Lord for everything and being thankful!
Chaud: Yeah, can't forget the thanks
Me: That sounds weird coming from you...
Chaud: How?!
Me: Nevermind... Anywho, we had a half day at school today but no classes! CHYEAH!
Chaud: That's because you had a thanksgiving prayer service(i go to a catholic school) and a sibling activity...
Me: Speakkking of that stuff, yeah, we got siblings today! WHOO!! mine's so cute, her name's Arielle and the 7th grade has the 3rd grade -^^- her name's Arielle and we had to work together and make a turkey wreathe(just like a christmas wreathe only instead of leaves it's made of turkey cutouts XD) she gave me a hug =) haha
Chaud: Aaaw isn't that cute?
Me: _-_ yes it is XD then back in our classroom we played speed with each other and i creamed Cyrus(champion of speed... not anymore though) 3 times! I'll just let him keep thinkign he beat me that third time though... XD did i mention 3 times in a row? And then twice in a row before so yeah i have to say i am the CHAMPION OF SPEED! LOL haha just kiddin' XD
Chaud: ... Weirdo...
Me: THANK YOU! XD OOH OOH OOH!!! and and and
Chaud: Stop repeating yourself!
Me: Yeah anyways, in Language Arts, we're learning about fairy tales so we each took a fairy tale from the school library and analyzed it and we're gonna turn it into a modern fairy tale! I chose the frog prince! Only instead of kissing the frog, she threw it at the wall...... XD if you guys wanna hear my final thingymabobber i can post it but it's not done and graded yet XD if a lot of people say they wanna i will but if no one does i guess i won't hehe ^^' wellll that's all for now. post laters, ja ne!
Chaud: Yeah yeha...
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Sunday, October 23, 2005


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Me: I went shopping today =D I gots me a new book AND lotion =D I got the second Artemis Fowl book!
Chaud: I thought you were still on the first one...
Me: I am! Halfway done though! XD
Chaud: Then what's the point of getting the second one?
Me: Because when i finish the first one, i won't have to wait to read the second one! Plus, my school's holding a book fair all next week and they have the fourth one for 5 bucks! two bucks less! CHYEAH!!! XD Anyone here like Artemis Fowl?
Chaud: -_-' Didnt you get something else?
Me: Yep! I gots new lotion! My old one's running out so my mom got new lotion, same scent XD it was four for ten dollars =D My sister got 2 Vanilla and i got 2 Juniper XD Juniper is the bestest scent everrr! XD
Chaud: No it isn't...
Me: *points at Chaud* Just cause he's older than me by ONE year he thinks he's the boss of me! Can you believe that?!
Chaud: I'm older than you, which means i CAN be the boss of you...
Me: *Makes a face*
Chaud: -_-'
Me: Anywho... MY MOM TRIED TO KILL MEEE!!! She wanted me to carry one of those water jugs and i fell to thr ground >.<
Chaud: Weakling.
Me: I know i'm weak! And i'm proud to be weak too! XD *sniffs Juniper lotion*
Chaud: Are you okay?
Me: Sorry about that guys XD It's very appealing to my nose XD
Chaud: Riiiiight...
Me: Y'know, i feel like a cartoon character because day in and day out I wear the exact same thing:
SUMMER: Camp T-shirt, CSS Gym shorts
WINTER: Sweater(different colors, same brand), Pants(Same as sweater)
I didn't realize i wear the same thing until a couple weeks ago too... XD
Chaud: MOVING ON....
Me: Oh, right... XD I'm working on a picture for a contest my shcool's holding! It says that you draw a picture of anything that has to do with Catholic Schools week 2006(CSW is in january-February) but so far i'm not liking it T_T Yes, i go to a cath. school so i am catholic... maybe if i get it back i'll scan it so you guys can see, but it's not much to look at sooo... yeahh...
Chaud: Have you guys noticed something about how myO is slowing down?
Me: Yeah, i read some of your posts and i thought it was just my computer, bu i can't load the sites fully... Anywho, i've got a question for you guys: Should I change my theme: If so whtat do you think it shoud be? I guess i'll just stop here sine it's long already, sorry about the longness though, but ja ne minna! Post laters =D
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Sunday, October 16, 2005


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Me: I Can't believe I lost my voice... stupid sore throat...
Chaud: -_-' Well you wouldn't have lost your voice if you hadn't screamed so much...
Me: Not my fault! That Zelda game took a lot outta me! Stupid electrecuting floor!
Chaud: Riiight... I thought you said you couldn't talk...
Me: i'm TYPING!
Chaud: Oh yeah...
Me: And I thought I was the slow one... well anywho, not much is going on here, a few of you that I talk to on AIM know about The boy that likes me and that's practically the only big thing around here because that hasn't happened in years! And i'm not exaggerating! But yeah we're friends now and he said he'd help me with WindWaker because i can't get out of this stupid castle! Grr... can any of you help me?! I'm getting frustrated!
Chaud: Wow i'm talking to a cheater...
Me: I AM NOT A CHEATER! Oh wait... yes I am... XD well at least i'm not for school, I got good grades without the use of cheating! Unlike Cyrus, some of you might've heard that name before from me.. he's this RUDE LITTLE boy that i hate yet i am forced to sit next to him in 4 *sometimes consecutive* classes! Grr and he was trying to cheat off me on my math test... I could tell because i saw him looking at my desk from a reflection on my glasses and so i wrote the wrong answer and saw he wrote that answer... then i changed it... and then i recently found out the boys that Mrs. Stewart assigned to sit at my science table last year, 2 cheated off me too! she madethem sit because they were talking, but thise year i'm among friends ^^ But i STILL can't believe people think they can cheat off me, i'm being more alert this year. You know, some people think just because i'm nice they can cheat off me and that isn't right. Well sorry about taht complaining ^^'
Chaud: This is getting long...
Me: Yeah i'm about to wrap it up, but i've visited today already and i see a lot of you all are gettitng into the halloween spirit! ^^ I think I'll keep the Hamtaro theme though Because it takes me FOREVER to make things for a new theme XD well anywho yeah i'm done now sooo i'll post laters, ja ne minna!!
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Thursday, September 29, 2005


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I am SOOO sorry for not visiting or posting in over a week! My friggin school is overrunning us with Homework! T_T anywho, I'm making this short and quick: I'M SORRY!!! T_T I don't think I'll be able to visit sites today because of all the studying i ahve to do X_X And then on Monday, we're going to an putdoor learning center from 7: 45-4: 30!!!!!! that's long.... But anyways, I managed to finish a few drawings, can you believe it? People are asking me to do pictures for them! I'm so overjoyed T_T Hrm... Maybe I WILL be able to visit sites... but i'll finish this quick with what I've drawn and/or given out so far(You can skip this if you don't wanna read it):
-Scooby Doo
-Mew Lettuce
-Mickey Mouse

Well thanks for reading my random chattering XD I'll hopefully visit some if not all of your sites today and if i don't... PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!
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Friday, September 9, 2005


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Me: I'M SOOOOO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING AND RARELY VISITING! I just didn't feel like going to myO lately because I was either too lazy to or becuase i wasn't on the computer _-_' Mostly all I did on the computer was get on IM XD But I hope I'll post more often, bu it'll probably be late at night >.>
Chaud: _-_'
Me: Plus, homework started too... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! >.<
Chaud: It can't be THAT bad...
Chaud: O.O
Me: *Ahem* As you can see, I'm almost done with the layout, but my posts aren't very visible... Can anyone tell me how to make that box thingy around your post?
Chaud: .......
Me: Well anyways, there isn't much to talk about at the moment XD It's just plain old me at school sticking out like a sore thumb once again... does anybody ever feel like they don't fit in? That's how I've felt at school since pre-K because I was always the only asian =T But I DO have friends that care about me and I did manage to make a new friend that just came to my school ^_^
Chaud: Then how is it bad?
Me: _-_' I'll pretend I didn't hear that... Anywho, on another note, I don't think I told you all this but if i did, sorry but it's HILARIOUS! XD Z CaNNoN and I pranked my Crush(Or used to be crush since he rejected me like *snap* that) and she IMed him saying "HI I'M A GERMAN EXCHANGE STUDENT AND I'M GONNA BE IN YOUR SCHOOL SOON! GUTEN TAG BUDDY!" XD That was HILARIOUS! Now it's MY turn to prank someone she knows *evil grin*
Chaud: _-_'
Me: But anyways, How do you all like my layout? I'm AAAAALLLLMMMOOOOSSSTTT done! XD I'm keeping the avi bu tI'm changing a few things around like I may turn my font pink to match the theme since Hamtaro is more of that kind of cutesy anime XD I know how some of you hate pink, I don't like it much either, but you've gotta admit it'd go really well with the theme XD
Chaud: Riiiight...
Me: Don't start acting like Dean!
Chaud: _-_'
Me: *glares at Chaud* anyways, I might submit in some new ecards and wallpapers, and MAYBE fanart if I ever get around to resizing them XD But I did recently finish a Yuna wallpaper that looks uber awesome XD I hope you guys'll likeee too because it'll probably be up by the time you all read this XD hopefully I'll make more ecards too if I find some pictures that look cool ^^ I havn't submitted anything in awhile, actually so this'll be cool! ^^ Well, I really don't have anything else to post now, soo... I think I'll stop here and I'm also updating Y CaNNoN Only I'm copying and pasting this becuase I have other people that aren't on this name that are on Y CaNNoN XD But yeah I guess I'll post laters, so JA NE MINNA!!!! XD
Chaud: ...

P.S.- Remember! If you know how to make that box thingy, please tell me!
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Friday, August 26, 2005

Hehe quick post for now...

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Me: Sorry I havn't been updating on myO or visiting or anything, I've been down basement playing video games most of the time ehehehe ^^' Right now I'm posting since I have some spare time before I go shower And go off to play video games again XD
Chaud: _-_ You're obcessed with Soul Calibur now, Aren't you?
Me: And Megaman Battle network 5!
Chaud: That too...
Me: And BrokenKokoro, to answer your question(Okay maybe not a question but... uh... ^^'), I never took a picture of me, just my friends XD I have this one current picture of me but i havn't sent it to the computer yet XD I'll probably post it tomorrow or next time i post XD
Chaud: It's of Her and her friend Arielle.
Me: yep! We go all the way back! XD Hehe though we're only 12... But yeah, she's one of my good buddies just like you all and my other budds from camp and school, which aren't much but still...
Chaud: Riight...
Me: -_-' ANyways, I don't have access to a scanner so i had to take pictures of my fanart with a digi-cam and i was too lazy to edit it on paint so they're ginormous so i put them on my DA account which you can get to on my website link on the side bar (I think) XD
Chaud: You THINK?!
Me: I'll check after i post!
WAAAH! I'll miss summer camp! But next year, the slo-mos shall REUNITE!
Chaud: Could've picked a better name though...
Me: I blame Christina! She picked it! XD Anywho, that's all I have for now, I'll update later! Now I must:
1. Get my counselors phone # from Ravemaster 13 and send him an angry letter for splashing me when i forgot my bathing suit down in the pool, dumping that container full of water on my while i had glasses on(Apparently, my flipflop to his back along with the tennis ball my friend threw at him wasn't enough) and calling me squeakyvoiced
2. Get back down basement and play on my GC once more... Talim is the coolest!
3. Sit around and act lazy!

That's all for now, post laters, ja nee!
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