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Sunday, May 1, 2005

The allergies are back.... *sniff*
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Me: Ah-ah, ah.... ACHOOOOOOO! *Sniff* Sorry, but my allergies are back... Sorry aboiut the late post though. I was gone for most of the morning. My family(Including the uncle that just got here and my other aunt that got here last year, whose husband and daughter were somewhere else) had to go the a hecka viet marts! and I, being the youngest, had to sit in the trunk because itwas filled in the other 2 rows(The shotgun and the one behind that)! And the food attacked me on every turn! And then when I went to sleep, I woke up and I was BURIED by the food! XD
Chaud: ...
Me: You're lucky you had to go save the world, Chaud.
Chaud: *Smirk* I guess I am, but I wouldn't go with you even if I wasn't busy.
Me: Why you-
Chaud: So what're you gonna do about it?
Me: I have my math book with me!
Chaud: And you still can't pick it up either.
Me: Drat... he's right. Anywho, I submitted a new fanart today requested by Inukid. You can see it right here !!! But remember, if you vote "No", please comment on why! Someone already DID vote "no" And was the only person who voted and didn't comment so far! =P Sorry it looks weird and dark... Like I said, It was a digital Camera... and if you care what was behind it, that's my spare art folder in case my other one breaks... the one I'm using currently is a reddish orange. Anywhoo, I'm working on those requests! ^^
Chaud: Yeah.... how do you know if someone voted "No"?
Me: Because my artwork level is down to a 75...
Chaud: Well, maybeI'M the person that voted "No".
Me: You'd better not be. If I found out who voted no, I'd-I'd, *Sigh* only I don't...Oh well, I'm sure they had a good reason...
Chaud: ... You are way too gullible.
Me: So what?! Anywho, I'll get to visiting right now! Ah! I forgot though! I have good news!

Me: And the good news is:
1. I got my poetry project back Friday and the score sheet is stapled to the back where my teacher said I did a fantastic job on my metaphor! HOORAY!
2. I think I finally get the hang of Dark's hair!
3. Although I don't have all "Yes"s on my fanarts, I'm still in the 90s area! HOORAY!

And that's all I can think of now... and for those that would like to hear my poem-
Chaud: Let's just leave and forget the poem.
Me: Can read it right here!

Your dreams are your kingdom,
Free for you to rule.
You make the rules, you reign.
Your dream is like a paradise,
For you and you only.
You fly on wings, gazing over.
You are a ruler,
Full of great ambition.
Wandering the land,
Free to do anthing.
Your dream is a deep secret,
Unknown by all but you.
Your dream is a train,
Taking you away from your worries.

There it is! Hope you liked it! It's my favorite poem that I wrote for the project! ^o^ Anywho, NOW I'll go visit ya'll so post laters, ja ne!
Chaud: -_-'
Me: *Clicks 'Add Post' button*
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