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Saturday, May 17, 2008


if you're wondering where that's from, it was supposed to be in Invader Zim, but due to the fact that it got cancelled by some ****** there were so many awesome episodes that never got aired. it makes me sad cuz lot's of 'em had the script all written and everything. i think a couple might even have had the voicing done, but noooo! ok, done with that little rant now.

my brother is coming back home today if you actually cared. which i can't imagine you do. im also getting excited about going to borders soon and getting stuff. i still have homsar88's giftcard worth like $25. im debating whether i should buy the jthm director's cut or manga. i have a feeling im gonna go with jthm though. as awesome as manga is, i have a strong urge to read it. over and over.

im kinda annoyed at a certain asshole from school though. i have open hour first half of hour 1, so i hang out with middy and zab. i actually had a good night's sleep, so i was being rather louder than i normally was what with my quoting Invader Zim. but honest to god i wasn't really talking above a loud speaking voice, but if you ask me it was hardly much louder than a normal speaking voice. then some kids at another table tell me to shut the hell up and i say why don't they make me and this one kid comes over and says "ok, just shut the hell up. you're pissing everyone off. stop acting like you're so cool, cuz you're not cool" and i felt like murdering him. i don't fucking give jackshit if you are bothered by me and i told him why don't YOU shut the hell up? he is completely ignorant of my personality and one of these days he's gonna die for it. a quote by itachi is fitting "you shouldn't judge people by appearances or preconceptions" and he's right. i am NOT fucking trying to act like im cool. that's what losers try to do and it's the so called 'cool' ones that end up with drug problems and other shit like that and i have no wish to end up a moron with no life that people talk about behind their back. i couldn't care less about being cool and it pisses me off when people think that's my goal. if i cared what people thought of me i wouldn't stand out like i do. i truly wish i had screamed loud and clear at him. more and more, i find that i wish i had said worse things to people. most of the time, you might look back on something you did and think "wow, i wish i had said something nicer" but these days i wish with all my soul that i had said something far worse and i wish i had gotten angry enough to start stabbing him with something. not kidding. i should have said that the kinds of people i hate the most are the ones who bitch about shit all the time. he was definitely crossing a line and i nearly attacked him. i wanted to say "quit your goddamned bitching!! i don't give a rat's ass what petty little things bother you!! i couldn't care less so take those fucking complaints of yours and shove it up your ass!! go the hell away and leave me alone!!" i could go on and on about it, but the next day when he gave me a dandylion thing, i knew it meant he was saying "well thanks for not being loud today" it pissed me off even more cuz he thinks i did it out of respect for him but he is DEAD WRONG. i didn't stay quiet for him because he was being annoyed. i did because i felt tired again, not because i cared. i will do whatever the hell i feel like!! don't judge me as if i will ever do anything for you!! i will do what i want for nobody but myself, so if you think i care what you think, shove that philosophy up your ass. one day im gonna be charged with assault, i just know it and i won't be sorry for it. i really long to let someone have it and let loose all that rage. you have no idea how much i long to bite someone with all my strength and draw blood. hopefully anime tonight will help me resist the urge.


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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i am really irritated, no wait, pissed off at life right now. first of all, i hate May right now because of all the freakin' homework assignments im getting. it all started with my procrastination last weekend. on sunday, i literally did not get ONE MINUTE of sleep. i stayed up till 6:40 am working on a goddamn english assignment, and then i attempted to get in a few minutes of sleep but of course it didn't work. i take forever to fall asleep regardless of the situation. i was a brain dead zombie for all of monday and then we had so much homework on monday that i stayed up till past 1:00 am. i have been staying up so late this week and i think im starting to lose it.

and i fucking hate that goddamn computer tech class!! for the love of god! the reason i stayed up so late on sunday was because i was trying to finish a computer tech class assignment and i had it emailed to myself so i could work on it at home. i finished it on my brother's laptop and saved it to what i THOUGHT was the my documents file but somehow it ended up in a different one and the first powerpoint email i sent myself wouldn't open and i spent hours looking for that fucking powerpoint and then when we tried to connect the printer to my brother's laptop, it refused to work and then the computer froze and i felt like screaming at that point. next time i absolutely refuse to do ANYTHING FOR THAT FUCKING CLASS ANY MORE. i don't give jack shit if it is days late and i fail that class. i am not going to waste my time working on a damn powerpoint that will not help me in life ever. i feel like telling the stupid teacher that i DON'T CARE about that class. why the hell would anyone want to take that class if they had a choice??? if not for the damn one credit requirement, there's no way in hell i would go to that classroom. i would seriously rather shoot myself in the foot than go there.

all my so called friends aren't being very helpful either. i swear animelover12344 is just trying to piss me off on purpose. she was acting rather mean towards me in anime club yesterday. normally the ones who make fun of me are Jilly and the other seniors who i know cuz im a freshman and my aura is just begging to have it made fun of. i hate it when she keeps on saying "omg, creepy frog show!" every time i try to suggest we watch keroro gunso. for the love of god hannah stop saying that! please just keep your damn opinions to yourself! it is a perfectly good anime! i know what "creepy" is, you have no idea what Gantz and MPD Psycho is like. at anime club we hardly had any anime so it was inevitable that we would watch something online, and i tried to suggest we watch Gintama and hannah rudely cuts me off saying "no creepy frog show!!" omg, it's bad enough that everyone is making fun of me and doesn't listen to what i have to say, but now hannah's joining them? she can keep those opinions to herself, but she always bitches about it anytime i vote for it. im starting to feel extremely isolated from everyone, even when im with homsar88. during school i feel delirious and lightheaded from lack of sleep and i feel like im kinda detached from myself when im doing my homework these past few nights because im barely aware of what im doing anymore.

i also had an extremely panicky day in science yesterday. we were in the labs yesterday and working with dangerous chemicals like sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide(or something like that). our teacher warned us not go splashing liquid all over the place and leave "mystery puddles" on the table because a person might not realize that a puddle they are trying to clean up isn't water, it's sulfuric acid or something and then severe burns follow it. i got the bad luck of being partnered with jordan, the biggest idiotic loser dropout guy who keeps tapping his feet against my goddamn desk and it's pissing me off. he's the kind of guy who never listens to the teacher, so throughout the entire class period i was afraid he was gonna splash a ton of sulfuric acid in my face or something. and he left HUGE stains of liquid everywhere on the table. i saw him splashing it about so i knew it really was just water, but being the lazy fatass that he is, he left me to clean up his freaking mess and shit.

my overall mood is short-tempered and exhausted, so if i ever act like a bitch towards any of you at school, i apologize in advance. i feel like blowing up at something and screaming. im getting that feral werewolf feeling inside me again. i mentioned this in a previous post but i really long to transform especially now. and my mood is the reason why i couldn't stand this theme anymore. as you can see it is Itachi vs Sasuke themed. a reason i changed the theme is because for one i was kinda getting sick of hearing Gackt over and over(cuz i listen to my playlist while i work on homework) and i wanted to do this theme for a while now. don't get me wrong, Gackt is awesome, but i need a change. it is a depressing theme which rather reflects my mood right now. im slightly annoyed that i can get rid of that subscript underneath my new avatar because it's seriously bugging the hell out of me, so even though it won't do much to make me feel any better, just don't even bother looking at it. i feel like it totally ruins the theme. Adam posted to tell us what were the top 3 things we wanted to have back on myotaku, and it really doesn't seem like he's listening to our requests. i know he must be pretty busy, but i just want the edit picture thing back and i will be happy. i was planning to wait on changing my theme until he put the edit picture link back up, but i lost my patience. now you might think i picked a pretty weird song for and itachi vs. sasuke theme. but if you think about it, doesn't it make sense? if you keep current with the manga chapters it would make sense. i think the whole "light" thing is perfect to it. you know itachi's most famous line at the moment is probably(for me anyway), "you sasuke! you will be my new light!!" and itachi has a scary expression of insanity on his face as he shouts it at sasuke. he's of course referring to plucking sasuke's eyes out of his head so that itachi won't go blind. it would have served sasuke right... but i can't wait for the next chapter to come out cuz now im about to learn the story about itachi's background and the real reason he left the village. it's kinda weird cuz first itachi is made out to be a kind affectionate brother, then he becomes a psychopathic, murderous committer of parricide who likes to psychologically mess with his little brother's head(he totally deserves it) while appearing to be sane and calm-with-no-facial-expression kind of guy on the surface. then he becomes totally deranged and crazy with an actual facial expression for once and shouting at sasuke, and now itachi might actually have been an affectionate and caring brother right from the start because he wanted to protect sasuke from tobi aka uchiha madara aka your mom!(jk) sorry that was a horrible joke but it slipped out. it reminds me of how Jilly and everyone in anime club was making a ton of your mom comments while we watched Howl's Moving Castle the other week. it was hilarious. XD

anyways, random questions for you guys today:
1. rank the akatsuki from most sexy to not sexy
2. how long do you think it takes for itachi and deidara to get dressed in the morning? keep in mind their long flowing hair and all the girly products they need to look beautiful and all that shampoo and special hairbrushing it requires. and painting their nails too.
3. do you think hidanXkakuzu is sexy? at first i thought ew, but it's actually really sexy now that i think about it.
4. how often do you think hidan gets laid?(wtf)
5. which akatsuki is the most sweet, innocent, molest-able looking one that you want to huggle? for me it is totally sasori! just look at his soft fluffy hair and his long lashes and beautiful eyes! and especially as a kid he's just begging to get a hug!
6. which akatsuki wouldn't you want to hug? for me it's either zetsu or kakuzu or pein.


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Saturday, April 19, 2008

   The Forbidden Kingdom

today i went to go see the forbidden kingdom(a movie starring jackie chan, jet li, and some other random guy whose name i didn't bother to catch because i didn't care, which is sad considering he was the main character). Couch had asked me out and whatnot, but my dad was flipping out, so i had homsar88 come along too. but i have to say right now, i suddenly realize now why i will NEVER go out on a date, no matter who asks me. the movie itself was so bad that it kinda made it good, but first the depressing stuff needs to come out right now.

the first thing is that my dad is a REALLY paranoid guy that's overly protective and as such he would be suspicious of any guy. he seems to be under the impression that all guys care about are making out in a theater, molesting/taking advantage of girls, and sex when they ask you out out on a date. of course this is obviously not true and a horrible over-generalization because some boys actually care about the relationship and it does NOT mean they want sex when they ask for a relationship. and not all boys are assholes that screw with girls. there are exceptions but my dad was really being a stubborn ass to me and everyone else. i deeply regret not saying "no" to Couch after what happened today.

anyways, dad got really pissed off this morning starting with the shelf breaking in the kitchen. our house REALLY sucks a lot cuz it's so damn old with everything falling apart, and it always complicates things and im sick of it. so now most of our perfectly good ramen-sized bowls are broken including my dad's favorites and dad got really pissed and started explaining to mom that she had too much weight in the front and shit so that's why it broke and blamed it on her pretty much. then he says something like "that's it, we're staying home today. no activities and we're gonna clean the house instead". i was unsure if he was joking or not because he has many moments when it's hard to know if he's serious or not, which really leads to lots of fighting and people getting pissed sometimes. i started arguing and getting mad and then he starts yelling about how Couch can't be trusted and shit(well he sure as hell implied that anyway) and then i was practically crying and trying to tell him calmly that not all boys are bad and they don't always try to mess with you and all that Couch was a good person and not a jackass and then dad started screaming about how "he knows how boys think" and i once again tried arguing that not all of them are like that and mom started yelling at him and i ran upstairs and heard my dad shouting at me that if i gave him "anymore of this shit" he wasn't going to let me go and then mom started practically shrieking at him too cuz she was trying to tell him to be reasonable and then i went to my room to cry my eyes out for a while.

when i finally got to the movies, and met up with homsar88 and Couch, i started getting a bad feeling(more than i already had) about it and started wishing that i shouldn't have agreed to come. somehow the atmosphere didn't seem very... relaxed like it normally was whenever i went to the movies with homsar88 and i was feeling a little nervous and still slightly upset, and worried that dad would be interrogating Couch when he arrived(luckily he didn't). we did have fun laughing at the cliche and horrible things in the movie, but all throughout this outing, i felt bad that it seemed we were really excluding Couch and it kinda felt like he was completely out of site and mind even though this was supposed to be a "date" i really don't want to use that word because this made me realize why i hate dates or anything to do with relationships unless it's like the kind i have with homsar88 because they don't work out for me. not that i have been in many relationships but i know this applies to me for sure.

i absolutely hate (most) guys and think of all of them as stupid and purposefully try to think of them all as jackasses and even if i didn't, i have never not once thought of boys that way and never had one of those crushes you get at some point in your life. i honestly think love is a stupid thing and i can't help but hate it. perhaps anime has too much of an influence on me, because the only boys i have ever truly loved with the bottom of my heart is those guys and i so desperately want to be with them it's sad and the only time i can deal with all that sentimental crap. another reason i don't want to ever get involved in relationships is because they are so damn complicated. and by that i mean the fact that my dad is freaking paranoid that he would never allow such a thing even if i loved a guy with all my heart and i don't want to bother dealing with the trouble he'd give me.

after the movie it really seemed like none of us was in a good mood afterwards. i just got that feeling and i didn't like it. Couch kinda seemed almost depressed cuz he hardly said anything and homsar88 didn't quite seem so energetic although she did explain a little bit about that but all the same i really felt like it was uncomfortable and i was kinda depressed and unhappy that we weren't lively so i was confused and a bit upset cuz i didn't know if i should even say anything. and at the bookstore, we all seemed to get really annoyed at each other and we started a rather heated argument about that "how to be ninja" video on youtube and i started getting really pissed at Couch and i came close to kicking or hitting Couch for being so incredibly stupid. it's a freaking parody and the whole point is to make fun of something and no they didn't specifically make it just to piss you off Couch! it's funny so get over it. the same goes for any parody. the naruto abridged series is funny precisely because the big naruto fans watch it. they don't get annoyed by it because they enjoy the series so much and that's why they can laugh at it. who the hell gets mad at a parody? seriously how many have you seen that genuinely try to cut down the series or make a character look really bad??? people just make parodies for fun. and it also made me unreasonable pissed that Couch seemed to think of himself as a real ninja because he's NOT and stop freaking acting like you're all that because there are real ninjas and you are hardly any less of a wannabe ninja than i am ok?

next time i will have to make up some sort of excuse not to go to a date with ANYONE because more of the shit that happened today is gonna happen again and im so sick of everybody screaming at each other and stressing out and at the end of it all, me crying my eyes out in my bedroom because dad has no idea how hurtful his words are to me when he says anything that hints that i have horrible friends that probably have abusive whatever and not so great. i want to scream at him whenever he says even the slightest thing about homsar88 especially, cuz one time it seemed he thinks she complains about everything just for the sake of complaining and i nearly screamed at him because he doesn't know jack shit about homsar88 and shut up when he doesn't even know her that well and stop acting like you fucking know every damn thing about my friends like you're god because you're not and you have no right to say what any of my friends are or are not like as if you think you know how human personalities and natures and all that psychological crap that goes on through a person's mind. fuck it all now im starting to want to cry again... i hardly think im in the mood to post anything cheerful anymore... maybe some other time ok? when im in a better mood, i will indeed post about the hilarious stuff that was in the movie, but right now i need to do something to take my mind off all this crap...


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


well first of all real quickly, though i already said this, but i hope to go see the movie Forbidden Kingdom or whatever it's called with homsar88 and Couch this saturday, though the details need to be worked out. but if things go as planned, we will have a threesome at the movies!! XDDDD

anyways, i really SHOULD have used this whole day to study for my social studies test and i had no homework either so it was perfect, but i ended up going on deviant art and youtube as well as reading1984, which is actually an assignment funnily enough and it's a good book. i happened to stumble across some vids on youtube and such. and watch them they're pretty good. the first one is FMA and i just love the slight hint at royXriza because it's a REALLY good pairing which im still debating whether or not it is better than royXed. it's a tough call to make don't you think? anyways, the second one is just adorable and even though it's just a slide show, there's barely any good clips of the akatsuki out there since barely any of 'em have been introduced. currently there's still hidan, kakuzu, pein, and konan to introduce and besides it wouldn't be funny if they weren't all chibis. X3

the last one was something i posted a while back but nobody saw it and damn it was good. some of the graphics is a tad blurry, but of all crossover AMVs i've seen, it pwns. and it doesn't have subtitled text on it! i can't stress enough how much it pisses me off when people have an amv but it still has the subtitles from the episode and it totally destroys what could have been a great AMV and i hate it when people have that still there. that especially goes for parodies! sure it's funny but it's really distracting to read the actual dialog and ruins the humorous parts. unless the subtitles are completely made up to increase the humor, it shouldn't be there dammit! and i also stumbled across this REALLY bad one today and i thought i had seen bad before? i was dead wrong! there was no synchronization, no removal of the subtitles, no creativity and it was just stupid. the person just had d gray man episode one playing for as long as the song lasted and even the most retarded AMV should at least have a mix of clips not the whole episode played straight through. it's even worse than the ones where you can actually still hear the actual dialog as the song plays. ok so the person didn't even bother to get rid of that? they just played music over it and hoped nobody would notice the actual dialog was still there? wow!
but this one has a variety of clips in it! and there's not like a whole long scene of just this one anime. it's a good mix and the clips are brief and fast like they ought to be and you can't instantly say "hey that scene is from this episode of that anime" but instead more like "hey i recognize edward in there but it's really subtle" and this is the one AMV that i watched that uses clips from the actual opening themes and it DOESN'T suck. normally i HATE when people do that because they don't even bother to remove the credits and subtitles of the song from it. seriously! if you're gonna use clips from the opening theme, use the bloody text-less clips and don't play the whole thing straight through! that's not a clip, that is just being stupid! it isn't an AMV if you play a whole giant chunk of the episode or the entire opening theme with the credits still on it! and why with all the linkin park! i agree with a friend of mine, there's not one anime made that hasn't been made into a linkin park AMV! i wouldn't be surprised if keroro gunso or azumanga daioh is also played to that too! kawaii+linkin park= BAD! D:<


Online Videos by Veoh.com

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

d-gray man and itachi

well as you can probably tell, i have a new anime that i have gotten into only yesterday. at anime detour, i noticed some d-gray man cosplayers in the green room(or shoshone room) while i was waiting to perform and this is kinda weird. well i saw a guy, who i now know was cosplaying as Lavi cuz of this really big hammer he was carrying, and i thought "wow, that's a really cool hammer! that must have taken a lot of time and effort to make" and strange as it may sound, that hammer prop is what inspired me to start watching d-gray man. don't even begin to wonder how that works. weird though right? anyways i suddenly wanted to watch it and i got hooked on it the instant the opening song started playing. for some reason, just seeing the opening song made me fall in love with it. and i was right. within 5 minutes i thought it was exciting. and the flashbacks and "state-the-obvious-so-that-fans-can- understand-what's-going-on" parts weren't so bad. obviously in real life, people will not say in a very obvious slow fashion stuff like "oh no! you are hurt!" or "no karoo that's a wall!" it is a tad more subtle than that and the flashbacks aren't uberly annoying and less time is spent on it. granted i have only seen 9 episodes so far, but i can tell it's not going to waste half the episodes explaining things to the viewers to make them get what's happening, like in most shonen(aka naruto) and flashbacks and glaring at each other that takes up the other half. there is a lot less standing around glaring, which is a relief. at first i started to get a crush on Kanda, but then he had such an emo sasuke moment that for a split second i loathed him with all my heart and soul. but aside from that he is pretty sexy. although im going to withhold judgment on that until Lavi is introduced. he looks very sexy indeed and i have a crush on him at the moment. i just can't wait to see what his personality is like. that will really put him to the test. while good looks is a factor, the personality is important too. and he already has the good looks. 0////0

and so many of the characters remind me of bleach characters. the cook reminds me a lot of don kanonji and komui is like... kon i think. for some reason i have a strange feeling he looks a bit like ishida uryuu. i don't know why, maybe it's cuz of the glasses and the way his bangs kinda look. allen walker is cute and i think he would make a nice boyfriend. in the future, im planning to do a d-gray man theme but i think i should wait until all the main characters are introduced. it kinda feels like i don't have the right to do that yet you know what i mean?

now then for those of you who might have visited my deviantart site recently(still pirategaara) you might have noticed that i have a LOT of itachi fanart on my favorites list. well the reason why is... i can't deny it any longer but ever since reading the chapter where [SPOILER]................
itachi dies(but seriously who didn't see that coming??) i felt so sad and i can't delude myself any longer but i have a crush on him now. initially, i really hated his guts for a reason that somehow is too embarrassing to say out loud or even write down. so im just gonna say you would probably understand if you watch naruto episode 82. and if you still don't get it, remember who my favorite character is. but after a time, suddenly sasuke really started to piss me off in such an unreasonable way and i wanted to seriously start destroying things whenever he was ever so much as mentioned in the anime. when compared to sasuke, i stopped hating itachi so much and then i started loving him. i just couldn't believe that itachi had really died like that... i couldn't even imagine itachi bleeding because he seemed so unstoppable. and i also have to say right now, kishimoto must really be grasping at straws at the moment for ideas cuz the whole thing is starting to make very little sense now. ok so somehow itachi has gotten the powers of susano'o that orochimaru was searching for his whole life, orochimaru came back to life again for a brief 5 seconds(reasonably explained actually since orochimaru didn't tecnically "die" he was taken over in a Furou Fushi no Jutsu gone horribly wrong), tobi is revealed(but not surprisingly if you read the manga chapters) as an incredibly awesome master of space/time ninjutsu "even greater than the fourth's" and kidnaps sasuke and begins explaining a ton of stuff that destroys in a few sentences all you ever thought you knew about itachi. all of a sudden we know even less about itachi than the little we already BARELY knew about him. suddenly for no logically explained reason as of yet, itachi managed to transfer all his jutsu to sasuke, namely the mangekyou sharingan and amaterasu, just by poking sasuke's forehead before dying and that he might have done so in order to protect sasuke from tobi. and somehow itachi managed to set up the transfer of jutsu so that sasuke's newly aquired mangekyou sharingan was set to activate upon sight of tobi's sharingan and set tobi up in flames with amaterasu, the eternally burning black flames. and itachi had time for all this how?? amazing! all this set up with just a poke! itachi's legendary forehead poke no jutsu has many powers indeed! such skill!

this is seriously starting to sound like how kubo's plot is going. my brother was pointing this out to me. ok so if person A was stronger than person B and person B is stronger than person C, why is person A somehow stronger than person C? wait what? that makes no sense. that's the kind of stuff im seeing in recent bleach episodes. and when my brother pointed it out, i noticed it too. and wait, when did orihime suddenly gain the power to bring back the dead? is that just an excuse so the main character gets to continue living or did hueco mundo bestow her with magical powers?? seriously if bleach were more realistic, ichigo would have been dead within... maybe the first season or something. he won't get an arm cut off by that hollow simply cuz he's the main character and despite that horrible would right through his heart, somehow it just BARELY managed to miss, even though it's so close that it should have killed him anyway, and considering the amount of blood they showed must have been like half the blood in his body or something.

wow, i really ranted for a lot longer than i planned. sorry for those of you who actually put up with my ranting to read this whole thing. but one last thing is i have tons of linkin park on my playlist and i now have more than 200 songs again. im wearing my ninja headband right now too. i meant to get an itachi headband but i guess i ended up with a normal one somehow. weird... but obviously it's too late to return it now. and it sucks cuz homsar88 actually had one she was gonna give me, but it doesn't really matter at this point. im gonna be watching deathnote soon. it's currently 11:10 right now. and im kinda annoyed now that i bring it up that saturday used to be "anime block" night but now a ton of crap has replaced most of it. they completely changed the schedule and replaced the samurai champloo and FMA episodes with a bunch of crap that is already aired WAY too much on the weekdays as is. stop freaking changing the schedule dammit! >:(


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

   anime detour

well i must say that anime detour wasn't what i had expected. i tried to imagine it, but it was so hard to believe that i was actually there. it makes me happy that i could go. and i loved the one dude who cosplayed as (kung-fu action) jesus and led that conga line around the hotel. XD

i really enjoyed it but i sure wish i had brought a LOT more film canisters cuz there were so many things i didn't get to take a picture of that i was disappointed about. i stalked this dude all around the hotel cuz he apparently didn't hear me say i wanted his picture, but i was too damn stubborn and eventually got his picture. and i got glomped by a lot of people, which was surprising. i didn't think anyone would want to take my picture, but i was actually only one of two demyx cosplayers so that makes my cosplay the best cuz there was nothing else to compare to! i saw this very hot guy cosplaying as kakashi and he had the cool contact lenses and everything. i glomped him twice! X3

i got quite a few stares on the day of the performance cuz i wore my sailor fuku outfit on top of my organization cloak and everyone laughed their asses off when i went on stage. in America!!

there was a lot of stuff in the dealer's room and it was unfortunate that i couldn't get some stuff. i was going to get an itachi plushie on the last day but i didn't know the dealer's room closed early and got there just as they closed and i didn't get the chicken cosplay hat either. D: i did get an L plushie(with removable pants) and zetsu plushie, two wallscrolls of FMA and vincent valentine, a ninja headband, and 4 posters of vincent valentine, naruto, blood +, and FMA. unfortunately somehow i lost those posters somewhere. dammit! and they came at such a good price too! i got 'em for $2 each and that's cheap compared with all the other expensive stuff there. i hope to god that they got dropped in theshinobihobbit's house by accident, but im not being too optimistic about that right now... and my purse too! and it has all my freaking giftcards in it cuz i thought i was going to the bookstore so i had them in there! i know my purse is not at the hotel but it still caused me to freak out when i realized my purse wasn't at my house. if the posters got dropped by accident in the hotel, then i have no hope of ever seeing them again because those are much more likely to be stolen by people.

i also lost my black jacket with the money still inside on saturday night and i was so frantic about it cuz it also had my favorite wallet that my grandma gave to me when i was little so that was special as well and not just the money inside it. i didn't say this, but i was pretty pissed off at my friends for that at the time. i mean, i gave it to homsar88 to watch over it when i had to go into that room to rehearse and i could have thought i could count on my friends to keep it from being stolen and all that. and it's not like homsar88 had lots of stuff to carry around with her so she was less likely to lose sight of it, but after the performance when i asked her for my jacket, she said she didn't know where it was. somehow it got misplaced! i searched all over the place for that jacket and i couldn't find it anywhere. how in the fuck does that seriously happen? and not even having the faintest idea where it got lost is even more annoying. apparently retracing steps doesn't work all the time. im grateful that i got it back on sunday, but this has taught me not to trust friends quite as much because something like this is sure to happen again. but next time im not going to bring a jacket to begin with so i can't lose it in the first place. i don't care what the reason was, i will absolutely not leave my stuff in the hands of friends cuz this exact same thing happened to my brother, and his friend said he would watch it and it got stolen a few minutes later. dad was right, i shouldn't judge something by what i would do because ppl have themselves to worry about and if it comes to it, they care about their own stuff first. and even worse is that when i got my jacket back, i realized i had also managed to lose my posters somehow too! bloody hell i had such perfect posters and the greatest FMA poster and i lost it. and even if i find those exact same posters for the same price next year, i will still have a slightly irritated feeling that i could be so stupid as to lose something like that. no matter how you look at it, i will have lost $8. as aforementioned, im not very optimistic about finding 'em.

i also turned fangirl on Couch after this. after getting glomped by a ton of total strangers for 3 days in a row, i realize it isn't so bad getting hugged by Couch. i now amuse myself by poking his strangely squishy stomach and glomp tackling him. i did that this morning and then josh said to me "stop raping him on the table!" aww... and some amusing quotes that came up from Couch included "don't touch my sword!" and "that's MY bell!" XD

and another thing... im really really sorry shinobihobbit! you worked so hard on that sitar and i broke it. it was an accident but that seems like such a stupid excuse somehow... it fell down and cracked in half at the base when we were practicing our dance and Jilly fixed it up nicely with a hot glue gun but i dropped it AGAIN on the way down the stairs. god im such an idiot... TT__TT


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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

shippuden rant

well i was rather bored yesterday and had the sudden urge to watch a ton of shippuden episodes again. which i must say can be a tad annoying to find sometimes depending on which ones you look for. anyways, while watching them yesterday i recalled something i stumbled across awhile back. it was on narutofan forums and there were people discussing whether the shippuden was better than the first half of naruto or not. to my surprise, it seemed like a lot of people disliked it a lot because "the plot moved along really slowly and the music isn't nearly as good" and stuff like that. omg, are they out of their minds?? i really like the shippuden and i must say it is definitely better. here's why:
first of all, i don't think that the shippuden's plot moves along any slower than the first part of naruto. if anything i get the impression that it moves along much faster. think about how long it took for naruto and sasuke's fight in the valley of the end or whatever it's called. even though it wasn't more than 10 episodes long or anything, it gave the impression of going on FOREVER simply because of the annoying flashbacks and the fact that it took naruto 3 or 4 times to realize that "sasuke's really trying to kill me" and that annoyed the hell out me. OMFG, YES NARUTO! for the love of fucking god sasuke wants to kill you! now get over it and fight him already! think about how long it takes for an arc to get done in the first part of naruto. true, most of the arcs aren't actually that long(excluding chunin arc perhaps) but they seem to drag on for an eternity because of it's presentation and waaaay too many flashbacks. hey guys! let's have a flashback of what just happened less than a minute ago! and repeat the process so it takes up half the episode! and the other half is going to be conversation with the enemy! they have to kill or be killed, but we have time to talk about meaningless drivel/glaring at each other dramatically! im not trying to say the shippuden doesn't have that, but it's a tad less noticeable. especially concerning the first arc which is obviously the "rescue gaara" arc.

now for the music part. the first half of naruto has many songs to be sure, but hardly any of them are GOOD songs. even if i was to include the opening/ending theme songs of the first part of the series, i can only select a couple that were actually good. but im not talking about opening/ending themes at the moment. for right now, i want to focus on the actual music that plays during the episode itself. at first it is well presented but i start to notice that at some point, they don't put the music in appropriate spots at all and it lessens the effect. for example the "rising spirit" music was well put in kakashi's first fight with zabuza, but then they started putting it in the most boring of scenes that was about the least dramatic scene and i was so disappointed that they had to go and ruin a perfectly good song by putting it with a horrible scene. i gotta agree with my brother, the only truly good background music was when temari comes to shikamaru's rescue in the "sasuke retrieval" arc and that music was amazing. i will post the video of that sometime for you guys to listen to.

now the shippuden pros and cons. i agree that after the rescue gaara arc, the plot really does start to go slowly, but i can explain why i don't think it is as annoying as the slow plot in the first half of naruto. but the first arc is anything but slow and they don't actually spend all that much time glaring at each other and i feel as if their conversation while glaring at each other wasn't as tedious for some reason. i gotta say, the first arc was packed with so much action that i can't understand why people would think it goes slowly. kakashi's bell test with naruto and sakura was amazing, specially since the manga skips their fight almost entirely. another thing i enjoy is the graphics of the shippuden. there's a lot more detail and kakashi's eyes were really nice. you would have to watch that particular scene to really understand but i think that everything about kakashi is even more awesome. they don't have his hair messed up and the colors with everything is nothing short of amazing. and things are a little more realistic. which i think brings me to another point i have to make.

now the main thing i have to say is that naruto is no longer a little brat having dinky little adventures that don't have any significance no matter how you try to look at it. the shippuden is much more serious and with good reason. the main idea presented in the shippuden, to me anyways, is that naruto has to deal with the kyuubi inside him. it focuses on how he must learn to fight with his own strength and not the fox's because if he continues the way he is, the fox will break free from the seal that binds him to naruto. the akatsuki are all after him and they start making their move. the serious atmosphere is why the music has to change. think about the theme songs in the first part. it is far less serious and the akatsuki haven't been properly introduced. they are still a "shadowy organization" in the first part. i think the shippuden music is not only fitting but it is by no means bad music. the "akatsuki theme" music is especially good and i feel like the fighting music is waaay better than "rising spirit" simply because the fights are a lot more epic in shippuden and in many fights there is almost no conversation with the enemy, it's packed with so much action and there is no time to pause or else you will die. i want to use sakura and chiyo's fight with sasori as an example. i watched these episodes last night as mentioned before and even though i had already seen them i still thought to myself that it had to be the most epic battle i have ever seen. only the shippuden could do something like that. in the first part of the series, the puppeteer fights were boring as hell and i twitched at the mere thought of having to watch it(kankuro vs. shino) it was really boring you know? but in sasori's fight they moved so fast and the weapons dripping with poison and the amazing trap systems that sasori used was so cool and complex that i could hardly wait to see what other tricks his puppets could do. and the music kicked ass. i will also have to upload that video for you guys to watch sometime. no part of that went slowly i can tell you that much. on a random note, i noticed that sasori's puppet crotch was conveniently covered with his cloak or something. you have to wonder if sasori's wooden penis is triggered with traps as well. i mean, sasori turned himself into a human puppet and he has traps and stuff over his whole body, so i wonder if he included any traps down there. X3 wow, i can't believe the thought crossed my mind. im special, but aren't you guys curious too? no? XD

and another thing about the shippuden is while it is true after the rescue gaara arc, the plot moves along slowly, the fillers are interesting and funny so i think it makes it better. it would be annoying as hell if the fillers were stupid crap-tastic ones, but that's another thing. i haven't yet run into a shippuden filler that bored me or made me want to destroy something from irritation, rather i couldn't stop laughing about them. and there really aren't that many fillers anyway. but naruto has a hilarious pair of boxers. XD

another thing relating to what i said earlier about the more serious atmosphere of shippuden. i think it has a greater sense of realism you know? one example of this realistic setting is the hospitals. in the first half the hospitals aren't particularly interesting or anything. but i think they seem more like actual hospitals in the shippuden rather than magical. my example for this is kakashi. as you may or may not know, when kakashi fought with deidara in the rescue gaara arc, he used his raikiri once and his new mangekyou sharingan 3 times. you could really tell it was causing him a lot of pain to use it and his breathing became a little heavy and sweat dripped down his skin. and after they got home and he was taken to the hospital and btw, i just gotta say, kakashi sounds so sexy when he's in pain. when he tries to sit up and falls back in pain, the sheet NEARLY slips off his face entirely and he didn't have his mask on. kyaah, it was so hot the way the sheet just barely managed to stay on like that. why do they always have to mock us like that? i really wanna see! but at the same time, i think it would ruin the essence of kakashi if they showed his face you know what i mean? then he wouldn't have quite the same air of mysteriousness about him as before. at least that's what i think. is it just me or do the hot anime guys seem even hotter when they make those noises of pain? am i the only one who thinks that? and i think the IV drips are pretty realistic which makes the hospital seem a tad bit more real and kakashi isn't simply going to heal in an instant.

and now the last thing i wanted to say... OMG, sasori is so adorable!!! X3 and he looks really girly now that i think about it. have you guys seen sasori as a kid? he's cute! he's the only akatsuki who you see as a kid and he is so huggable! sasori's voice as a kid is so sweet and innocent! i luvs him even more! i feel sorry for him though cuz he always seems so lonely! and i think the puppet workshop that chiyo showed him is a bit scary. i saw that place and thought that's no place to bring a little kid! seriously those freaky puppets on the racks were creepy! and it is also revealed that kakashi's father "konoha's white fang" is the one who killed sasori's parents. and another thing i gotta get out of my system is that sasori and gaara look nothing like each other. people are always saying that but they are completely different. sasori has really long lashes and has eyebrows. his hair is longer and kinda fluffy looking and he has eyelids. gaara's hair is shorter and more spiky and has dark shadows arounds his eyes and his eyes are pale turquoise and sasori's eyes are such a beautiful shade of brown. another thing is sasori's face is longer and more slender and smooth and gaara's seems a bit rounder.

i suddenly remembered a few questions i was gonna ask yesterday. not all of 'em, but answer seriously here ok?
1. which akatsuki would be the most awkward one to have sex with: deidara, sasori, zetsu, or kakuzu? if you want to know why deidara is on the list, for those who don't know, deidara not only has a mouth on each hand, but one big one on his chest. i don't know about you but that would be awkward for me. sasori is a wooden puppet(risk of splinters!), zetsu is a cannibal and has multiple personalities and how the hell do have sex with a giant plant. and kakuzu is kinda made of lots of tentacles that come out of his body. 0__o
2. which akatsuki would look most adorable as a kid? true, you only see pein and sasori as little children, but use your imagination. and wouldn't it be cute to see zetsu as a kid? think about it...
3. what do you think the akatsuki do in their free time? seriously, i have been wondering this for a long time. i mean even they have to sleep and eat too right? i wonder if they do chores or are they too lazy? maybe badass villains think chores are beneath them unless it involves jinchuuriki or something?? i wonder who does the cooking and stuff? and what kind of rooms do they have? are they like seriously living under a rock or do they live fairly comfortably? ha ha, i suddenly had the urge to see the akatsuki living like hobos or something.
4. this isn't really a question, but you know how sasuke is in shadows for a long time in shippuden so they can make his appearance all dramatic and stuff and it's kinda of annoying how they make a big deal about keeping his looks secret forever cuz he's not really that good looking and is hardly worth it. well i had a hilarious idea for that where sasuke's in shadows and in his dramatic appearance, sasuke has randomly become a black man or something. wouldn't that be hilarious? it would be like
sasuke: hey guys, it's been a while!!
naruto: WTF?! sasuke why the hell are you black? when the fuck did that happen??
sasuke: i went through plastic surgery! screw my asian-ness! from now on im gonna be a gangster/basketball player! im a pimp!
naruto: fuck no! we are not airing the shippuden with you being black! what will the sasuke fangirls think?! just for that, PAOPU FRUIT NO JUTSU!!!
sasuke: gaaah! my eyes! it burns!! DX
sakura: -___-'' well this just about ruined the entire rest of the series... im gonna get drunk or something to forget this ever happened....


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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

dirge of cerberus

well as you can see, the theme is still vincent, but i changed it to dirge of cerberus theme now. i really like the other wallpaper too. and i LOVE the songs by gackt. pretty sweet songs right? anyways, yesterday i had the sudden obsessive fangirl urge to see dirge of cerberus cutscenes and watch every single minute of it. i spent the whole day watching it and loving every minute of it. XD and now i want to watch all of the crisis core cutscenes, but they're all in japanese with no subs right now. i also want to watch the scenes where cloud meets vincent locked up in the coffin. does anybody know which game that's in or where to find 'em? if you do, tell me NOW. need... more vincent! sexy... man meat! XD

and i just finished watching the end of the greatest anime ever made. and that anime is.... Samurai Champloo. seriously, i can find no faults whatsoever in the anime. if you can name one thing i will be shocked. all the voices are awesome and none of the dub voices annoy the hell out of me like naruto and sakura's voices do. they don't edit out violence and there's blood aplenty, but it's not overdone; if someone gets their finger cut, you won't see buckets of blood spurting out of them and the blood drips so realistically down their skin. and they don't replace swear words with stuff like "what the devil" "oh crap" or "dang" and they don't replace alcoholic words or references with shit like "potion" or "elixir". the personalities of the characters are realistic and it's not like in naruto where the main character enlightens the bad guy and suddenly he becomes a good guy, it's more realistic than that and the emotions are not cheesy or stupid. if there is a sentimental moment in samurai champloo, i don't think "omfg, this part is really stupid and annoying" and get really irritated like i usually do with pretty much every other anime(aka naruto). when there is a sentimental moment in samurai champloo, i feel like im really there and experiencing it and come close to tears. unlike other animes i watch, it's the kind of scene where they don't need to put in music to make you feel that sadness and pain that the characters are feeling. in naruto for example, a lot of it utilizes music in the right place to make you cry, but i can't seem to recall when the music was playing during those sad moments in samurai champloo, i could tell by a character's facial expression and the sad music wasn't necessary to put in. the anime makes me feel like this really did happen in feudal japan because it's realistic and facial expressions are pretty damn good and the "weird and not possible expression to make in real life" usually doesn't show up very often. most of the time i think "yeah, somebody could actually do that with their face" i really get into it and feel like im there to experience it.

the animation is obviously really good and the sheen of swords and noises make me feel like i could just feel that metal against my skin. with the exception of those comical moments, people's movements are realistic, i can't really recall anyone jumping 12 meters up in the air and if they do jump really high it's because it would make sense and it isn't ridiculously out of proportion cuz i watch and think "yeah somebody might really be able to jump that high".

another thing is the fact that you can never tell how something will turn out. it's not like in most shonen manga where you know the main character will somehow overcome the bad guy and magically have everything go his way one way or the other, simply because he is the main character and no other reason. like how ichigo(bleach) doesn't ever die and he isn't going to get that arm cut off just because he's the main character and in the recent episodes he won't die because orihime has magically improved powers and suddenly she is somehow able to bring back the dead so they will have an excuse to let ichigo live. no, in samurai champloo, there are moments when i feel on edge and stare wide-eyed to see if they will triumph or not. the suspense has felt so suffocating at times i can barely breathe because it's that suspenseful. especially in the last couple episodes, i was so into it and could feel the suspense and wondered how will it turn out?? will jin really die? that's the kind of suspense i felt, and there are part when a character that fuu meets dies almost right after meeting her. they aren't afraid to kill off characters like that and people aren't going to live simply because they meet the main characters, like in naruto when they almost never seem to die after meeting naruto. you know what i mean?

and i think that a nice thing is the fact that it isn't one of those "OMFG, is this series ever gonna end??" types it's more like a "damn i want this series to go on forever". and the fillers are AWESOME. unlike most other fillers you run into, they are actually good and not a waste of your time. the fillers are presented in such an interesting way that i don't even think of them as being fillers because they are so interesting. fillers rarely show up, but they are so interesting that i actually wish there could be more fillers, which is not something you think with your average anime, you usually think "if i see one more filler, im gonna lose my sanity". and also, there is a judicious mix of both humor and action/fight sequences. there are so many awesome fight scenes in samurai champloo and sometimes they can integrate it with something funny. i loved mugen's reaction when some random group of guys mistake him for somebody else and his expression as he said "hunh?" was great. and no anime is complete without the boobs! XD but it's realistic. it's not the kind of boobilicious humor you find in bleach and nobody has boobs that are *zoolander voice* ridiculously big looking. and when i mean ridiculously big, i mean like rangiku's boobs. that's a tad unrealistic you know?

i think i can finally understand how my brother felt when the series was over. i watched the last episode yesterday night and i felt such a sense of disappointment when i realized that there would be no more episodes. i have never felt like that before. i still can't believe it... such a great series and it's over... it's probably the only anime i will ever watch that makes me feel this way. it's the only one that i actually want to go on forever. with others you are more likely to get really irritated and think "come on already! when is it gonna ever end!??" it gets annoying after a time you know?

well, i was gonna post an FF vid in honor of having watched the dirge of cerberus, but i didn't expect to make such a long post. and i can't remember those questions i was gonna ask either. but they were really good ones... well maybe next time then.


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Saturday, March 29, 2008


im the happiest girl alive! :D i had the best birthday party EVER. the first one to show up was kat, then homsar88, theshinobihobbit, animelover12344, and Muffin king, who was the only boy there. it was hilarious cuz we attacked him when he walked through the door and we were shrieking and pulled him in and he had this WTF?! look that was hilarious. and we hadn't even started on the Mountain Dew yet! XD i got enough pocky for everyone to have one and ramune's soda, which im glad to say everyone liked.

it was really hilarious cuz us girls glomped Muffin king and theshinobihobbit got a picture of it on her cell. XD we also watched tons of random vids on youtube and newgrounds which included: the avatar abridged, the first episode of naruto abridged, demyx is fergalicious, demyx and his sitar, ashby, the pokemon parody, advent children parody, avatar boredom dub, the real akatsuki, madtv halo 3, the my spoon is too big rejected films, and the power rangers parody. but the greatest was showed to us by animelover12344. thanks a million animelover12344 cuz it was hilarious. it was called the "how to be___" series. we especially loved the gangster and nerd ones. some good quotes were:
"there are only 2 things i care about... beer.. and boobs"
"get me some tampons! tampons! tampons!..."
"how about i just throw water at you?!"
"dude, this guy's totally gonna sue us!"
"are you trying to say our dog tried to burn you eye out with a match because i have half a mind to take a match and burn your other eye out!"
"pikachu, go beat up up that caterpie so i can catch it!"
"stop angsting!!"
"silver haired men blast off at the speed of light! oh hell yeah, that's damn right." XDD
"dude, that's awesome! don't you mean... excellent?! *electric guitar noise*"
"triple handshake! wait where's the third? *looks down at crotch* that's disgusting! *grinds*"

we also played naruto ninja clash 2 or something like that. Mufin king was pissing me off cuz he kept "forgetting" to mention some control and beat me with a cheap shot. sakura's annoying, kakashi's special jutsu is hard cuz it takes a few seconds, naruto's special attack was getting REALLY annoying, and kakashi's voice sounded weird to me... and it was so hard to fight kakashi in the story mode. the only comfort is that in reality, kakashi could kick all the peoples' asses that you can play as in the game. i kicked some ass playing as kakashi though. XD

anyways, i got some really awesome presents. kat was being hyper to open presents. we were really hyper and shrieking the whole time, but we were quiet for a whole minute, which was nice cuz i was starting to get a headache. but anyway, i got a B&N gift card of $15 from Muffin king, a king sized bar of hershey's, a magnet, and another B&N gift card of $20 from kat, $20 from animelover12344, a gift card of $25 for Borders and Lucky Cat from homsar88, and the greatest gift was from theshinobihobbit! im so glad i opened it last cuz it was awesome! she got me a vincent valentine plushie! OMGOMGOMG it's vincent! thank you times a million! i have wanted one since seeing the FF movie for the first time. i gave her a hug i was so happy. ^__^

i got enough pocky for everyone to have one and i was like "well, i could just give you this pocky in an orderly fashion, but screw orderly!" and tossed them up into the air. it resulted in a mad scramble for the pocky and chaos(which the whole party was). it was hilarious. XD

we had cookie dough icecream cake and i actually managed to blow out the 2 candles! ha ha im so wimpy so i was surprised they actually went out. we watched the FF movie and cloud is definitely on something. XD my favorite quote was when vincent appears and says "where can i buy a phone?" or when Loz says "im NOT crying!" but i was really annoyed how everyone was like "omg, you don't know what a moogle is? that's sad!" well sorry for being stupid! i have said countless times i have only seen the movie and random clips of demyx and zexion! how the hell do you expect me to know that when i haven't even touched one of the games before? im not an FF expert here! i only care about vincent valentine anyway; i could care less about the other stuff. ok, maybe sephiroth too. he could totally kick ganon's butt btw. you agree? XD

and i suddenly realized something about my obsessive fangirl crushes on characters. now as im sure i've said a few times, i tend to fall in love with the mysterious types that you can't always tell what they're thinking and usually have a tragic past that makes me cry. i did that after reading the kakashi gaiden too. but i also fall in love with the emo ones too like ulquiorra, zexion, vincent, jirou(from black blood brothers)... you might wonder why im not a fangirl of sasuke if the emo ones are my type as well. *gag* i realize it's not just his constant bitching and "avenge" crap he's always going on about but being too damn weak to actually act on his "threats" and vows to kill itachi. seriously in the shippuden, they only made him uberly strong just to make up for his horrible weak shit in the first half where he only has that "im superior to naruto in every way" characteristic for like the first arc(zabuza arc) and then he's almost instantly revealed as being nothing but talk and a no talent whatsoever weakling. i think the reason i really hate him is the fact that i honestly don't think he has the right to be emo at all. true, he had a "tragic past" and all, but all the other emo characters i fall in love with actually have a right to be, like vincent. but you don't see vincent acting like a total jerk faced idiot and screaming at people about his revenge or anything. his emo-ness makes him lonely and yet he protects his friends, even if he doesn't smile, he looks out for the people who are important to him and is reasonable and calm. they still have some sanity, but sasuke totally loses it, as shown in the whole "jumping into the lake for no reason" scene. i would laugh if vincent did that, but he would actually have a logical reason for jumping into a lake, whereas sasuke basically jumps in cuz he's having hallucinations. it makes me wonder if sasuke was ALREADY on drugs at the time.... which is why he needs to get a paopu fruit in the face. XD


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a bet of sorts

well first thing i gotta say is that i have made a bet with a lot of people from anime club. i didn't think they'd take me up on it, but i have more willpower than they think i do. but first, i now have proof that im the most ignorant person alive cuz Jilly showed up in anime club and she was there for like 20 minutes before i noticed. wow. im special.

but anyways, i was sorta joking around and i was arguing with Muffin king about how i COULD be quiet if i really wanted to and he was all yeah right. now if you know me, you would probably agree with hims seeing as how i shriek a lot. and then several others joined in and they thought i wouldn't be able to stay quiet for a whole day. so here's the bet i made: tomorrow i will be quiet, not scream, curse/insult at them, be loud, get angry, and whisper or i will lose the bet. the stakes are $12 and if i win i also get biscuits that Jilly will make for me and she will also acknowledge my ninja skills by a LOT more. i have it won though. none of them realize i have more willpower than it appears. i don't need to scream if i don't feel like it. i usually do that cuz i get a little more attention and it's really lonely when i have no friends to talk to. so to all you who go to my school, that's why im gonna be quiet cuz if they can hear me being loud then that obviously still counts as losing. but of course, homsar88 is the only one who reads my posts that goes to my school anyway.

here's a vid i found and i thought it was kinda cute. you might have seen it but i haven't seeing as how i only just recently got into final fantasy ever since watching the movie theshinobihobbit showed me and that wasn't that long ago. but im so happy she did show me! what would i do without vincent-sama!! kyaah, he's so cool! *fangirl mode*


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