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Saturday, January 19, 2008

   yay! .... yet not really

i have some good news. my mom got my laptop working again so images show up and i can finally get to viewing some fanart. i also saw the new shippuden episode and i thought it was hilarious how they made sakura seem like a shrimp in comparison to sakura. i swear, when she runs past him kabuto's like 2 times taller. XD

...and i also need to find pictures to make my polyhedron pretty. unfortunately that's part of my not so great news. i can't believe this bad luck here. i think that weekends should be for relaxing(and of course watching the anime block on saturday). but no! other than anime today, i will be working so hard im getting extremely stressed and frustrated thinking about all the shit i have to do. firstly i have to construct a rhombicuboctahedron for math class and make it creative and pretty and even though the idea of an anime polyhedron sounds cool, it's gonna be a shitload of work to find all the fucking pictures and make it fit just right. for stuff like this, im OCD for constructing it exactly right and if i fail to cover even a tiny sliver of the tagboard(that im making the polyhedron out of) i would probably cry or something. and not only that, but i have to study for spanish too! we have an oral to do ON TOP of a 150 pt test final that takes 3 days to complete! no that's not enough so we have to do the oral and memorize how to ask and answer 26 questions. we only ask and answer 5 on the oral but because the questions are drawn at random on the day of the oral, i have to learn ALL of 'em! and i have to study and study to learn how to conjugate every single kind of verb and know which ones are boot changers or u to ue stem-changers. and i have a huge math review packet to do and im gonna have to study every single minute of the weekend(minus anime block) to try and learn this shit which i might not have the notes for!
so for the weekend, im trying not to spend time on the otaku so i can study and shit. im watching the naruto manga chapter today, but that's about the only time i should let myself go online at all.


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Saturday, January 12, 2008


yesterday when i was in gym class, we were all running laps on the track of course. but then this kid jumps on this other kid while they were running and clings to him for a few seconds. XD
at the end of school i was looking down at the sidewalk and then i hear some guy say "this is getting a little too gay for me" and i instantly look up and there are 2 guys advancing on him and then the boy turns and runs. XD

in other news, this laptop is being kinda stupid cuz it won't show pictures anymore so i can't even view the art on the otaku or look at pictures of byakuya's sexiness.(believe it or not that is actually a sort of assignment for me cuz Jilly said she'd help me cosplay as byakuya for the con since "L is too boring" according to her).

i found some naruto stuff too. it's the randomness! the first one is actually number 6 but im just putting 'em in the order i found 'em.


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Monday, January 7, 2008


im barely able to contain my laughter right now and can hardly type. the greatest thing happened just now. ok so me and my brother were having some food after we got back home and after finishing his sandwich, my brother says to himself, "hmm... it's just a little before 5:00... i think i will have the one thing that lili would NEVER have in a million years!... a banana!!!" at this point i nearly spewed out the food in my mouth. and he was taking big bites of it in front of me. he starts going up the stairs while still eating it, but then he says "eeww!" and walks back to the kitchen saying "my banana pooped itself!" and it was all rotten and brown in this one place and he was like waving it in my face and was like "what's the matter? u gotta problem with this banana??" and then he goes and gets a huge cutting knife and says to himself "now, to perform a careful autopsy..." and starts cutting away the rotten parts and then while doing so he says "hmm, this banana is rotten in such strange ways..." i nearly died from trying to keep in my laughter.


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Sunday, January 6, 2008


well yesterday i had my first taste of authentic mochi! it's a japanese food. basically it's a rectangular prism of mashed up rice. u cook it on a hotplate or something and when it's done u can use bean paste for it or mash it up with a bowl of natto(fermented soybeans) and nori(dried seaweed) i had mine wrapped in nori and it was pretty good, though the nori will take some getting used to. and i have developed a liking to bean curd now( i used to think it was gross). i also have the urge to try out some naruto(fish sausage XD)

i have been having quite a few creepy dreams one after the other recently, but i won't post it here since it tends to be long. in my next post i might mention one.

naruto has a new opening theme playing now but im so disappointed that there is still no ending theme song. and i mean a REAL ending, not the crap-tastic music made up by someone in america. seriously, if they do some shit like that when the naruto shippuden gets dubbed, i will feel the urge to murder them. for god's sake, if the japanese can find enough airtime to have both the opening and ending themes within 30 minutes, then so can we. the only consolation in watching the crappy ending was that i got to see a screenshot of an extremely sexy kakashi. *uber nosebleed*

i have a feeling they will screw up the shippuden in more ways than one... and i just have to continue ranting by saying OMFG, WTH?? i mean, for god's sake, rock lee's attack is called the "drunken fist" not the "loopy fist"! that pissed me off more than anything else. and they don't even call it sake or alcohol but "elixir" i honestly don't know how in the hell im still watching the dub anymore and from what i've seen they fully intend to show ALL filler arcs. and i still wish that one piece would just PLEASE stop translating songs into english cuz for one thing it's stupid and another is that the translations of the songs aren't even accurate. if it's not them who's translating terribly, then SOMEONE has to be.

blood + was great though. i got to see hagi wearing an adorable ring of flowers on his head. :3
and after watching so many subbed bleach episodes, when i watched bleach yesterday, ichigo's voice sounds weird, and for some reason renji's voice sounds sexier than i remember. XD


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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   "let's release the balls!!"

hmm... what did i wanna say? well there are several things but some of this actually happened awhile ago but i never posted. but anyways, there are these boys who sit rather close to my seat on the bus so i can always hear their conversations. once they were debating with each other how to pronounce the name "gaara" and i was rather surprised that they knew the "r" and "l" sounds are shared so "zoro" can also be pronounced "zolo" and so on. and i was also surprised that david wang likes anime too which i actually found out a LONG time ago.

this next thing is just the funniest thing they talked about so far though. ok so david was saying that the number one way to piss off ppl is to walk into a place and order food from another restaurant like a competing company. so david was telling everyone how he once walked into a Mcdonalds or something and "ordered" food from teh Arby's menu and was like "yeah i'll have the Arby's melt etc" and the person was like "we don't sell that here" and david was like "oh you don't? then i guess im leaving to go eat at Arby's and order food there" and the person was like "i guess you are" in a cold manner and uber pissed off way. XD
they were all discussing the best way to piss those ppl off:
1. go to Mcdonalds and order Burger King food
2. go to Burger King and order a variety of things from MORE than one different restaurant
3. go to Starbuck's and ask for directions to Caribou Coffee

in other news, me and homsar88 had a fun time having an apple juice gasm the other day. it went everywhere cuz she poured too much in my mouth and it squirted over the both of us so we had to get our hands washed. XDDDDDDDDD


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Monday, December 31, 2007

   the whale, the dog, and the clown 0___0

i had another dream today. u may or may not think some of this is funny, but quite personally it scares me and just gave me a slight phobia of clowns. 0____0

i think it starts out with a Legend of Zelda type thing where Link was going around beating up monsters and solving complex puzzles. then it switches from Link as main character to "me". except for the first time in the history of my dreams i don't look like my real self i don't think. and i think i had a traveling partner who was rather cool and maybe a tad sexy with a cool feather in his hat that made him a little bit more sexy.

we got to the next challenge and we had a large amount of... ok let's just call them crystal chunks ok? so we had a new item "crystal chunks" and they were elementary crystals. what u do is activate 'em and throw it so the element comes out. apparently i was practicing using 'em by chucking them at my own friends except unlike Zelda games, they could actually get hurt by them. i had terrible control and nearly killed one of my friends. we had to go into the "dungeon" and kill the monsters even though i wasn't readily able to control 'em but a monster burst into the room so then we went absolutely crazy with the elementary crystals. the trick was u had to use the right type of crystal for a certain monster. for example, an ice monster would best be defeated by a fire element crystal. some of the monsters looked really fucked up if i remember correctly. well at some point my sexy partner is riding rapids and somehow my mind is now in his body so for a bit i look like my sexy partner. and when i say "riding rapids" i don't mean we had a boat. i think my sexy partner fell in teh river rapids along with some other giant monsters. so me and all teh monsters topple off this ridiculously big waterfall and i start blasting fire elment crystals at the monsters of which the most memorable one was a giant mutant poodle. surprisingly, they were killed fairly easily. and my parter(now himself) said "wow that was easier than i thought".

at this point the story and scene change. i think we are at some big house and we just arrived. we have neighbors that apparently live in the same house as us so we share a giant garage. we each have dogs. one was a bulldog(?) and a... labrador(it might have been but i remember it was a really cool looking black coated dog that actually looked sexy or something and he belonged to my family) apparently my family consisted of my brother, me(finally looking like real self), and a handful of other guys who were apparently my brother's friends yet somehow family. the dogs would always fight and it was plain madness in teh house.

and at some point i think our "neighbors" left or something cuz suddenly we were all alone except for the dogs. my brother's friends were lazy and stuff. apparently we lived on a cliff that overlooked the sea so our house was kinda like a mansion/summer home(?) and there was a park on our property with a basketball court. at some point strange things started happening and it's all a sorta blur in my mind or maybe i just can't remember, but for some reason my brother's friends were saying "maybe we should leave" but for whatever reason my brother stubbornly refused. but i can say this: the strange events were caused by ghosts. somehow i just knew this even though it was technically never said out loud. and then we found out why my brother didn't want to leave. down at water level we saw my brother talking to a whale. it was actually very cool. it was like they were communicating through telepathy. he stroked the whale tenderly and was brushing the whale's tongue with some weird blue toothpaste. this isn't meant to be funny though. in my dream their relationship was very important to the both of them. i guess you could say they loved each other that dearly so no matter how dangerous staying at the house was, we weren't leaving. my brother said he couldn't just leave the whale behind.

then things starting getting out of hand when things started blowing up like the front window an part of the frontal stairs(we probably had lots of stairs in this house) and the dogs were helpful and fighting the creatures(?) viciously. and then there was an image of a metro bus or something but not a school bus. and there was also music playing throughout parts of my dream which is why the bus always scares me when it makes its appearance. when the bus first appeared in my dream i felt a slight chill going down my spine. and it shows an image of inside the bus and all u can see is the briefcase and legs of what is clearly a clown and if u were to listen to the music playing at this part u would feel scared of the clown too.

at some point we had our whole lawn destroyed. we went outside and i have to say, the house's location and everything surrounding it is all very confusing cuz at the back of the house it's like a beach by teh sea with cliffs and all and sorta to the side is a park and then the front looks really normal like u wouldn't expect for a house by the sea. it was like a normal cul-de-sac with a few other little houses. but it was plain deserted. nobody at all. just empty. and that was another creepy part. it's like in the movie 1408 how the guy was completely alone with nobody else to help him or hear his cries for help. that's the kinda empty feeling i get so at this point im really getting scared. but the next part briefly alleviates the tension and made me smile was when when my brother said "ok! since those CIA agents won't come here, we're gonna pretend we're CIA agents and investigate!!" and this brief yet amusing music played for a couple seconds. and there some closeups and stuff and u could see fingerprints(cliche i know) but my brother and his friends' "investigating" was destroying all the evidence and then a narrator's voice says "and i thought to myself, they probably shouldn't be destroying the evidence like that. oh well..." XD

later we got a housemaid to "watch over us and protect us from the ghosts" and my brother's friends were like "phew we can finally relax!" and brother pulls us aside and hisses "no we can't! don't u ppl get it??! that's the same clown from earlier! just without the makeup!" and we suddenly knew it to be true. i don't know how it happened but the clown was behind everything and i think we must have had a battle of sorts with the clown involving some bad-ass weapons. i wish i could describe it a little more cuz it might have had a giant flamethrower involved but i don't remember if that even happened. im sorry, it was such a pwn-some battle(or so my instincts tell me) and for some reason i think keanu reeves and some other matrix ppl show up briefly with his impressive battle cry(keanu reeves is HERE!! XD) but maybe that WAS the battle which makes me think WTF? but all in all this is still a creepy dream.

so back to story. the clown was still pretending to be our maid and as we ate dinner there was an intentional zoom-in on the same suitcase as before like this was a movie. in fact, this whole thing is kinda in movie format u know? later some weird girl shows up and she's a teenage preppy gypsy who won't leave us alone and even though it's never said out loud she has evil plans for us and has this annoying "evil" laugh which i can demonstrate to any of u who i see school or whatever but i wouldn't recommend it cuz it's so annoying somehow. we got rid of her and "foiled" her plans but then she comes back and the road system is also weird considering where we are but it's like our house is in several different dimensions at once and different eras in time all at once cuz part of the street was like an old london street or something from a long time ago with teh cobblestones and narrow streets(slightly reminds of diagon alley) when she showed up again my brother mutters "she just doesn't give up!" and she tried hitting on my brother and seduce(?) him and whatnot to surrender his secrets or whatever the hell she wanted. 0_________0 it didn't work though. and when she shows up the 2nd time she's like "hey ron! hey look!" and shoots up fireworks shaped like a phoenix but my brother was far from impressed and looked like it was torture to watch. there was this other girl that showed up and the way it was i already sensed a catfight and playing very faintly in the backround i could almost swear i heard the CatFight song from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy playing. well they fought i think and the dogs saved us and alerted us at some point i don't know when this was but my brother said "thanks for warning us dog" as we ran out the house and things were being destroyed behind us as we ran. there is a part i just can't seem to remember but it involved a woman, mastermind of everything the one ordering the clown to go after us for whatever reason. it was very brief i think though maybe that's why it's hard to remember cuz it was almost like sublimonal messaging and maybe a brief flash of part of her evil lair.

and at the very end of my dream i saw the exact same bus starting to drive off toward my line of vision instead of getting farther away like how they do in movies and whatnot where it disappears into the distance. right before this bus scene actually, my dream self and my brother and his friends had driven off down teh road and as we went under a stone semi-circular bridge like a half a hollow cylinder we saw the whale leaping up and blowing spray and it seemed like a somewhat sad sound of farewell that made me very upset for some reason because it seemed like that whale was so lonely and we had no choice but to leave it behind. sorry i keep jumping around the story i keep doing that it's probably making the story confusing but now this is truly the end.

and so back to the bus scene where it starts going toward me(not dream self anymore since we left) and i saw a little girl at the bus stop looking up at the bus who was apparently a "younger me" and she had such an innocent look in her eyes and the bus left her there(thank god).
the same sunset that me and my family left by was in teh backround of the bus which indicates it happened at the same time as when me and "my family" left under the bridge. once again i saw a zoomed-in image of just one thing inside the bus. it was the same battered up suitcase and the legs of the clown from before. and once again an ominous music plays in the backround...


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Friday, December 28, 2007

new theme

well i finally got a chance to change the theme to jin! yes he is most definitely the smexiest of all my choices. as for the song i really don't know. i was too lazy to go looking for a new song and that was just the first one i came across. maybe something else is better but whatever...

and now... a new topic: the things funny/scary about Phantom Hourglass Game.
i just have to say that there's wrong moment. it's just the shape of the lever and the fact that Link seems to grind with every single object he comes across, i mean Tobi was like making noises too... btw, i named him Tobi so when Linebeck says "Tobi, you're a good boy" i couldn't help but laugh. i recently defeated a giant 2-headed boss dragon and it's cool that i was able to do that, but the process of it eluuuuuuuuuuuuuudes me!! *stetching lips*
what u have to do is use the grappling hook to connect 2 pegs diagonally so that the ice/fireball a dragon throws at you bounces off and it's the other one. and maybe i can understand the iceball might bounce off, but seriously, a FIREBALL??? that must be some pretty strong rope if a super evil 2 headed dragon's giant fireball bounces off without scratching it or burning it.

and i recently got a new item called "bomchu" which are bombs shaped like mice that follow a path u draw and then explode. but the bomchu look so kawaii!! and i gotta say temporarily playing as a gorgon and pummeling enemies while rolled up in a ball is fun. BLAM! dead! XD

another thing that eluuudes me is how despite the fact that Tobi has to save humankind from being wiped out and how ppl keep telling him "there's no time to lose" and "we're all counting on u Tobi!" somehow, SOMEHOW Tobi has time to go fishing. i mean seriously, he's got to save ppl and he's just going to relax and go fishing?? although i have to admit, there was a brief time after getting the fishing rod that i completely ignored my next mission and went after every single fish and it was a long while before i could drag myself away from fishing.

and this next bit is the scariest part of the game i ever experienced. more than the Swift Phantoms or the centipedes or the 3rd boss or the giant evil fish. yes indeed... and that thing is... CHICKEN ATTACK!! im not even kidding here. ok so i was on Mercay Island and i saw a chicken and i went over to torment it like i had in my previous Zelda game. i always think it's funny how my sword can slay anything BUT a chicken. so i went after it hacking at it with my sword and chased it into a corner and continued to cut away at it even though i knew i couldn't kill it but then suddenly the chicken turned completely red and started ATTACKING me and it gave me 2 and half hearts damage and i as i was running suddenly a huge mob of chickens were surrounding me!! they came out of nowhere!! gahh!! what a horrifying experience... 0_____0

so remember kids, never torment chickens or else it will summon up it's chicken allies and kill u... i can imagine itachi or kisame or tobi or even deidara incurring the chickens' wrath. i can see it now... XD


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

   my x-mas day

it was an awesome day! and i actually got something good in a large box. the night before my dad was joking about how he would wrap a large box with nothing in it for me as practical joke though i warned him not to. but to my surprise, i got a nintendo DS inside. other than that i got Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 special edition, $40 in cash, pants(drops pants as soon as i put 'em on XD) and a ton of random stuff as stocking stuffers. i mean seriously, what kind of person gives their kids chocolate covered raisins as a stocking stuffer? it completely eluuuuuudes me!!!

i watched pirates of caribbean 3 with my brother and mom and of course there were so many plot holes but i think gore verbinski is a genius and all. a really great deleted scene was when jack and barbossa were fighting over the steering wheel. barbossa ends up getting hit in teh balls though. XD

im totally hooked on my new DS game and i just beat the 3rd boss and heather was right, he IS hard to beat! the first 2 were so easy it wasn't even funny but that 3rd guy...

later that night, for the first time in years my family and i got together to play a game of Da--dan--..... shit i don't know how to spell it... well it's this asian cardgame and it's the only time when we spend time with each other u know so i guess it's kinda special to me. let me say now that dad is a notorious cheater and not in just this game. XD
the last 3 games i won first and then my brother got 2nd place, so it was between my dad and mom and then suddenly dad pulled a 3 out of his sleeve and boy did that cause such an uproar. and dad says "i swear that was from this game!" and what would have been funny is if a huge pile of cards came out of his sleeves. XDDDDDDDDDDD.
also right in the middle of the game, dad suddenly made up a new rule which was that u could play a straight(minimum of 3 cards in a row for example: 3,4,5 is a straight or 10, jack, queen. and u don't have to have just 3 u can have more than that and also have a pair straight: 3,3,4,4,5,5, etc.) technically speaking it wasn't actually a new rule but he conveniently chose not to mention it until it was best for him(at the time of mentioning he had lost several times in a row) LMAO. u should have seen mom's reaction when dad pulled out that 3 from his sleeve.


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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   Pirates of the North Pole

today me and my family went to a restaurant for breakfast and on the way back we were having our usual conversations which i should say are always weird or strange in some way. somehow the conversation turned to santa(again) and what he would bring. apparently "santa" had decided that he wouldn't give the youngest child(me) any presents(that bastard) but instead leave a note inside a HUGE box that said a ton of crap and that it was the best santa could give me and i was "no it isn't!! that's a load of crap!" and then dad was all like but u could sell santa's signature on E-bay for millions of dollars! and im like "no that wouldn't work because everybody thinks he doesn't actually exist. it might sell for millions if it were Johnny Depp's autograph we were talking about here but it's not." and then my brother said to me "yeah cuz Pirates of the Caribbean is so much more important than Pirates of the NORTH POLE!" and i was like "what???" and he was like "well yeah, i mean where do u think santa gets all those toys? he's clearly stealing them from those freighter trains passing through the North Pole. and he has all his Slave Labor Elves working their asses off *santa cracking whip over the heads of elves while being like ku ku ku work faster my Elves!!*" and i was like "it's a good thing teh poor little children of the world don't realize the truth about santa, it would destroy them" and he was all like "no, no, the children are just greedy little midgets, they won't care" XD

that had to be our most interesting discussion we've ever had on santa claus. im gonna turn that into a story one of these days if i ever have the willpower to finish it in the first place or even get started.

i also started watching Fruits Basket and im only on episode 4 and i also started watching .Hackers Legend of the Twilight but the loading time is really slow which is sooo annoying and the ads that keep popping up on the screen makes me want to kill those advertisers with a machete or something. but it's definitely worth it to get to see Balmung. he's so cool... and of all impossible things i want to be able to read Neko Ramen(cat ramen) which is a manga in Japan about this cat who opens a ramen shop cuz he failed at teh sushi business cuz the customers would complain about getting cat hairs all over their sushi. LOL. and there's soooo many yaoi manga it's actually a genre all it's own. and i wish that yoshihiro togashi(manga artist of yuyu hakusho) had managed to get a manga called "Trouble Quartet" published although apparently it got turned down because it was "a weird sports manga with homosexual characters and cross-dressing" but hey, doesn't ALL manga have that these days... XD

well x-mas is a short time away and i hope u all enjoy yours though im rather surprised how much my brother is sleeping through the day. i have a feeling he will laugh at the present i made for him but "it's the thought that counts" right? well that sure is a good thing cuz i think i could win an award for "Worst Gift-Wrapper in the History of Gift-Wrapping" XD

maybe in my next post i'll tell u about this weird commercial i saw about an anti-santa that i still don't know what the hell they were even advertising. XD

Merry X-mas to all and blah blah blah.... well whatever but i wish i had remembered to make x-mas cards for all of you guys. maybe i will draw something for u instead since i forgot. i can't believe i would forget to at least make a card...


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

   headless clowns and dancing

today was zero hour and i loved it! it was so funny... homsar88 invented an alien mating dance and we scared everyone with that and i think animelover12344's response was "wth??" and we got master middy to do the sexy dance for a second and we even managed to get Couch to do the dance as well. it was hilarious seeing his expression when we told him what he was doing. XD

during spanish, for the one and only time i practically split in half from laughing so hard. we watched spanish commercials made by our classmates and in one, benito dressed as a woman and he put something in his shirt to give himself HUGE boobs and the product they were advertising is just too funny. it's a white glove that does something really wrong and also does that in a dark secluded room to robert and it beckoned him with a finger into the shadows. and not only that, but in 2 camera shots, u could see the person the glove was on even though it's supposed to look like it's hovering in mid-air. ROFL....

and in math, there were these two guys dressed as cowboys with guitars and they made roy sit in a chair and had him wear a pair of reindeer antlers in front of the whole class while singing a song of which a verse was "oooh baby the only thing i want for x-mas is you" or something like that and if i didn't know better i would say they were both proclaiming their love to roy and was i thinkin OMG it's yaoi! XD
roy looked really disturbed too.... XD

at the end of day when i was hanging out i suddenly went up to master middy and rubbed her hair against my cheek like i did that morning to her and she was like "ok now you're scaring me. we do that to cassie's hair not mine. *backs away*" and then amanda said "yeah her hair would probably eat u" and i was like "so even her hair is evil even though it's not alive? cool! nothing less i would expect from my best master ever! *sparkle*" and then i saw katie with two other dudes and then i charged right into their midst while shouting "HEADLESS CLOWNS!!!!!" at teh top of my lungs. LMAO.... u should have seen the looks on their faces... XD

oh yes and i almost forgot! heather showed me this plushie of a gingerbread man she had made that was in a bag. i found it and pulled it out and at first glance i thought it was really adorable but then i realized it was missing a leg and i was like 0_____0" noo! poor gingerbread man! he's a cripple for gods sake! how sad! and even though she stitched a smile on his face i bet he's actually an angsty little guy. he was probably happy and skipping along in a field of candy flowers and in slow motion and sparkling like Couch-man and singing la la la!! so happy! and stuff like that but then! heather's hand comes out and grabs him! and he would be all like AAAH! and CHOMP!! there goes his leg!!! gaaah! and there's horrible candy blood gushing out of him!! GAH! NOBODY IS SAFE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! and then she would come back for more of the gingerbread man's crippled friends and they would be like AAH! and SHE'S BACK FOR MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! GET HER! and an all out war breaks out and gingerbread men are getting destroyed! and dunked in milk! noooo!! the horror! the gore-y fate of gingerbread men with candy blood gushing out!! don't look children! it's too gruesome! it burns!!

hey maybe i could turn that into a story. i was kinda getting carried away just now, but seriously, what do u think of a story like that?


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