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Reading manga, watching Anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Blood +, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist, Code Geass, Death Note, Gintama, Black Cat, Pani Poni Dash, Azumanga Daioh, D. Gray Man, Keroro Gunso, Tsubasa, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Zero no Tsukaima, Ranma 1/2, Rozen Maiden, and Trinity Blood, Other shows i like are Invader Zim, Avatar the last Airbender, Doctor Who, and Greg the Bunny,I also like JTHM, listening to music like Mindless Self Indulgence, Pirates of the Caribbean, Anime Detour, going to movies with friends, Pocky, Hello Panda Snacks, watching the Naruto and Yugioh Abridged series(HILARIOUS SERIES), being random and loud, quoting parodies(makes people think I'm crazy though), Potter Puppet Pals, drawing or doodling, making fun of cliché things in just about anything including movies, laughing/making fun of/commenting on movies that suck a LOT to turn it into a really awesome movie that didn't waste my time and money, singing songs that don't really require any talent whatsoever, do horribly awesome dances that require no talent whatsoever, Mountain Dew, plotting to take over the world and being hilariously evil, laughing at people's misery as long as it's in a story of some kind(unless they happen to be friends cuz we know we're kidding around), coming up with really stupid insults that don't even make sense in order to LOL with friends and get stared at by people, making people think I'm crazy by standing out, making random(usually high pitched) noises, being lazy, eating lots of Chinese green-onion flavored pancakes, to taste a choco-taco at least once before i die, pretend i have kitty ears, Carmelldansen even if the music isn't playing, trying to make a good X3 face(yes, i have no life XD), trying to make my lips/tongue/arms do things that you see Anime characters do, breathing like Darth Vader to see how long it takes to irritate my mom, irritating my mom in general cuz it's amusing like nothing you've ever seen, talking in voices such as Potter Puppet Pal Ron Weasley, Gir, the stupid aliens from Invader Zim and Squee, etc., wondering what it's like being an animal(weird interest i have huh?), and YAOI/YURI. XDDDDDDDD

Monday, June 16, 2008

   FINALLY!! *head explodey*

i mock you all!! wah ha ha ha ha!! i went to Borders yesterday and you know what that means! i got the last copy of JTHM: the director's cut from the bookstore. neat huh? "Oh my god, it's god!!" XD i loved how god is all fat and stuff. "Witty closing remarks have been replaced by massive head trauma and severe hemorrhaging. that's irony!!" i also loved the part when Nny has "head explody" and blows up people's heads. "kids, don't be stupid and try this. this is a trained flying toddler." and the side note "angry nun is always comedy" is totally true. it was hilarious how that nun blows up everyone's heads. i couldn't stop lmao-ing. i especially love the "interview with jhonen(never actually happens)" and jhonen attacks all 3 of the interviewers. it was fucking HILARIOUS.
too bad that Squee isn't in any store, but i still love my new book. i also got volume 27 of naruto with the kakashi gaiden and all. i just realized, they are walking in a forest of REALLY big mushrooms. the first time i read the kakashi gaiden i was too focused on the story to notice, but that is really hilarious. it's still a sad story though... laugh at me all you want, but it made me cry.

i have also started taking my online japanese courses and so far it's surprisingly easy. i didn't even need half the time they gave me to finish the quiz. i had ten minutes to finish a 5 question quiz and i got it done in less than 2 each time.

I'm listening to Mindless Self Indulgence- Shut me up right now. i can't stop listening to it. no matter how many times in a row i hear it i never tire of it. right now it's on loop. best song ever. i was sick of having sasuke in my theme, so i changed it to just itachi now, and before you think of killing me for selecting Fall Out Boy music, it fits the theme. seriously, it's perfect for itachi if you listen to the lyrics. and it's not a horrible song or i wouldn't put it on even if it did fit. ok maybe with the exception of that sailor moon sephiroth theme i did a while back, but let's not think about that OK? once again, DO NOT LOOK AT MY AVATAR EVER OK??? it's the one thing that bugs me to no end and if you look at it, i'll fucking kill you. it's the only thing that looks out of place and it ruins the wallpaper so just don't. i don't have time to go looking for a better one at this time so shut up. i also plan to go see Prince Caspian and Hellboy 2 sometime with one of my friends, and yes, we will need to sneak to see Hellboy 2 because it's fucking rated R and i don't care what it takes, i WILL go see it. *scary face*

i gotta get back to studying my japanese, so have a nice day. and if you don't, well it sucks to be you. i can't really do anything about it if you do so whatever. have some 'shrooms instead. XD
"friendly mushrooms!!!!!!" *wiggly arms* XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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Monday, June 9, 2008

hey hey hoo!! :3(kero-chan face)

today it's the yuletide helping of santa to build a giant teleporter cabable of sending all humans to their doom! well today i feel not quite so angsty, so im going to treat you all to some vids i found. WATCH THEM ALL GODDAMMIT!! seriously. and next time, i will give you the super special awesome yugioh abridged movie to enjoy! you don't want to miss it![subliminal messaging!!] and i might let you hear what kakashi-sensei sounds like if he were to sing! it's a real song sung by inoue kazuhiko VA of kakashi in japanese version(obviously). ok the first one is a naruto OVA found on the shippuden dvd extras! it makes me wish i could read the actual text of the manga, but unless you can read japanese, you won't be able to. there are subtitles to the commentary, but not the text, though some of it is clearly translated directly, not all of it is. i just wish i could read the parts where kakashi is speaking or sai. ha ha the mask kakashi's wearing makes him look kinda like a gangster or something. sasuke's expressions in this are fucking HILARIOUS.

next is a flash by the famous hellpoemer, which ordinarily, Muffin king might post instead, but his account is a tad asshole-ish to him right now. it will help you learn all the state capitals! song is from the show Animaniacs(i think), and deidara sure dances funny. XD

this next one was shown to me just today by nii-san about Greg the Bunny, a show about deranged puppets. this particular one only has Greg at the beginning in the car. i love the series already. XD

next we have the latest naruto abridged episode 21 which i love, though some were better that is true, but i'd like to see the people who bitch about it being the worst one and a disappointment etc. and "wow this is going downhill" or "how come it took so long?? this other guy made an abridged movie in the time it took you guys to make it and it's not even that good! blah blah blah!" i want to seriously get an account on youtube just to tell them to shut the hell up cuz like one person said, they can't even make one themselves or make it funny and they are just asses who sit around doing nothing all day expecting masakoX and vegeta3986 to make abridged episodes for them whenever they want like they're kings who have no idea how much work it is to make one cuz all they can do is bitch about it and they don't even realize that masakoX and vegeta3986 also have lives too! they're people too and you can't expect them to be like gods just cuz they make one of the best abridged series ever. and please, PLEASE tell me someone knows the name of the song at the end with the log dancing. i've been trying to figure out that song name so i can add it to my playlist on imeem. i would greatly appreciate it if somebody could tell me.

this next one is dragonball z abridged but it wasn't orginally what i wanted to show you guys. i thought "hey i should totally show them this!" but i can't fucking remember what the hell it was supposed to be, and there's a very slim chance i'll remember it. and im the kind of person who gets really frustrated over stuff like this. and i hate giving up/losing. weird how i sound like kira in that regard. i feel like that has something to do with naruto or something... fuck.

well, i saved the best for last! featuring a music video directed by none other than the amazing Jhonen "Jiggly" Vasquez!! i am absolutely hooked on this song right now, even more than the song "Ha ha You're dead" by green day. isn't it pure genius?

oh! i suddenly remembered what it was! it's a D. Gray Man omake called "Fanservice". it's very short, but i thought it was funny. it took me a whole day to remember. so in a way, it's a good thing nobody ever reads my posts anymore. not that i blame anyone what with the horrible new Version Vibrant that just totally ruined it and makes me feel like i have no correspondence with my friends on the Otaku cuz i never get any new messages anymore. it makes me wonder if im the only one still sticking with the otaku and it's really only myotaku, and i only go the TheO for fanart and the like.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

bullshit D:

well today was obviously the last day of school, but i still think it was absolute crap. ordinarily, i would be one of those people who would excitedly count down with everyone else until the bell rang and then we'd all cheer like maniacs and proceed to burn/shred/destroy all of our homework or anything that was "school-related" and invite friends over to have a bonfire made out of homework and then possibly attract local police as it gets out of hand. ... no? well ok, forget that i put that idea into your head. anyways, i finished my Enriched English Final late along with another girl as i expected. well first off i should mention that there was an incessant beeping noise going off throughout the test, and at first i thought it was mine since it sounded like mine. this kind of incident has happened several times to me. none of my friends are ever asshole-ish enough to phone/text me crap in the middle of class, cuz they probably know i would be pissed at them, and i never use my phone save for calling dad if im staying after that day or if i missed the bus. naturally i tend to forget it's even in my pocket and i don't bother turning it off, and in fact i often forget to charge it every once in a while.

last year in math, it kept going off, and everyone was getting annoyed and i suddenly realized it was mine after checking, but i always remain oblivious to it until several minutes of beeping and then i realize it's my cellphone. so naturally, whenever i hear beeping i will assume it is mine. like a while back when mr. brothers was giving a lecture and my phone suddenly went off, and since i rarely EVER hear my ring tone sounding, i jumped out of my skin and i should add right now that i have a terrible poker face too. i was practically hyperventilating and in my panicky fumbling haste, i couldn't seem to get my pocket open correctly and i stopped it without bothering to see who had called. even now it still bugs the shit out of me cuz i desperately want to know who called. mainly because i need to know if it was anime detour or not, and with my screen smashed i can't check if it's somebody i know. but the chances of that are slim since i would hope none of my friends are assholes. if i ever find out it was josh who called me, im gonna kick his ass. and i of course turned off my phone in case they tried calling me again, and it shut off with the most loud ringing fanfare it could. i winced and of course everyone knew it was me and mr. brothers gave me this look, but didn't take my phone. i feel extremely guilty whenever it goes off so i made up an excuse to go to the bathroom so i could shut it off, but as it turns out it wasn't mine, which just served to piss me off. since i was still working on the essay when the bell rang i didn't cheer. i stayed late enough to hear a song playing on the loudspeaker from back when mrs. strampe was "our age" if you know what i mean. she was definitely the best teacher i ever had in the first year of high school and best English teacher cuz she made it lively and interesting.

i feel a bit sad cuz i never said good-bye to my bus driver since i THOUGHT i was coming home by bus like everyone else. but this is the part that is bullshit. first off, i had this goddamn computer tech(twitch) final project crap to do. i finished the monster(beyond moronic) database early, but instead of working ahead on the final project, i pretty much screwed around until the last week of school. then i realized how much shit i needed to get done for the final project. pretty much something from every goddamn unit we every had in that sorry excuse for a class. and we need to do a ton of research for this stupid thing. i did water parks, but the problem i have with their websites is the fact that they never put the IMPORTANT stuff on their site. ironically, the most difficult to look up is the stupid rates. how the fuck was i supposed to find the prices?? i had to google it separately and found rates on a DIFFERENT SITE. what the hell is wrong with this picture? and how the fuck should i calculate the cost of food for a week? and doing the works cited went against everything i had been explicitly told to do for a works cited document from Enriched English. every stupid thing was all wrong from what i had been extremely careful to do correctly. because of this shit that i don't even care one fucking bit about, i had to stay after school! on the last fucking day of school!! D:<<< and even worse for something you would just rather lose 50 points than finish it project thing. at some point i just got fed up and started making up bullshit for the pricing so i could the hell out of there. if she payed attention to anything, that stupid teacher might thing something was suspicious since according to my "research" a hotel to ORLANDO, FLORIDA was cheaper than that crap we all know as Grand Rios. i've been there, so it's really not that great, especially after middy black-mailed me to ride on all the scary rides at valley fair, which ironically, i thank her for because now im a bit more brave and willing to ride on "scary" rides. if you didn't know, she black mailed me with saying that if i didn't go on all the scary rides which she KNEW i used to have a phobia of, she would tell a bunch of people that i was going out with Muffin king and that rumor had spread loads without her help as is cuz Muffin king got asked by some random guy if we were dating. We were only friends which started because i loved his "happy-yay-we're-doomed" drawings and we started arguing about which was better: gir or zim, radioactive super cows(something like this) or vampire piggies, penguins or dragons(i believe), etc. so stupid arguments CAN breed friendship after all!! amazing! anyways i was also sad i didn't get to do one last super random thing with homsar88 before we finally got out of the nightmarish corporate school system for the year. i know it's not as if we're never gonna see each other again since i hope to go see Prince Caspian or something with her, or sneak in somehow to see Hellboy 2 after i watch the first one before that, but all the same i had such a strange feeling of "never gonna see her again" type of moods and i got irrationally depressed because of it. i hate it when i always have to think about the absolute worst possible situation whether i like to or not(which i never do cuz it happens against my will) kinda like aunt josephine from the series of unfortunate events who always thought terrible things would happen, even from realtors. it's a good series, but i feel like the movie wasn't so great except jim carrey was an awesome count olaf.


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Friday, May 30, 2008

   the sad sad tale of... me. thought i was gonna say chickenfoot didn't ya?

i think Matt's new word of the week is perfect for my mood right now. not that he came up with it or anything, but recently he's taken a liking to saying "Bleah" and that's how i feel. but before explaining, i totally graffitied on an outside wall of the school by mistake. you see, during social studies, we had inspiration and the girl told us to draw a picture with the chalk about what we were looking forward to over the summer. well she just said draw a picture, so i forgot what i was doing and started drawing a huge picture of a chibi deidara in some nice blue chalk. i forgot that it might be considered vandalism ok? ^__^; i almost finished it too, but when Mr. Brothers pointed it out to me i said "whoops... um... sorry." special aren't I? so deidara ended up with only half a body. o__0

but anyways i feel absolutely "bleah" right now because yesterday i had two projects, literature assignments, social studies pkt, a page long journal on Reconstruction, and studying for a Vocab test. i was way too stressed and i worked until around 6 a.m., so i got no more than around 2 hours of sleep. to top it off, the science sludge project i had was extremely annoying cuz we were only allowed to ask two questions and after using the last one, we still had 3 substances wrong so i basically guessed the answers for three that i thought might be the ones. but i forgot to copy down Lana's(partner) notes on the temp of the liquid so i couldn't complete the graphs and as a result i wasn't able to finish last night and in order to get the extra credit on this project(which i need otherwise im confident i would fail for once in science) everything has to be done. luckily she gave us time to work on it during class and said if we turned it in before 3 p.m. she would accept it for extra credit. i got stressed at making the graphs even though they were the same, but the dots were too close to each other and detailed so my hand was cramping and i kept incorrectly writing the numbers and put different time increments than the data i listed and i had a couple major errors on the placement of dots especially since i couldn't think of a way to fit it on the graph other than to have the y axis temp be spaced 3 units apart. and then when i finished the liquid graphs i suddenly couldn't find my other data summary sheets and i panicked and practically tore up the classroom finding 'em and then finally found them on the ground where i had apparently dropped them and i swore with the teacher close by when i was talking to autumn and she kinda raised her eyebrows at me like you know teachers do.

animelover12344 was also in a bad mood for a reason i didn't quite catch since she mumbled it, but she made me feel even worse than i already was because of it. i wasn't really talking to her exactly even though we were walking next to each other, but i quoted an unaired Gir quote to try and make myself a bit less depressed and annoyed at every little thing in my life, but she said she wasn't in the mood for it. i know there are people who are worse off and much more stressed than i am right, and perhaps hannah was having a worse time of it that i was, but i don't think that's why it made me feel worse. perhaps i will sound like an uncaring bitch if i say this, but i think that i felt worse not because i felt bad for hannah at all, none whatsoever. i think it was more because i am just sick of hearing people muttering about their problematic little lives all the time! i think i got really irritated because i thought oh god, PLEASE stop acting like this!! i can tell you seem to be having a bad time and all that, but it's not as if you're the only with problems in this world! it probably never even occurred to anyone how depressed I FEEL. maybe it's just me but i feel like im always hearing people whining directly or indirectly at me about their horrible lives. why the hell do i always end up overhearing everyone's stupid problems?? and not just that, but of all people, hannah is one of the top people who can ruin my good mood in an instant without even trying. seriously, whenever i(rarely these days) feel happy, not tired and stressed, SOMEBODY will inevitably end up ruining it. like when im not feeling tired i might be in a good enough mood to greet someone cheerfully like "good morning[possible invader zim reference insert here] how are you?" then they respond with an extremely depressing or in my mind, rude remark. no not rude exactly but whenever i greet someone cheerfully on the rare occasion, they will say in a rather stony and clipped tone of voice "im in a bad mood today" or "im not in the mood for smiling today" perhaps it's just the lack of subtlety that bugs me. most people don't take me seriously unless i was crying my eyes out. i don't want to ruin people's day by being emo, so that's why i post it here instead of acting like a bitch because things aren't going my way. or if i try to ask them a question and didn't know they were having a bad day cuz i just walked up to them, they yell at me. that's when i absolutely do NOT give a damn about whatever the hell is bothering them. the moment they take it out on me, something inside me just snaps. this is why i post about my problems, so i might not blow up at other people. but one of these days im going to end up screaming at them. i don't know why i never do, but for some reason it never seems to happen. and perhaps also because i find it's easier to yell at someone via the internet, than to say it to their face. but the urge to scream gets worse when i type and builds up like it is now. i try my hardest to tell people in a "nice" way that i want to be left alone, but they never listen to me, which is by far the absolute most godawful shit that they do to me and yet remaining completely ignorant of how angry they're making me.

this is completely off topic, but sasuke really was a loser as a kid. no kidding i read the most recent chapter and he had this dinosaur toy thing in his room or something and toy shuriken that looked like they might have been made from play-doh or something. i won't say anything more than this because the post would get too long again, but i just have to say sasuke is full of absolute bullshit at this point and now he wants to destroy Konoha, and while a part of me laughs at the irony of this, his sharingan is some weird ass shape now. and the naruto shippuden filler eludes me as to how they are going to tie things back to the hidan and kakuzu arc. i mean seriously! in the most recent episode, naruto gets his ass kicked by flower attacks! and not only that, but he nearly dies from a "death kiss ninjutsu". im sorry, but a DEATH KISS NINJUTSU??? seriously? and i thought i had seen some absolute bullshit ninjutsu before, but wow! i think that just took the cake right there folks.

my brother for a weird reason went camping with friends and won't be back till sunday i think. he never struck me as an outdoor person, in fact nobody really is in our family, except maybe dad, but that's only cuz he has that garden and whatnot. my brother said that this camping trip was probably going to be his first and last one, and i agree, especially since it rained fairly hard a while ago. apparently a boyscout is also going who can teach them all how to do things. which also reminds me of the Squee! comic where the plane crashes into the bus full of boyscouts. XD it's so evil of me, but i can't help laughing. they got pwned in the greatest fashion possible, how couldn't i laugh? i am definitely gonna get the jthm director's cut from borders when i get the chance.


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Monday, May 26, 2008

another story or...

i had another dream and im debating about whether i should somehow combine it with the first story im writing(the invisible boy that is). tell me what you think(if you can read all of it). if you do finish leave a comment, but not until you've read all of it(scary thought) and one other thing, the orange haired boy in the picture in this story was actually a chibi Lavi(D gray man), but im trying to keep out anime references from my stories if at all possible to avoid copyright stuff and this has no title obviously for reasons aforementioned. and about the blank spots, it's because i haven't decided any names for the characters here. and just to warn you, this plot makes no sense. i doubt it would get published even if the editors were drunk at the time.

The giant, gray train sped underneath the iron framework of the ancient arches that used to be part of a city, but that city was long forgotten except by one or two shamans in the northern mountains. The tracks were on a very narrow strip of stone, with a seemingly bottomless gorge of either side. A piercing whistle sounded as it passed under the last arch and out of the city, but suddenly there were shadowy figures that came out of nowhere. They were leaping on top of the iron framework like ninjas, and they were bent on stopping that train. A shriek came from a human on the train, and then there was a shattering of glass. There was a flash of light as the ninja closest to the train desperately tried to get there in time. Did someone jump out of the train? It was hard to tell in the ensuing chaos, and then the audible clicking of a C-4 Dragon Bomb went off. The ninja closest to the train saw the black briefcase fall down to the gorges below, but he could do nothing about it. An immense explosion obliterated the train, tracks, and the arches in a terrible conflagration, and the ninjas that didn't get incinerated to ash were forced to retreat back into the shadows of the night. Above the scene of the mysterious circumstances, a full moon shone eerily in the clear, black sky...

Suddenly the girl woke with a start and sat bolt upright in bed. Cold sweat dripped down her brow, and her body felt weak all over. The dream was probably real, after all she could see into the future. She looked around the room, but all seemed well. Her companion drifted into sight with a worried look on his face. "Are you all right,___? You seem quite pale." "No, im not fine, but you don't have to worry, i get visions all the time."
"What's the situation right now?" she asked. In truth, it seemed like the world was on the brink of plunging into eternal chaos and utter darkness, but the people of the Resistance tried to avoid thinking of it since things were depressing enough as is. The hell hounds were everywhere and the werewolves were not always friendly these days. The girl and her companion were located at one of the safest places the Resistance had to offer, which was weird considering it was a basically a really tall log cabin with over 100 floors. If you didn't know better, you might guess the place was a ski resort, or something weird. It was located on a mountain, but the inside of the place was just plain weird. It felt like there were several space time continuum vortexes inside the place, or maybe overlapping dimensional planes that distorted some parts of the place. If the two of them hadn't been witness to these kind of things their whole lives, they might be a little more disturbed. Once the boy had opened a door upstairs and found himself staring at arctic snow and a bunch of adorable little penguins. One little penguin waddled toward him and through the door before he could slam the door. After closing it, he opened it again to send the weird little guy back to where he apparently belonged, but to his surprise, there wasn't anything but a couple of old mops and brooms in what had just turned into a closet. So for the time being, he was stuck with a penguin until he found the right door to return it. Outside of one window, the girl had seen the mountainous rock of the headquarters' location, but a window at the top directly over the first window revealed a peaceful, flat field of pretty flowers with the long stalks of fresh, green grass waving peacefully in a gentle breeze. Even the sky had been completely different.

The stairs to get up to the next story were right up against the edge of the building's inner walls and went in a counterclockwise direction in a square spiral of sorts with the north and south walls having no stairs at all, but a smooth transition of hardwood floor. The steps were wide, iron steps with a nicely designed rail that was on both sides, although they were rarely used by anyone. Another weird thing about the stairs was that even though they hugged the walls of the building to form a perfect square shape from an aerial viewpoint, the building wasn't just a rectangular prism. For some reason the halls could be much longer than the perimeters of the wall, and in fact a certain hallway stretched on forever from the looks of it, and the refugees who stayed at the headquarters were warned not to go down the hallway unless accompanied by a winged monkey. Strange as the building was, everyone except the girl and her mysterious friend seemed to be completely oblivious to the unsettling feeling about the place. It was way too quiet and peaceful in the place even though the Resistance was there. Nobody seemed to notice or care that no Resistance member had actually been seen in this weird place even though it was a base of operations for them.

At the very top level, the girl and her friend walked, along with the newly arrived refugees. One of them was a very old, wrinkly woman with her gray hair in a pleasant bun, who talked with the girl and her friend. She was very kind and had such a sweet voice, like your typical grandma who baked cookies for her grandchildren. Outside the window the field of flowers was showing and sparkling like the Couch Man that lived in what was known as the Sofa Room. "Oh, how i long to see my dearest grandchildren and husband again... They were drafted into the military to fight and to protect the people. I miss them so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them. But in the end, they were all killed..." she sighed sadly.

Later in the day when everyone had left for one thing or another, the girl and her friend were left alone with the old woman. The air seemed very chilly and there was a strange green hue prevalent in the room, which was really more of a landing, but nothing in the place made sense anyway, so everyone was far too lazy to correct the error. Suddenly the old woman began talking to them again, but it was far different than before. She suddenly started ranting it seemed and grew increasingly more angry sounding. "Why did my husband have to leave?!" she suddenly cried out. "I waited for him to return, and what did he do? He abandoned me and died like a dog!! So i knew that the only thing for me to do was have more grandchildren!! I raised 100 of them in order to make him jealous of me!!" With each word she spoke, she advanced a step towards the girl, who backed up uneasily. With each word, her kindly face was changing from a grandma to a savage demonic goblin imp. Her face became sickly, green, and emaciated. Her teeth became razor sharp and her eyes disappeared in evil, writhing shadows from the infinite depths of hell. Her tongue became long and pointed as it lolled out of her mouth like a oozing snake(do snakes ooze?).

Suddenly this frightening scene was over, and the girl found herself in a different part of the building. She blinked and looked behind herself to see a shimmering distortion of what appeared to be a rainbow of ink and realized she had backed up into one of the many space time continuum wormholes. Her relief didn't last long however, thanks to an explosive sound of wood being smashed into splintery bits. She gasped with horror because she knew that the wood splinters happened to be the front door, the only place where you could safely exit the building without ending up in some weird place. If you were to jump out the top window to commit suicide for instance, you might just land in a soft field of flowers instead. Not only that, but getting back might not be as easy. Strangely enough, even though the boy had not found the wormhole to Antarctica where the penguin had been, at some point in the ensuing chaos, it had disappeared.

There were many shouting voices that could be heard, and suddenly the girl knew her location had been betrayed to the enemy. "Hey, there she is!!" someone yelled. Around the corner came a mob of men dressed in bullet proof kevlar vests and black guns that looked suspiciously like AK-47s. She turned and ran up the stairs as bullets whizzed over her head. She was quick and surefooted, but it seemed like the men were very disorganized in pursuing tactics because each guy was trying to be the one in front and they pushed each other and yelled profanities at each other along the way. They didn't seem to be good at turning around corners because they kept banging into the walls as they went. She had to wonder why the enemy had sent a bunch of idiots to capture her. They seemed so inexperienced when it came to capture, that she was almost embarrassed to be up against them.

A hallway suddenly appeared in front of her, so she changed course and went down the hall to the Stuffed Room. Somehow she just knew that was its name, though nobody had told her. Oddly enough, the idiotic men, who had until just a moment ago been following her, were no longer in pursuit. Surprisingly, all the new refugees happened to also be in the room, along with the crazy old goblin woman. She seemed back to her old self however, and she worriedly asked if they were really going to be okay. After all, the base had been infiltrated, even though it was supposed to be safe. Sounds resounded throughout the building, of far off explosions, the pattering of feet, and things being smashed. "Don't worry," said the girl. "I vow to protect all of you here with all the strength I have! I won't let them hurt you. You can count on it!!" she smiled and put a comforting arm around the old lady.

Suddenly, a chill emanated from the air, and a deathly silence seemed to befall the place. Something shook the building, causing dust to fall from the ceiling. "Let's go___!! It's him! We have to draw him away from these people!! It's us he wants after all!" the girl shouted as she ran.

As she ran down the hallway, the howling of the hell hounds rang out. Even as she ran, she was getting the strangest feeling that there was something important that she was looking for. She didn't know why, but a familiar feeling seemed to creep over her, and she was desperate to find it. The hallway changed to something entirely unexpected. It was like that house... no, it was more like a combination of the two houses that had been so familiar to her in that distant past... Then she saw what it was that she had been searching for all along. It was at the very end of this hallway, in front of the last door on the left. It was a rather worn looking piece of paper at first glance, but it turned out to be a photo. She picked up as she ninja rolled into the room and slammed the door shut. With a deft motion she dropped the picture and locked the door with an audible click, and the hell hounds slammed into the door one after another, unable to stop themselves in time. For some strange reason, the door didn't smash down after they collided into it, but nothing in the place really made sense anyway. She sighed briefly and then bent down to pick up the picture again, then she gasped with horror. The picture was gone! Then she knew that it must have slipped underneath the door crack when she had dropped it to lock the door. She saw through the door with her vision eyes just in time to see a spark of flames go up. The hell hounds yelped and ran, so she opened the door and yelled at the retreating hounds "I'm not letting you bitches take this most important photograph that I've been searching eternities for!! Got it?!" as she snatched up the picture again. She gazed at the picture fondly and smiled. "It sure brings back memories... good to see you..." she said to the photo. It had on it a picture of a young, handsome boy's from the shoulders up. He had a big grin on his face, with all that orange floppy hair getting into his eyes like a cuddly puppy. He wore an black eye-patch over one eye and a white, black-rimmed headband with a design like fish scales, as well as a rather raggedy white scarf.

Just as she was about to close the door again, she suddenly had a chill go down her spine. She had a feeling the hell hounds weren't coming back, so she cautiously stepped out into the hallway. She stared at the half open door at the opposite end of the hall, where some some light was showing through.

Slowly, she approached the door, as an ominous feeling began rising up in her. She didn't know why, but there was definitely something deadly beyond that door. There was a chance that whatever it was might be the death of her. She pushed open the door all the way with a loud creaking sound. For a nanosecond, it seemed as if nobody was in the room, until that voice called out to her. "Well, well, well, just who do we have here?" Her blood ran cold at the sound. How could she ever forget that cold, evil voice?

In front of her materialized the man who she had hoped never to see again. He had many names, and he used to be called Kotari, but most people knew him as the Devil. Quite literally. Although it wasn't visible to a normal human eye, he did in fact have an ironically cute pair of horns that showed through his unkempt, greasy, shaggy and very slightly curly hair. His aura was naturally, to all who could see it, a fierce red flaming mass that moved almost violently about his person like a cyclone perhaps. For being the very root of every evil known to man, he had a strangely sophisticated kind of appearance minus the hair, which always gave the impression of being rather greasy or freshly dunked in vegetable oil on occasion. Sometimes he even had a black top hat which he happened to be holding in one hand. In the other hand, he held a silver cane with a little figurine of what might have been a dragon head at the top. "So then," he said with a sadistic sort of grin, "what brings a dear friend like you to this place?"
"I am no friend of yours Kotari! You're just a heartless murderer!!" she spat at him angrily.
"Oh dear, is that any way to talk to your own brother?" he said with a look of pain.
"Shut up!! It's' about time you pay for the things you've done!" It was then that Kotari's expression and aura seemed to change slightly. A look of regret or perhaps disappointment came into his eyes, and yet his intent became so much more bloodthirsty at the same time. He sighed softly, "And here I had hoped i wouldn't have to kill my dear little sister. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but i suppose it can't be helped. And i really wish you wouldn't address me by that name either, dear sister. Well then, i suppose we should end this with a duel. Same rules as usual right?" So saying, he tossed her a silver dagger of the finest quality. She gritted her teeth and prepared to lunge at him, when he pulled out a gun from his pocket. "Sorry. But I'm afraid i have difficulty following rules sometimes. Die." Her eyes widened as he pulled the trigger with an explosive bang. Hellfire shot out and entwined itself like serpents around the silver bullet. Simultaneously, a plume of white mist materialized above Kotari's right shoulder and raced towards her. A voice called out desperately as death rushed to meet her...


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