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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

   anime detour
well i must say that anime detour wasn't what i had expected. i tried to imagine it, but it was so hard to believe that i was actually there. it makes me happy that i could go. and i loved the one dude who cosplayed as (kung-fu action) jesus and led that conga line around the hotel. XD

i really enjoyed it but i sure wish i had brought a LOT more film canisters cuz there were so many things i didn't get to take a picture of that i was disappointed about. i stalked this dude all around the hotel cuz he apparently didn't hear me say i wanted his picture, but i was too damn stubborn and eventually got his picture. and i got glomped by a lot of people, which was surprising. i didn't think anyone would want to take my picture, but i was actually only one of two demyx cosplayers so that makes my cosplay the best cuz there was nothing else to compare to! i saw this very hot guy cosplaying as kakashi and he had the cool contact lenses and everything. i glomped him twice! X3

i got quite a few stares on the day of the performance cuz i wore my sailor fuku outfit on top of my organization cloak and everyone laughed their asses off when i went on stage. in America!!

there was a lot of stuff in the dealer's room and it was unfortunate that i couldn't get some stuff. i was going to get an itachi plushie on the last day but i didn't know the dealer's room closed early and got there just as they closed and i didn't get the chicken cosplay hat either. D: i did get an L plushie(with removable pants) and zetsu plushie, two wallscrolls of FMA and vincent valentine, a ninja headband, and 4 posters of vincent valentine, naruto, blood +, and FMA. unfortunately somehow i lost those posters somewhere. dammit! and they came at such a good price too! i got 'em for $2 each and that's cheap compared with all the other expensive stuff there. i hope to god that they got dropped in theshinobihobbit's house by accident, but im not being too optimistic about that right now... and my purse too! and it has all my freaking giftcards in it cuz i thought i was going to the bookstore so i had them in there! i know my purse is not at the hotel but it still caused me to freak out when i realized my purse wasn't at my house. if the posters got dropped by accident in the hotel, then i have no hope of ever seeing them again because those are much more likely to be stolen by people.

i also lost my black jacket with the money still inside on saturday night and i was so frantic about it cuz it also had my favorite wallet that my grandma gave to me when i was little so that was special as well and not just the money inside it. i didn't say this, but i was pretty pissed off at my friends for that at the time. i mean, i gave it to homsar88 to watch over it when i had to go into that room to rehearse and i could have thought i could count on my friends to keep it from being stolen and all that. and it's not like homsar88 had lots of stuff to carry around with her so she was less likely to lose sight of it, but after the performance when i asked her for my jacket, she said she didn't know where it was. somehow it got misplaced! i searched all over the place for that jacket and i couldn't find it anywhere. how in the fuck does that seriously happen? and not even having the faintest idea where it got lost is even more annoying. apparently retracing steps doesn't work all the time. im grateful that i got it back on sunday, but this has taught me not to trust friends quite as much because something like this is sure to happen again. but next time im not going to bring a jacket to begin with so i can't lose it in the first place. i don't care what the reason was, i will absolutely not leave my stuff in the hands of friends cuz this exact same thing happened to my brother, and his friend said he would watch it and it got stolen a few minutes later. dad was right, i shouldn't judge something by what i would do because ppl have themselves to worry about and if it comes to it, they care about their own stuff first. and even worse is that when i got my jacket back, i realized i had also managed to lose my posters somehow too! bloody hell i had such perfect posters and the greatest FMA poster and i lost it. and even if i find those exact same posters for the same price next year, i will still have a slightly irritated feeling that i could be so stupid as to lose something like that. no matter how you look at it, i will have lost $8. as aforementioned, im not very optimistic about finding 'em.

i also turned fangirl on Couch after this. after getting glomped by a ton of total strangers for 3 days in a row, i realize it isn't so bad getting hugged by Couch. i now amuse myself by poking his strangely squishy stomach and glomp tackling him. i did that this morning and then josh said to me "stop raping him on the table!" aww... and some amusing quotes that came up from Couch included "don't touch my sword!" and "that's MY bell!" XD

and another thing... im really really sorry shinobihobbit! you worked so hard on that sitar and i broke it. it was an accident but that seems like such a stupid excuse somehow... it fell down and cracked in half at the base when we were practicing our dance and Jilly fixed it up nicely with a hot glue gun but i dropped it AGAIN on the way down the stairs. god im such an idiot... TT__TT


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