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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   hare hare yukai practice!

today i stayed after school so i could practice the hare hare yukai dance with Jilly, heather, megan, and john. it was annoying at first cuz there was this old man inside the rehearsal hall tuning the piano and everyone was too scared to ask him if he was done. while we waited we did several things of randomness. one thing was that i waddled around like a penguin for a while and jilly acted like a mean penguin chasing me around and i was fleeing for my life! we started practicing a little bit while we waited and i nearly broke my neck spinning around.

the greatest part was while we were waiting outside for the guy to finish up, we all decided to give john a hug and all of us girls gave him a group hug. ha ha i bet he loved getting hugged by us girls. ;3

we finally got into the rehearsal hall and looking into the mirrors while we danced. that was the one part i didn't like but i suppose a lot more ppl will be watching me at Anime Detour so i have to get over stage fright/embarrassment. it was really hilarious how we started out dancing to the REALLY slow version so john could learn it and at the end he has to jump in the air with his arms out and he's all like "gah i can't jump in slow motion!" and we were joking about how he should just stay up there for a while and float there. or be like reanu reeves. XD

it was really funny when we did some stretching, Jilly ordered us on the floor like "GET ON THE FLOOR NOW!" and it was pretty scary. 0___0 but anyways john was the only one not on the floor and he's like "what are you doing? stretching?" and Jilly says "no we're having sex" and john goes "ok! count me in!" and gets on the floor. XD

he also dances really funny too. u should have seen him. XD and there was another moment when megan was like "you're in a room with 4 girls... and one Lili" and im like whaaat??(don't i count as a girl?) several times the ending part of the dance was a disaster cuz heather fell over i lost most of my balance and Jilly nearly fell on top of me and john had bad timing. and then there was also when i nearly fell after slipping on my own pants when we do the turning. but it was really fun all the same and i understand how to do it pretty well now. all i really need is to put some soul into it and not look like "a zombie" when i dance. we also thought it would be hilarious if we all just did the dance while lying on the ground cuz "it'll make our boobs look bigger"-Jilly. XD if we did that at the con i bet ppl would be like WTF??? XD


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Monday, February 4, 2008

"luigi has the most homosexual smash attack...."

in computer tech class it's really fucked up. what you have to do is type sentences to get better at it and one sentence i typed was "do it. a lot. as a tot. it is hot." another was "she did all six" or "Vi drove them in my lemon van." WTF? or "he did it. she did it too. at the lake." and the names of the people in the sentences are soooo weird. like Di, Vi, Jak, Dr. Quack, and my favorite one of all: Quig. isn't that just a funny name?

and right before 4th hour started, we were all waiting outside cuz the classroom was locked and i happened to glance to my right and i see this boy jump on another boy and they go off down the hall riding piggy back and the boy on top looks like he's trying to grind his way to the top of the other or something. is it just me or do i see lots of live yaoi everywhere i go? XD

in english class i looked up at it and there was a tally up on the board that says:
Strampe: 2 David Wang: 4
apparently mrs. strampe had 2 tally marks because she threatened him that many times and apparently threw a key at david's head. and david gets 4 tally marks for defending himself and everyone thought it was weird how he defended himself more than she attacked him. but he also gets one for sneaking his backpack in class.

on the bus ride home, i ended up sitting next to david and once again he forgot to lend me this one anime. he was really vague about it and he doesn't even remember what the name of the series is. all he told me was that the characters all dress like harry potter or something and he's letting me borrow it.
and david and the others were discussing Super Smash Bros Brawl and stuff. so one topic was which characters were in it and their special moves and crap. apparently, to use the character's smash attack, u have to get a ball to activate your powers. and i was half listening but then Captain Pants-off(joel) says "luigi has the most homosexual smash attack..." and i actually started paying attention at that last part. what he does after getting the "smash ball" is put people to sleep and attacks them in their sleep and makes a lot of loud noises as he does so. 0____o
there are also some new pokemon that pop out of the pokeballs now. turtwig is one and it wanders around and eats the first item it spies. and another pokemon that looks like a rock... has all the purpose of a rock. that's it. u just chuck it at someone and it hits 'em. and u can't block it either. david also said how it would be cool to put in r2-d2 for the hell of it. or chibi robo. and there is a trophy u can win that looks like "cloud with a lightsaber". and they mentioned "samus comes charging in with a samurai sword" and wario or someone coming and stomping u into the ground and punting u off the screen and killing u. it sounds interesting that's for sure... XD


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Sunday, February 3, 2008


well as usual i watched anime yesterday and i don't know why im still bothering with naruto since i already consider 'em to be filler episodes. but then again there are some good parts. like when naruto finds out the person was a girl and he's like "hmm now that i think about it... *flashback of when he grabbed her by her chest*" and then sakura bashes him on the head. and besides, when im watching tv dad usually knows not to bug me and stuff. one piece was a little less disturbing i suppose, despite the "michael jackson" character. i loved it when usopp gets pummeled by the singing bird quartet. and in blood +, i bet hagi was really pissed off at solomon. he was asking for a death wish by kidnapping saya. and i just loved the samurai champloo episode cuz mugen and all the others get high on that purple gas, i got to see jin mostly naked, and most amusing was jin's expression at the end. someone should make that into an e-card or something. XD

today my mom dropped me off at the bookstore for a couple hours. this is the part that was "scary". i had asked that Too Cool guy to order a senbonzakura for me and he said it would take about a week. but i was so freaking nervous going by myself. i went there and stood outside the store for what seemed like 5 minutes trying to get the nerve to go inside the store. i finally went in but he wasn't at the counter and i turned and saw him playing a video game for a while so he didn't notice me. and i was getting really nervous and i didn't want to get his attention. and when he finally saw me there i nearly passed out from fright. he said i was too early and that the new shipments would be coming in a few days, which unfortunately happens to be during school right? i can only hope that the sword is still there when i go again.

i ran out pretty quick and to the bookstore. i got naruto volume 21 there. and i was also reading a new naruto book there that was pretty much just a "fan book" and stuff. i read about half of it and i could really tell it was for those naruto fans who only watched the dub. i did learn some new things but not many. i loved the interview with kakashi thing and his description about icha icha paradise. it was actually pretty deep as opposed to the other ppl's opinions.

one thing that told me it was for "dub only" people was that it says in a section about kakashi it isn't know how he got his sharingan. oh for cryin' out loud already! any REAL naruto fan would already know how he got his sharingan! and even if i hadn't read all the current chapter online, one can put two and two together right?? ok! first of all he's got a sharingan and everyone knows that sharingan are unique to members of the uchiha clan only right? and kakashi is NOT an uchiha! it should be "impossible" right? perhaps those ppl who think that also think kishimoto had no idea what he was doing?? that he only threw that in there to make things interesting and had no means of explaining it logically? pathetic right?! must he be off his rocker or something? no of course not. the scar for god's sake! that totally gives it away. kakashi has that scar over his left eye ppl remember? anyone with brains would be able to figure out that he had it transplanted after losing his original eye. after all, it wouldn't make sense for kakashi to have gotten the scar AFTER he got the sharingan. and i would also think the one who gave it to him must have been pretty close to him. no random uchiha would do that for a guy he doesn't even know. there, story explained! i truly feel sorry for those ppl who only watch the dub if that's how they think. *rolls eyes*
i've had the urge to rant about that for the longest time...


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Friday, February 1, 2008

omg disgusting!! 0_________

bleargh!! ugh gross! i cannot believe this bad luck. but before i explain, i suppose something more cheery would do. well... first thing is i reorganized my playlist today and now it went from over 200 songs to 157 songs. and that includes some i added as well. the song in the amv is my favorite one even though it was pretty troublesome to find.

another thing is that i changed my post bg. like it? well, im gonna keep doing that for a while cuz im gonna keep the yaoi theme for as long as i can and perhaps find a really good wallpaper of byakuyaXzaraki. "time flew by so quickly when i was all alone with zaraki" *zaraki turns and starts sparkling* XD

ok now back to the horrible disgusting shit. im still sick obviously and it's pretty bad at times when im coughing and feel like im about to throw up again. i may or may not have mentioned this horrible medicine i've been forced to take and it doesn't even do anything to help me get better. well anyways i thought i had tried the foulest medicine out there, but someone just HAD to prove me wrong! cuz of how bad it was, dad got a new type of medicine that was green. now, call it intuition, but somehow i knew that it was not a good sign. my dad actually had to bribe me with $5 to get me to drink the new stuff. and it was 10 times worse than the medicine i had been taking initially.

now im gonna be going to bed soon and attempt to sleep, but please watch the amv. just cuz i feel awful doesn't mean any of u guys should. if nothing else i hope u like the song.


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   new term...

today i didn't have too much trouble finding my classes like i had previously supposed but i still didn't feel very well today cuz i had such the urge to throw up at one point and i still don't have much of an appetite for anything which sucks since i love food so much. anyways, here's how the classes are:
1st half of hour 1: choir with animelover12344, and kupka. ^__^ and 2nd half of hour 1: no friends TT__TT
2nd hour: science with amanda mitzner and reed
3rd hour: social studies with david wang and a couple of others that i know by name and face but can't say they're worth mentioning
i have 2nd lunch which i(being so negative) had thought i would have no friends to sit with. i always think the worst things when a new term starts like im gonna be isolated from everyone cuz i have no friends to sit next to. but luckily homsar88 is there! yay! and so is middy, Couch, Muffin king, and alex iverson but they were so mean to me im not gonna bother sitting next to 'em. Muffin king pushed me into middy at like 20 mph for no reason and there wasn't really any room for me at their table anyway.
4th hour: english with david wang, caela cook, and paul reearmoo(yes i know that's probably not how to spell it) i have to read a "long short story" called The Murders in the Rue Morgue by edgar allen poe for tomorrow.

i went to anime club against my better judgement but i suppose it wouldn't have mattered either way i would still have a sore scratchy throat right? and i got smashed in my shin by kupka(?) for no reason and half kicked. i swear it wasn't worth it...

i got a new theme for valentine's day though. it's yaoi! just a mix of some of my favs. which include in no particular order:
1. kakairu
2. sasunaru
3. sasodei
4. itakisa
5. royXed
6. zoloXsanji
7. byazara(lol)
8. byaren
9. raitoXL
10. jinXmugen(not like there's any others though)
11. envyXwrath(in the anime)
12. faiXkurogane
13. hieiXkurama
14. sephirothXcloud(with his gravity defying hair!)
that's all i can recall right at the moment.
1. like my new theme? can u believe i only found one zoloXsanji wallpaper?
2. what are all your favorite yaoi pairings?


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Monday, January 28, 2008

   feel like shit....

ugh... i thought that by today i would be all better. after all that's usually how it is right?? u throw up once and then after a while u feel better right?? WRONG. i still feel like shit and im gonna throw up any minute the way things feel right now. im too afraid to even open my mouth to breathe. i can't tell if taking deep breathes is good or bad for me. i feel like it's a bad idea but i honestly don't know...

and on top of that, i've got a cough and im afraid im gonna end up throwing up while coughing and i know that salt water is supposed to help kill germs, but i think salt water would only make me throw up cuz it makes me gag and shit so i don't know what to do and i haven't told my mom or dad about this cuz they tend to overreact. and i know my dad told me to watch the food he's cooking but im probably gonna throw up over it and that would be bad i can tell u. nothing is helping right now and i have school to go to and im not sure i want to go throwing up at school AGAIN and have random ppl i don't even know coming up to me asking "hey are u that girl that threw up yesterday?" or "i heard u threw up is that true?" i feel like telling them it's none of their fucking business and stop bugging me seriously it doesn't concern them and i hated it when ppl asked me. that's what happened back in CMS. i blame costco sandwiches for this. not kidding and in fact im in no mood for anything and lying down doesn't help. and listening to music hasn't been doing much either and im not certain i wanna watch tv for obvious reasons but thinking of kakashi has helped a tad. i feel like my throat is closed up and im half wondering if i should make myself throw up on purpose to get rid of this horrible sensation. whatever happens, i hope to god i don't throw up over this laptop cuz my brother would kill me even if it isn't technically his anymore. dammit this sucks... and i feel so fucking cold too. hope u guys are doing well though...


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   worst movie ever

i watched Cloverfield with homsar88 today and i first thing i wanna say is "never ever watch that movie as long as u live cuz it's horrible". and that's for more reasons than one. first of all, it was making me nauseous to watch it cuz the whole movie was in camcorder perspective and it was shaking so many fucking times and i had no idea what was happening and i didn't even realize this one dude dies until they say "omg, jason's dead!" and im like what when the hell did that happen now?? and it was giving me a headache. the plot isn't explained very well except for "omg! omg! holy shit what is that?? *gasp* did u see that??" and pretty much the only thing u really hear is ppl shrieking their stupid heads off and a girl exploding from a bite of some alien. the only part i liked was when the giant alien is about to kill the dude with the camcorder and the alien has this angsty expression on its face. and right near the end of the movie i threw up. i knew it was coming throughout the whole movie and the shaking camcorder perspective only sped up that process and so me and homsar88 left the theater so we didn't know what happens at the end but im just gonna guess they all die cuz by the time we left, the main characters were all dead except for 2 and honestly they had it coming. and even now i can still smell vomit in my nostrils cuz for some reason that always happens so i have that horrible stench in my nose for a whole day. and i got some on my pants which was kinda gross.

and we also got kicked out of Too Cool by that dude. im really sorry about it and he scares me. i hadn't meant to be offensive or anything. i really didn't see there was a person shopping there too and all i meant was that i don't like the color pink but even if it didn't seem the shopper heard me, he got pissed. i really hope he doesn't ban us cuz i have to get a senbonzakura there in maybe a week and im kinda scared to go there by myself now so i hope he can forget about it in a week.....

the only thing i really enjoyed was simply being with homsar88 and getting 2 new naruto manga volume 19 and 20. and no good movie commercials to speak except for maybe Hellboy 2 which reminds me i really ought to watch the first one cuz i've only see the animated version.


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Friday, January 25, 2008


finally the 2nd term is over and i get a 3 day weekend with not a single scrap of homework to do! so to celebrate i have my new theme! i've been dying to have byakuya up since before winter break. sorry sephiroth, your turn will have to wait. but i have such a awesome idea for that so look forward to it when it finally comes!

incidentally, im also planning to cosplay as byakuya for Anime Detour in april. i don't know what i would do without Jilly cuz she said she'd make it for me(otherwise i wouldn't even think of it as a possibility in the first place) and im slowly but surely learning the hare hare yukai dance as well. i've been practicing every day!(when i should have been studying for finals but i think i aced 'em so it doesn't matter!)

1. who is teh gayest anime character u can think of? (creed diskenth is near the top for me)
2. what kind of food would u want to be? personally i wouldn't mind being a stick of Pocky or a muffin
3. do you like the theme? byakuya's sexy right?! XD


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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


first thing that makes me sad is that edward elric taller than me by 2 inches. TT_______TT im even more of a shrimp than he is! "i feel cranky and pubescent today! grr! im gonna take it out on ppl that i like!" XD oh well....

um... what was i even gonna post about dammit? i know i had something but i can't remember it right now... but me and homsar88 had fun dropping this pumpkin raisin scone thing from teh upper floor and it was like a rock or something, but we found ourselves a nice hideaway so that's neat. and we could jump out and scare the shit out of ppl if we want. XD

i won't post it but i had a dream that was pretty fucking creepy. it involved a series of murders that start with david wang who apparently lived in the ephs "highschool" that looked nothing at all like the real highschool(the school in itself is creepy). all i will say is it involves a large black crow of dark magic that carries a bloody paperclip in it's steely claws and it's menacing caw is heard and feared by all and that bloody paperclip is a harbinger of death and suffering. it really killed the mood of my dream a few scenes before that had absolutely nothing to do with it. right before the crow, it started out with sexy captain jack sparrow with the black pearl that got pierced to his tongue(at first the black pearl was a ship but when he got it attached to his tongue it was an actual black pearl) and jack was all like "help! isth shtuck on my tongue!" and an appearance of keanu reeves(?) but the crow just had to ruin teh mood didn't it? i wanna turn it into a story much as it creeps me out.
1. who's sexier captain jack sparrow or keanu reeves?
2. best non-yaoi/yuri couple?(im thinking asumaXkurenai right at the moment)
3. who's the anime equivalent of michael jackson?(orochimaru would be hard to beat if u ask me)


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Monday, January 21, 2008

damn polyhedrons to hell

i finally finished the fucking polyhedron project but im still pissed off and i felt like punching the wall several times which i almost did once. it was hard enough to put the damn thing together without putting tape on the outside cuz i really didn't want to ruin the pictures. when i FINALLY got it put together i found 4 fucking edges that didn't match up right and i nearly lost it right there. im not going to take it apart but every time i look at that spot i feel like destroying something and crying at the same time. and i still have to study verbs for my shitty spanish class. im hardly in the mood, but enjoy the vids OK??


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