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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

dirge of cerberus
well as you can see, the theme is still vincent, but i changed it to dirge of cerberus theme now. i really like the other wallpaper too. and i LOVE the songs by gackt. pretty sweet songs right? anyways, yesterday i had the sudden obsessive fangirl urge to see dirge of cerberus cutscenes and watch every single minute of it. i spent the whole day watching it and loving every minute of it. XD and now i want to watch all of the crisis core cutscenes, but they're all in japanese with no subs right now. i also want to watch the scenes where cloud meets vincent locked up in the coffin. does anybody know which game that's in or where to find 'em? if you do, tell me NOW. need... more vincent! sexy... man meat! XD

and i just finished watching the end of the greatest anime ever made. and that anime is.... Samurai Champloo. seriously, i can find no faults whatsoever in the anime. if you can name one thing i will be shocked. all the voices are awesome and none of the dub voices annoy the hell out of me like naruto and sakura's voices do. they don't edit out violence and there's blood aplenty, but it's not overdone; if someone gets their finger cut, you won't see buckets of blood spurting out of them and the blood drips so realistically down their skin. and they don't replace swear words with stuff like "what the devil" "oh crap" or "dang" and they don't replace alcoholic words or references with shit like "potion" or "elixir". the personalities of the characters are realistic and it's not like in naruto where the main character enlightens the bad guy and suddenly he becomes a good guy, it's more realistic than that and the emotions are not cheesy or stupid. if there is a sentimental moment in samurai champloo, i don't think "omfg, this part is really stupid and annoying" and get really irritated like i usually do with pretty much every other anime(aka naruto). when there is a sentimental moment in samurai champloo, i feel like im really there and experiencing it and come close to tears. unlike other animes i watch, it's the kind of scene where they don't need to put in music to make you feel that sadness and pain that the characters are feeling. in naruto for example, a lot of it utilizes music in the right place to make you cry, but i can't seem to recall when the music was playing during those sad moments in samurai champloo, i could tell by a character's facial expression and the sad music wasn't necessary to put in. the anime makes me feel like this really did happen in feudal japan because it's realistic and facial expressions are pretty damn good and the "weird and not possible expression to make in real life" usually doesn't show up very often. most of the time i think "yeah, somebody could actually do that with their face" i really get into it and feel like im there to experience it.

the animation is obviously really good and the sheen of swords and noises make me feel like i could just feel that metal against my skin. with the exception of those comical moments, people's movements are realistic, i can't really recall anyone jumping 12 meters up in the air and if they do jump really high it's because it would make sense and it isn't ridiculously out of proportion cuz i watch and think "yeah somebody might really be able to jump that high".

another thing is the fact that you can never tell how something will turn out. it's not like in most shonen manga where you know the main character will somehow overcome the bad guy and magically have everything go his way one way or the other, simply because he is the main character and no other reason. like how ichigo(bleach) doesn't ever die and he isn't going to get that arm cut off just because he's the main character and in the recent episodes he won't die because orihime has magically improved powers and suddenly she is somehow able to bring back the dead so they will have an excuse to let ichigo live. no, in samurai champloo, there are moments when i feel on edge and stare wide-eyed to see if they will triumph or not. the suspense has felt so suffocating at times i can barely breathe because it's that suspenseful. especially in the last couple episodes, i was so into it and could feel the suspense and wondered how will it turn out?? will jin really die? that's the kind of suspense i felt, and there are part when a character that fuu meets dies almost right after meeting her. they aren't afraid to kill off characters like that and people aren't going to live simply because they meet the main characters, like in naruto when they almost never seem to die after meeting naruto. you know what i mean?

and i think that a nice thing is the fact that it isn't one of those "OMFG, is this series ever gonna end??" types it's more like a "damn i want this series to go on forever". and the fillers are AWESOME. unlike most other fillers you run into, they are actually good and not a waste of your time. the fillers are presented in such an interesting way that i don't even think of them as being fillers because they are so interesting. fillers rarely show up, but they are so interesting that i actually wish there could be more fillers, which is not something you think with your average anime, you usually think "if i see one more filler, im gonna lose my sanity". and also, there is a judicious mix of both humor and action/fight sequences. there are so many awesome fight scenes in samurai champloo and sometimes they can integrate it with something funny. i loved mugen's reaction when some random group of guys mistake him for somebody else and his expression as he said "hunh?" was great. and no anime is complete without the boobs! XD but it's realistic. it's not the kind of boobilicious humor you find in bleach and nobody has boobs that are *zoolander voice* ridiculously big looking. and when i mean ridiculously big, i mean like rangiku's boobs. that's a tad unrealistic you know?

i think i can finally understand how my brother felt when the series was over. i watched the last episode yesterday night and i felt such a sense of disappointment when i realized that there would be no more episodes. i have never felt like that before. i still can't believe it... such a great series and it's over... it's probably the only anime i will ever watch that makes me feel this way. it's the only one that i actually want to go on forever. with others you are more likely to get really irritated and think "come on already! when is it gonna ever end!??" it gets annoying after a time you know?

well, i was gonna post an FF vid in honor of having watched the dirge of cerberus, but i didn't expect to make such a long post. and i can't remember those questions i was gonna ask either. but they were really good ones... well maybe next time then.


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