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Saturday, March 29, 2008

im the happiest girl alive! :D i had the best birthday party EVER. the first one to show up was kat, then homsar88, theshinobihobbit, animelover12344, and Muffin king, who was the only boy there. it was hilarious cuz we attacked him when he walked through the door and we were shrieking and pulled him in and he had this WTF?! look that was hilarious. and we hadn't even started on the Mountain Dew yet! XD i got enough pocky for everyone to have one and ramune's soda, which im glad to say everyone liked.

it was really hilarious cuz us girls glomped Muffin king and theshinobihobbit got a picture of it on her cell. XD we also watched tons of random vids on youtube and newgrounds which included: the avatar abridged, the first episode of naruto abridged, demyx is fergalicious, demyx and his sitar, ashby, the pokemon parody, advent children parody, avatar boredom dub, the real akatsuki, madtv halo 3, the my spoon is too big rejected films, and the power rangers parody. but the greatest was showed to us by animelover12344. thanks a million animelover12344 cuz it was hilarious. it was called the "how to be___" series. we especially loved the gangster and nerd ones. some good quotes were:
"there are only 2 things i care about... beer.. and boobs"
"get me some tampons! tampons! tampons!..."
"how about i just throw water at you?!"
"dude, this guy's totally gonna sue us!"
"are you trying to say our dog tried to burn you eye out with a match because i have half a mind to take a match and burn your other eye out!"
"pikachu, go beat up up that caterpie so i can catch it!"
"stop angsting!!"
"silver haired men blast off at the speed of light! oh hell yeah, that's damn right." XDD
"dude, that's awesome! don't you mean... excellent?! *electric guitar noise*"
"triple handshake! wait where's the third? *looks down at crotch* that's disgusting! *grinds*"

we also played naruto ninja clash 2 or something like that. Mufin king was pissing me off cuz he kept "forgetting" to mention some control and beat me with a cheap shot. sakura's annoying, kakashi's special jutsu is hard cuz it takes a few seconds, naruto's special attack was getting REALLY annoying, and kakashi's voice sounded weird to me... and it was so hard to fight kakashi in the story mode. the only comfort is that in reality, kakashi could kick all the peoples' asses that you can play as in the game. i kicked some ass playing as kakashi though. XD

anyways, i got some really awesome presents. kat was being hyper to open presents. we were really hyper and shrieking the whole time, but we were quiet for a whole minute, which was nice cuz i was starting to get a headache. but anyway, i got a B&N gift card of $15 from Muffin king, a king sized bar of hershey's, a magnet, and another B&N gift card of $20 from kat, $20 from animelover12344, a gift card of $25 for Borders and Lucky Cat from homsar88, and the greatest gift was from theshinobihobbit! im so glad i opened it last cuz it was awesome! she got me a vincent valentine plushie! OMGOMGOMG it's vincent! thank you times a million! i have wanted one since seeing the FF movie for the first time. i gave her a hug i was so happy. ^__^

i got enough pocky for everyone to have one and i was like "well, i could just give you this pocky in an orderly fashion, but screw orderly!" and tossed them up into the air. it resulted in a mad scramble for the pocky and chaos(which the whole party was). it was hilarious. XD

we had cookie dough icecream cake and i actually managed to blow out the 2 candles! ha ha im so wimpy so i was surprised they actually went out. we watched the FF movie and cloud is definitely on something. XD my favorite quote was when vincent appears and says "where can i buy a phone?" or when Loz says "im NOT crying!" but i was really annoyed how everyone was like "omg, you don't know what a moogle is? that's sad!" well sorry for being stupid! i have said countless times i have only seen the movie and random clips of demyx and zexion! how the hell do you expect me to know that when i haven't even touched one of the games before? im not an FF expert here! i only care about vincent valentine anyway; i could care less about the other stuff. ok, maybe sephiroth too. he could totally kick ganon's butt btw. you agree? XD

and i suddenly realized something about my obsessive fangirl crushes on characters. now as im sure i've said a few times, i tend to fall in love with the mysterious types that you can't always tell what they're thinking and usually have a tragic past that makes me cry. i did that after reading the kakashi gaiden too. but i also fall in love with the emo ones too like ulquiorra, zexion, vincent, jirou(from black blood brothers)... you might wonder why im not a fangirl of sasuke if the emo ones are my type as well. *gag* i realize it's not just his constant bitching and "avenge" crap he's always going on about but being too damn weak to actually act on his "threats" and vows to kill itachi. seriously in the shippuden, they only made him uberly strong just to make up for his horrible weak shit in the first half where he only has that "im superior to naruto in every way" characteristic for like the first arc(zabuza arc) and then he's almost instantly revealed as being nothing but talk and a no talent whatsoever weakling. i think the reason i really hate him is the fact that i honestly don't think he has the right to be emo at all. true, he had a "tragic past" and all, but all the other emo characters i fall in love with actually have a right to be, like vincent. but you don't see vincent acting like a total jerk faced idiot and screaming at people about his revenge or anything. his emo-ness makes him lonely and yet he protects his friends, even if he doesn't smile, he looks out for the people who are important to him and is reasonable and calm. they still have some sanity, but sasuke totally loses it, as shown in the whole "jumping into the lake for no reason" scene. i would laugh if vincent did that, but he would actually have a logical reason for jumping into a lake, whereas sasuke basically jumps in cuz he's having hallucinations. it makes me wonder if sasuke was ALREADY on drugs at the time.... which is why he needs to get a paopu fruit in the face. XD


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