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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a bet of sorts
well first thing i gotta say is that i have made a bet with a lot of people from anime club. i didn't think they'd take me up on it, but i have more willpower than they think i do. but first, i now have proof that im the most ignorant person alive cuz Jilly showed up in anime club and she was there for like 20 minutes before i noticed. wow. im special.

but anyways, i was sorta joking around and i was arguing with Muffin king about how i COULD be quiet if i really wanted to and he was all yeah right. now if you know me, you would probably agree with hims seeing as how i shriek a lot. and then several others joined in and they thought i wouldn't be able to stay quiet for a whole day. so here's the bet i made: tomorrow i will be quiet, not scream, curse/insult at them, be loud, get angry, and whisper or i will lose the bet. the stakes are $12 and if i win i also get biscuits that Jilly will make for me and she will also acknowledge my ninja skills by a LOT more. i have it won though. none of them realize i have more willpower than it appears. i don't need to scream if i don't feel like it. i usually do that cuz i get a little more attention and it's really lonely when i have no friends to talk to. so to all you who go to my school, that's why im gonna be quiet cuz if they can hear me being loud then that obviously still counts as losing. but of course, homsar88 is the only one who reads my posts that goes to my school anyway.

here's a vid i found and i thought it was kinda cute. you might have seen it but i haven't seeing as how i only just recently got into final fantasy ever since watching the movie theshinobihobbit showed me and that wasn't that long ago. but im so happy she did show me! what would i do without vincent-sama!! kyaah, he's so cool! *fangirl mode*


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