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Saturday, August 4, 2007

   The Wonders of How I Work
This has absolutely nothing to do with my new job. This is an offered glimps to all of you of just how "skilled" I am. My folks headed out of town today to go camping (I couldn't go because I have to work during that time). They left somewhere between 5 or 6 p.m.. I didn't get off work until 6:30. It is now 1:05 in the morning. I was so completely wipped out from work and just not sleeping good whatsoever these past couple of weeks and had such a bad headache (not to mention the fact that I was breaking out into a sweat for no reason and thought I was going to die or find myself having an uber fever) that I closed the curtains in the living room, turned on the AC and crancked it up, chucked off my clothes for thinner and more comfortable ones, then crashed on the couch at roughly 7. So in the time that I've been home, I slept for roughly 2 and a half hours (with the help of asprine at one point or another. Not sure when I got up, but I did, took asprine, grabbed a different pillow then clonked again), and have been on the computer for about another hour. Then spent roughly half an hour scrounging up some food (at 11:30...).

My point? I have been home for roughly 6 hours, give or take. And I have been busy or preoccupied for 4 of those hours. In the 2 or so hours of the rest of that time, I have made a complete mess of the house. I have manga scattered all over my computer desk, I just dropped my bag a few steps into the house right next to the television, my shoes are a couple feet beyond there (no pun intended), I still have my plate with some food on it on the coffee table, I have all my jewelry (two sets of earrings, necklace, etc.) scattered on the table as well, dishes all over the kitchen cause I need to empty and fill the dishwasher, the pillows on the couch as well as the blanket strewn across the living room floor, notes everywhere from my folks of things to do and where they're at, and to top it all off I HAVE UNDERGARMENTS, SHIRT, AND SOCKS scattered around the living room to boot. Which, for all of you who don't know, is the very first room you enter when entering my house. It's what everyone sees from outside thanks to the huge windows. Hence part of the reason why the curtains were closed at the very beginning.

So the point in all of this is to show just how much of a slob I really am. Not to mention a bona fide college student with my ability to strew things EVERYWHERE! lol. I amaze myself. I really do. And now, NIGHT TIME! (pfft, did you think I was going to say "Time to clean up!"? I'm proud of my work!)

MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^_^=

Oh, yeah... Also changed the scheme of the site again (even changed my avatar!) Tried doing this sooner, but the site I use to upload my bgs and link from wasn't working for me and I had to HEAD to work so I just now got it to work. What do you all think? Font colors seem a bit off though they're legible so any suggestions would be nice! And comments are always welcome!!! =^_^= please??? PRETTY PLEASE??? .... Yay couch! =@_Z=

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

   Becoming a Respectable Member of the Community
For starters it's been one day since I've stolen candy from children and stores! Yay! Okay, just kidding. I don't have the heart to do either of those things XD (not that I would if I did =O_o=). The good news actually comes from me finally getting a job!! And then to find that nearly all of my previous classmates were taking bets on whether or not I WOULD get a job this summer.... and none of them were for it. Which seems like an odd bet to me, but oh well lol. Thanks to a friend and actually a friend's mom for telling me about this job and offering to be a referal, I am now a proud worker at Costco, my first real day being yesterday! It went pretty good. Worked just shy of 5 hours. The peeps there were very kind to me, took care of me, gave me a minimal amount of hard times, and showed me the ropes. My back was a bit sore afterwards as well as my feet, but I survived and was still smiling at the end of the day! Woots! But sadly, didn't crawl into bed until 11:30 due to taking care of some things and then couldn't sleep for the life of me and then got up at 6. (Okay, I actually work up at 5:45 and just laid in bed until 6, then sat on my bed for another hour listening to music...close enough lol). So now I'm sitting here, waiting for my laundry to finish while thinking that I need more clothes (mainly shirts =@_@=) as well as a new pair of shoes for work and thta I REALLY want more sleep. And chapstick.. Fair was in town last weekend and the chapstick I had finally stolen out of the bathroom due to my utter and dire need for the stuff was lost from the not-so-deep depths of my pocket after one of the rides, but I didn't realize till after I had left the fair. It kept me utterly distracted during work yesterday. (I seriously can't go a day without chapstick. I die. Shrivel up. Not pretty.) So I need to go buy some before work at noon. and it's now 9:11. Yay.... I need caffiene too. I work from noon until 8:30 tonight so I'm definitely going to be tired =@_@= BUT I FINALLY HAVE A JOB!!! YAY!!!!

Also, I have my classes picked out and I'm registered for college at a local community college of sorts where I'm going to get my generals out of the way while working and living with my folks to reduce uber costs that I will incur over this period of time XD. Good GRAVY do I need more sleep. The town is BLANKETED with smoke from fires around the area so that's doing a number on me and heat will ALWAYS kill me. So restless nights aplenty right now so last night's lack of sleep WAS NOT NEEDED! Yeah.. Back to talking about college... I start therethe 27th so between that, work, and church my time will be sorely depleted but being as I love you all and know you all love me back *coughXDcoughkekekeCOUGH!* yeah.. ignore that... But I will be trying to get on as much as possible and motivate myself (even if it requires using Etaru lol) to update, check peeps new stuff, and the whole shebang. Do people still use that word these days? I was told the other night that I was showing my age and weird mood cause no one says that anymore. AM I REALLY THAT OLD!?!?! *cries!* Yeah, next topic.

In other news, I have some more ideas for e-cards, just haven't made them yet. But be expecting them soon! (Hopefully). I also have a rant in mind about some new anime for me. Figured it'd be something more to post on here than just my lameness (though this will probably confirm it cause I'll jsut be discovering anime peeps across the world have known about for years, most likely lol). Maybe XD

And I still owe the Anime Oasis DX con report.. Man, I meant to do that a LOT sooner. I'm going have all days mixed up, I just know it lol. Though as a little snippet, I must give a few of the best moments.
1.) GOING TO "300" IN I-MAX WHILE STILL IN COSTUME!!! BOO YEAH!!!! (For those who don't know, I went as Kazekage Gaara)
2.) Having just my eye make up on when a snobish woman saw me while talking on her cell, having her huff in utter disgust, turn around, and snarl into the phone "Aparently there's an EMO convention going on." I know she meant harm, but man did I LAUGH! MWAHAH!
3.) Going to Denny's at 11:30 at night, in costume of course, scaring peoples, then scaring the waitor because I thought I left my retainers on the plate he took away. Found them on my bag then had to rush over to the guy to stop him then apologize profusely. That poor man... You could tell he was exhausted and I didn't help the situation one bit.. XD

That's about all I have for now! I'll return sometime with an update on my job and what not as well as get that con report done.

And finally, JAGUAR'S BACK!!! YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! She gave me a scare when she just up and vanished but she is back and injury free!!! Go give her a hug and welcome her back! =^_^=

...I'm not even going to attempt to proof-read this post right now.... =@_X= =^_^=

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Friday, June 22, 2007

This post is nothing more than my elation, but I figured it was monumentious enough to have it's own post in order to inform everyone.


It's exciting for me! I remember just starting to make ecards, how I did good, then it just stopped. Then I saw people who had 200+ ecards made and thought I'd never get anywhere near that. Well! Half way there!!! I've made 100 and am already working on another so I'll have even more than that today alone! I'M SO HAPPY! So yeah, that's it. Take care everyone and for those who read this random post, THANK YOU! *bows and gets back to work!* =^_^=

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

   Back into the Swing of Things
As the title says, I'm finally, TRULY coming back alive. I've gotten to the messages I've had to reply to, slowly going through the comments I have to respond to and thank people for, and have even added 5+ new e-cards to the profile this week. Most were made today and more are bound to come. I'm in a great mood and creativity is flowing! :D Along with good pictures! =^_^=

So yeah, time's still freed up being as I don't yet have a job (hopefully that changes soon). Coming up within the week I'll have that con report for Anime Oasis DX this year that I've been promising for ages to appease myself, my word, and to pacify Etaru XD. Other then that, things have not changed. Compliments of Etaru, I'll be doing a very brief photoshoot/cosplay of Raphael from Angel Sanctuary (sorry to all you fans out there, I was forced. Alright, Etaru struck a good deal with me and I get new clothes to boot.. I'm still sorry! XD) so this will be interesting. And yes, I'm going as a guy again. Good thing I kept some of my supplies from my Gaara cosplay.

So that's what's going on right now in a VERY brief nutshell. More to come later, I promise. And hopefully I'll be talking to some of you soon! Hope you all have a fantastic week! =^_^=

Oh and, just to show how much of a space cadet I can be, just this week when I added my first ecard in a while did I realize I have been uped to Senior Otaku (booYEAH!!!!). So I was celebrating and telling Sam about it, only to be informed that I've had it since at least my last post... On the 27th of May XD. But yeah, random stuff! :D Take care all! =^_^=

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   I'M BACK!
First of all, anyone who's been wondering where I'm at or why I've gone, thank Etaru cause she's the one who kicked me back on here. Quite literally held me at sword (yes sword) point at her house and made me come here and update.... Ish

Wow, life's changed immensely for me in the time I've been gone. Not only is my main school out (the school that I take the majority of my classes at and am officially a student on), but I am proud to say that on the 18th of May, I GRADUTED!!! And yes, I made it! It's such an amazing thing for me, though I cried like a baby. Though I've still been forced to finish out my classes at the public school, that finishes within the week so I'm almost completely free. It's nuts! Mainly cause now I have to get off my fat duff (which continues to remind me that I need to be hitting the gym..) and get a job, as well as finish registering for my classes at the local Vo-Tech. So that's nuts for me.

As for why I've been gone, obviously one point that stand out is my graduation. The other reasons include the massive projects that my class was hit with...right BEFORE graduating. So I was in a semi-mad panic trying to get those done. Then there was the last minute class bonding which usually involved a movie night and usually at my place. It was a blast, though. So, on top f all the reading, projects, and entertaining I was doing, I simply did not have the time nor the motivation to come on and update though I've longed to and am in dire need to make more ecards. Oh, while I'm somewhat (not really) on the topic, my step dad finally was gracious enough to can the evil dial up Netzero that we were using (both my mom and I can have horrid tempers and when the internet doesn't work how we want it, there is problems. Temper spreads between the two of us like a fire during a drought. It's not pretty) and so, much to my unimagined pleasure, I now have cable internet (and digital cable tv, that was a nice bonus).

In other news, I am currently AT Etaru's house (hence the reason why she was able to hold me at sword point) for her OWN graduation today. Tis going to be a grand day. I'll have more to add later, including the Con Report for AO DX which I've been promising. Take care all!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

   Stuff To Come
Yeah, I'm home and Anime Oasis DX and done and gone. Ish. As I sort through my pictures and after the Calculus and Bible test today (the three of us in my Calc. class all bombed the test so we're retaking it XD ) I'll be able to get my act together and not only put up an album of pictures from the con (including pics of the full and complete Kazekage Gaara outfit lol), but also write up a con report and tell you all some of the juicey stuff that happened lol.

And yes, I know I say this every time, but I'll get to replying to everyone's messages and visiting everyone's sites lol. Geez, I have to get to READING all the messages =O_o=... So much work... And so much studying I should be doing =@_@= Toodles!!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

   The Pains of an Early Bird Friend
This is roughly what Etaru was thinking this morning. Yes, the early bird is me (as some of you may have noticed lol). We stay up past 12 though I had been trying to fall asleep and get Etaru to stop moving around, turn off the lights, and at least let me sleep. She finally came down at about 11 and then how does she get me to stay up and participate in our tradition of the nightly conversations? Roman/Greek mythology... Thinking back on it, that was a dirty stunt XD. But anyway, I had Etaru set her alarm for 5 a.m. so that I could shower, get ready, and finish all the sewing that I need to. Well, I stick to my schedule and get up then. The previous night, Etaru had asked me to wake her up after I got out of the shower so she could shower and finish her stuff. Mwahahahaha... She wasn't too happy this morning and was rescued by her mother.. So Etaru got to sleep in till 7 and from then on I continually harassed her till she got up lol. Oh how she suffers when we sleep at the other's house (we share a room). And how I live for it NYAHAHAHA!!! XD

Yep, it's now 7:45, I have one shoe done after having a very sudden inspiration on how to sew the blasted velcro on at 11 last night... That stunk lol. And needless to say the second shoe is already going much easier. And thank goodness too; Etaru's almost out of black thread XD.

For all of those whom I have yet to respond to, sorry!! I'll have to wait to get to everything until after I coem back. Too lazy right now and too busy XD. Well, have a great rest of the week everyone and a great weekend!! =^_^=

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

   Off To Get Soda...In My TOGA!!!
XD I love Ides of March. The day Julius Caesar was brutally stabbed to death at the foot of Pompey's statue... And the day where all the Latin students get extra credit for wearing a toga all day XD. Being me, I wore my humble toga... As I walked to teh gas station for soda. The cashier did a triple take. And now off I go to eat and rush off to school! =^_^=
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   Odd Stuff
Alrighty, let me set the scene. I have just recently gotten out of the shower because I put some Red Pulse in (concentrated red mousse stuff that's supposed to add redness to your hair) and have begun getting some clothes together for my trip to the con and to Etaru's house. I have also just geled the living daylights out of my hair (this is becoming a daily ritual and I LOVE it XD The wind goes through my hair, I step inside, and it hasn't moved a centimenter) and done it somewhat like Gaara's hair style. At least in the back. The front. not so much. The clothes were chucked on top of my bag, I got my costume together in a bag, then returned to the computer to make sure the internet was still running and to see if Bearshare was downloading any of my songs (yes, I R naughty...). I'm going through my list of searches and right as soon as I click on my search for "gaara", "Crisis After Crisis" or rather, Gaara's theme immediately comes on. And I'm left sitting here all, "=O_o= ... Cool!" XD Yes, I should be packing, finishing my Latin homework, eating the delectable small cheesecake in the frigde for me, removing ALL nailpolish (XD), finishing my shoes, etc. But I'm not. I'm on here chatting to all of you and telling you about stupid little things that are happening XD. What can I say? I live to please. Ish XD =^_^=
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   Why Do I Feel Old at 18??
Seriously, I do. I've been feeling old all senior year and it's pathetic. Slower at sports (okay, I just play stink and it got worse XD), too many young pups with far more stamina and energy than me lol. And can't forget the aches and pains. Been sleeping through my alarm and finally had to change it from the obnoxious magpie/bird sounds that used to get me up so good that I wouldn't even know what woke me up till the birds went off again to the even more obnoxious beeping.... I hate the beeping sound... But sacrifices must be made in order to do work early... And to get up XD. But I still think the birds worked better (when they got me up). I'd leap out of bed (for those who know what a magpie sounds like, you'd know why - they'er just annoying...)and I'd be wide awake. With the beeping, I hit the snooze lol. Actually I just reset the alarm to a different time MWAHAHAH! Which totally defeats the purpose...

Anyway, to get back to my rant of feeling old, I am officially an adult today. The "big old" 18... WHY DO I FEEL SO OLD!?!? XD Nah, it's not that bad. My body's just takin' several beatings from moi lol. Each time I hear "Your body is the temple of the Lord" take care of it, I cringe lol. "Shoot... shouldn't have got after that ball... Knew I'd just kill my knee and completely MISS the ball anyway...." XD Ah, the dilemas of life. Well, I briefly worked on my shoes this morning with Joe to get an idea on how to do the back. I was looking at it thinking, "That won't look so hot.." then it hit me. I have the advantage over Etaru in this. I get to wear pants. LONG pants XD So I can allow a little bit of ugliness with the shoes till I have to show 'em off lol. Only to make people laugh, of course. My ego's not that big (usually) =^_^=.

Well at day's end I must say HAPPY IDES OF MARCH everyone!!! Only better day besides today that isn't a major holiday is St. Patrick's Day!!! Boo yeah!!!! I should temporarily dye my hair green for that =*_*= *dances and gets off before she causes more damage XD* =^_^=

Oh!! And I got a birthday card from Pepsi XD I feel extremely accomplished lol.

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