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Thursday, August 2, 2007

   Becoming a Respectable Member of the Community
For starters it's been one day since I've stolen candy from children and stores! Yay! Okay, just kidding. I don't have the heart to do either of those things XD (not that I would if I did =O_o=). The good news actually comes from me finally getting a job!! And then to find that nearly all of my previous classmates were taking bets on whether or not I WOULD get a job this summer.... and none of them were for it. Which seems like an odd bet to me, but oh well lol. Thanks to a friend and actually a friend's mom for telling me about this job and offering to be a referal, I am now a proud worker at Costco, my first real day being yesterday! It went pretty good. Worked just shy of 5 hours. The peeps there were very kind to me, took care of me, gave me a minimal amount of hard times, and showed me the ropes. My back was a bit sore afterwards as well as my feet, but I survived and was still smiling at the end of the day! Woots! But sadly, didn't crawl into bed until 11:30 due to taking care of some things and then couldn't sleep for the life of me and then got up at 6. (Okay, I actually work up at 5:45 and just laid in bed until 6, then sat on my bed for another hour listening to music...close enough lol). So now I'm sitting here, waiting for my laundry to finish while thinking that I need more clothes (mainly shirts =@_@=) as well as a new pair of shoes for work and thta I REALLY want more sleep. And chapstick.. Fair was in town last weekend and the chapstick I had finally stolen out of the bathroom due to my utter and dire need for the stuff was lost from the not-so-deep depths of my pocket after one of the rides, but I didn't realize till after I had left the fair. It kept me utterly distracted during work yesterday. (I seriously can't go a day without chapstick. I die. Shrivel up. Not pretty.) So I need to go buy some before work at noon. and it's now 9:11. Yay.... I need caffiene too. I work from noon until 8:30 tonight so I'm definitely going to be tired =@_@= BUT I FINALLY HAVE A JOB!!! YAY!!!!

Also, I have my classes picked out and I'm registered for college at a local community college of sorts where I'm going to get my generals out of the way while working and living with my folks to reduce uber costs that I will incur over this period of time XD. Good GRAVY do I need more sleep. The town is BLANKETED with smoke from fires around the area so that's doing a number on me and heat will ALWAYS kill me. So restless nights aplenty right now so last night's lack of sleep WAS NOT NEEDED! Yeah.. Back to talking about college... I start therethe 27th so between that, work, and church my time will be sorely depleted but being as I love you all and know you all love me back *coughXDcoughkekekeCOUGH!* yeah.. ignore that... But I will be trying to get on as much as possible and motivate myself (even if it requires using Etaru lol) to update, check peeps new stuff, and the whole shebang. Do people still use that word these days? I was told the other night that I was showing my age and weird mood cause no one says that anymore. AM I REALLY THAT OLD!?!?! *cries!* Yeah, next topic.

In other news, I have some more ideas for e-cards, just haven't made them yet. But be expecting them soon! (Hopefully). I also have a rant in mind about some new anime for me. Figured it'd be something more to post on here than just my lameness (though this will probably confirm it cause I'll jsut be discovering anime peeps across the world have known about for years, most likely lol). Maybe XD

And I still owe the Anime Oasis DX con report.. Man, I meant to do that a LOT sooner. I'm going have all days mixed up, I just know it lol. Though as a little snippet, I must give a few of the best moments.
1.) GOING TO "300" IN I-MAX WHILE STILL IN COSTUME!!! BOO YEAH!!!! (For those who don't know, I went as Kazekage Gaara)
2.) Having just my eye make up on when a snobish woman saw me while talking on her cell, having her huff in utter disgust, turn around, and snarl into the phone "Aparently there's an EMO convention going on." I know she meant harm, but man did I LAUGH! MWAHAH!
3.) Going to Denny's at 11:30 at night, in costume of course, scaring peoples, then scaring the waitor because I thought I left my retainers on the plate he took away. Found them on my bag then had to rush over to the guy to stop him then apologize profusely. That poor man... You could tell he was exhausted and I didn't help the situation one bit.. XD

That's about all I have for now! I'll return sometime with an update on my job and what not as well as get that con report done.

And finally, JAGUAR'S BACK!!! YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! She gave me a scare when she just up and vanished but she is back and injury free!!! Go give her a hug and welcome her back! =^_^=

...I'm not even going to attempt to proof-read this post right now.... =@_X= =^_^=

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