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Thursday, March 15, 2007

   Why Do I Feel Old at 18??
Seriously, I do. I've been feeling old all senior year and it's pathetic. Slower at sports (okay, I just play stink and it got worse XD), too many young pups with far more stamina and energy than me lol. And can't forget the aches and pains. Been sleeping through my alarm and finally had to change it from the obnoxious magpie/bird sounds that used to get me up so good that I wouldn't even know what woke me up till the birds went off again to the even more obnoxious beeping.... I hate the beeping sound... But sacrifices must be made in order to do work early... And to get up XD. But I still think the birds worked better (when they got me up). I'd leap out of bed (for those who know what a magpie sounds like, you'd know why - they'er just annoying...)and I'd be wide awake. With the beeping, I hit the snooze lol. Actually I just reset the alarm to a different time MWAHAHAH! Which totally defeats the purpose...

Anyway, to get back to my rant of feeling old, I am officially an adult today. The "big old" 18... WHY DO I FEEL SO OLD!?!? XD Nah, it's not that bad. My body's just takin' several beatings from moi lol. Each time I hear "Your body is the temple of the Lord" take care of it, I cringe lol. "Shoot... shouldn't have got after that ball... Knew I'd just kill my knee and completely MISS the ball anyway...." XD Ah, the dilemas of life. Well, I briefly worked on my shoes this morning with Joe to get an idea on how to do the back. I was looking at it thinking, "That won't look so hot.." then it hit me. I have the advantage over Etaru in this. I get to wear pants. LONG pants XD So I can allow a little bit of ugliness with the shoes till I have to show 'em off lol. Only to make people laugh, of course. My ego's not that big (usually) =^_^=.

Well at day's end I must say HAPPY IDES OF MARCH everyone!!! Only better day besides today that isn't a major holiday is St. Patrick's Day!!! Boo yeah!!!! I should temporarily dye my hair green for that =*_*= *dances and gets off before she causes more damage XD* =^_^=

Oh!! And I got a birthday card from Pepsi XD I feel extremely accomplished lol.

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