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Friday, February 23, 2007

   For All You Fans
Well, I finally did what I said I would do and uploaded a few of the photos that have me and Etaru cosplaying. Yes, that's right folks, I finally put up my Kazekage Gaara cosplay pics on this site. I hope you all enjoy them. Just know that these pics were taken before I fully got my hair cut to the right style and there are still a few small things that have to be added to the outfit (including our fan and gourd (which we do have, just not at the time of the shoot), proper belts on me, shoes, and me forgetting to cover up my eyebrows XD). So yeah, one step at a time with me. Eventually I'll get to all of the other stuff I need to do. In the meantime, I hope all of you have a great week and take care!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

   Because Etaru Told Me To
Yeah, she told me to update my blog and I figured I had to do SOMETHING she told me to do within a timely fashion XD. So here I am.

I hurt another's feelings this weekend. That kinda stunk, but I would like to think that he learned an important lesson from it all. Who knows though.

As for state, girls lost their first two games. OUR GUYS TOOK FIRST!!!
Yeah, we're elated =^_^=

I'm soooo glad to have a week without basketball practice hanging over my head now. It's truly made a difference in my day already and I LOVE IT!! =^_^= I've built enough character lol. Beyond that, can't think of anything so I'll actually get back to work and update later if I DO think of something hehe.

Oh, and I cut my hair again. This time I have the complete boy cut for Gaara =^_^=

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

   Follow The White Rabbit
... I hate rabbit trails... It's 3:40 and I still haven't touched my homework which is to do a blue print of sorts of a two story house and label everything in Latin and then I have to make cinquain and diamante (two types of poems) of Hero and Leander (I'll recap the story of these two lovers later - and for the record, Hero is a woman.) These two poems must be made into a valentine, and they also must be in Latin =^_^=

Wow, sidetracked again!!! Anyway, the reason I'm back is because of received an email from Etaru. It is was a link to a cg a friend of hers on cosplay.com had made. The cg is one of the pics Etaru and I took together as Temari and Gaara, time jump style, and I must say her friend, Tennyochan, did an amazing job. So, go check it out if you have the chance!

Here's the link to the picture: http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=985062

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Time?? 3 a.m.!!! Woots!!! =^_^=

Well, I still have guestbook signing thingies to return, and there are still unasnwered messages that I have to get to, but it's looking like I won't really crack down on everything until after the state tournament. Man, I still have to do the stuff to join a club I said I'd join =O_o=. I'm very sorry everyone!! Please just be a little patient with me and I swear I'll get to everything within time lol =^_^=.

In other news, I've been hitting the sack pretty early just from being very tired. Monday night I went to bed around 9 (usually I don't fall asleep until around 11 or later) and last night I was in bed before 8. And now it's 3 XD. But I emant to get up early today. However, I feel nice and refreashed. FINALLY!! =^_^=

Also, last night was my LAST BASKETBALL PRACTICE!!!!! I seriously just want to jump for joy. Tonight the teams' are getting together to watch "Facing the Giants" right after school, we have a spaghetti feed right after that, then it's off to youth group. And then tomorrow is our first game!! It's a double elimination tournament but we're really hoping to do well. Hmmmm... I need to do a post later on spirit week...

While I'm on the subject of practice and everything, I have a nice little story. A story, that is not only true, it is another testiment to how easy I can bruise XD. During warmups we do a thing called wall jumps. We jump up and try to reach a certain spot on the wall repeatedly, though we reach up with one hand and do X amount with each hand. Well, I was jumping, touching the wall with my left hand, and my right hand swung forward and clonked the wall. Needless to say, it hurt =O_o=. Far more than it should have. So I stopped and looked at my hand. Instant and I mean INSTANT bruise. And just to add to the fact that I hurt myself, the area even swelled up immediately. I stared at it in disbelief for a few wondering, "What in the world?!?" then finally continued my wall jumps and showed off my bruise. Oh, and the bruised area is the area around my first two knuckles but it goes up my middle finger some too. I'm proud to have a bruise to show off, but just have to laugh at how I got it.

Anyway, homework's calling and I never really meant to come on except to say I wouldn't be getting to stuff much XD. Night everyone!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

   A Very Decent Monday
Today was actually a very neat day. First off, I got to miss the entire morning of school. My Economics teacher chose four of the six peeps in my class (myself included in those numbers) to participate in the Economics Challenge today. So, I went to most of Calculus, but being as all three of us were part of the Economics team, my math teacher let us study the whole time (no lie about the number there either lol). Well, we got there at about 9, got a free t-shirt, uber spiffy note pad and pen, and free breakfast. Now, before I go any further, I must tell you all my Economics experiance. I have had ONE semester, last semester no less, of Economics. My class did the Stock Market Game at the same time. That's it. Another member of my team, Maria, who can own my butt intelligent-wise any day, had actually read a book on Economics over the weekend and did a ton of research on the internet to prepare for this. Me? I was studying the morning of... My other classmate, Matt, had done possibly some studying that morning but really, he didn't. Same went for Kyle. In short, we were there for the food. Not only was there a free breakfast, there was free lunch. These other teams had been preparing for this challenge and had done a lot more Economics and some had even been to this Challenge last year. To boot, all semester my Economics teacher kept saying that none of his teams had ever made it to the Lightning Round. So again I say, we were there for the food XD. Now I must explain how the challenge was set up. There were three rounds and then the Lightning Round. The first three rounds were written tests and each idividual team member did the first two rounds/tests by themselves. At the end of each round the tests were collected and the top three points were combined to make the team score and those points were added to the total for the next round. For the third round, it was a group effort and one answer sheet was given to each team. The two teams with the highest points would then advance to the Lightning Round and the winner of that would represent my state in the regions that are held in L.A.. After the first round, my team was in second. And we were convined they had made a scoring error. Second round, we were first. At the end of the written part, WE WERE THE TOP SCORING TEAM!!! Now, we had set ourselves up for failure and were just hoping to not be last this whole time so we were beyond shocked and deadpanned. Well, needless to say we lost the Lightning Round, but still, we took second in the state!!! AND GOT A TROPHY!!!! There really is no way to describe how shocked and how excited we were once it finally set in and our hearts stopped pounding. Then we got our free lunch, certificates that said we had participated, and then they did team awards and individual awards. The individual awards dealt with the top two who had scored the highest on the written tests. This is the real miracle. I TIED WITH A GUY FROM OUT OF TOWN FOR SECOND PLACE!!!!!!! Me, who hates numbers, graphs and the like and who has very little Economics experiance. And all I have to say is, I'm a darn good guesser. But I do feel bad, because I know the real award should have gone to Maria. She will always work herself up and get uber nervous but I know that she really knew a lot more than I did. But there you have it! Being as the other guy is from out of town, he got the present award for taking second: a trophy and a $50 savings bond, which I will also recieve at a later time!!! I am so happy!!!! So yeah, this week is starting out great. And now, it is time for sleep even though it's just 8 p.m.... I nearly clonked out during practice so I know I'm dead lol. Night all! =^_^=
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

All I'm going to say is, Etaru onee-chan, I hate you. I am now sleep deprived (okay, not as bad as normal, I got a decent amount of sleep but not nearly as much as I was PLANNING), mad at Kaori Yuki, and helping with a frienship tea in an hour and a half XD. Oh and Etaru, I have some books to give back finally.

Life's going pretty good. State tournment's next week so I desperately have to hit the gym, but other than that, I'm doing decent. And really can't think right now. I just wanted to "vent" my "anger" at Etaru :P. I'll probably give a more thorough update later on. And finally get to returning the new entries in my guestbook and pm request stuff I need to do. So, talk to you all later! =^_^=

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

   New Thingy
Yep, tinkering again. I just felt like changing the bg and after fighting with it and even having Sam help me when he stopped by (You rock), I finally got a new bg up. I love this one. It's a bit modified in that it's been lightened so as to make the text on my site more legible. The original bg is much more bold and what not. Again, can't remember where I got it, but if this is your bg and you'd like me to put the original up or give credit, please just let me know.

Anyway, time for my infamous question. Who likes this new bg? Is it okay or do peeps want me to go back to the other pic that had Cain from Trinity Blood? (The tan/golden color bg). I'd really like some input on this.

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   Life Comes at You Fast
Oh my goodness do I feel like crap =@_@=. That time of month hit yesterday with more force than it has in a long while. Let me give the run down of yesterday, just because I need to get it out there lol. I was dead tired even though I had lots of homework to do so I slept in. My mom came in, asked if I was going to just go in later (my mom rocks that way; she knows when I usually get up and if I'm not up by 5:30 and haven't left a note, I'm either dead, sick, or just plain tired.). Being the sleep hazed person I was and mentally cheering person, I sort of grumbled out yes then clonked back out. I woke up somewhere around 10 and decided to finally hop in the shower. That's when I found that time of month had finally come again. But I hopped into the shower, but needless to say, never got to finish it. I started to get cramps painfully bad so I got out, took some Naproxen, hobbled over to the couch, curled up around the heat pad, and turned on the tv. Unfortunately, I was too late in taking the pills. I hurt so bad that I wish I was in Hiroshima when it was about to be nuked rather than be female. To top it off, after sitting down for a few, I got a nice bloody nose. Thankyfull I had a box of tissues in front of me as I've had a small cold of late. At some point I went into semi-fetal position with my head partially on my knees and partially on the coffee table. After a few in that position I look up... And see Etaru's mom standing at the door (outside) looking at me. Well, I get up, tell her that I'm not sick, just have cramps, take the bag of stuff from Etaru (Thanks, dear!), then close the door still slightly humiliated. I go off to the bathroom while I'm up and on the way back to the couch, I notice that my stomach is queasy so I grab a bowl just in case and return to my couch sanctuary. Thank the Lord I grabbed that bowl. I hadn't been sitting for more than a minute when I was suddenly hit with a vomitting fit, throwing up a good 5+ times in a row. And I hadn't even eaten anything. So, now I can't move, my mouth tastes nasty, I STILL have terrible cramps, and I just feel sick. What do I do? Why, call my mother of course. After a stop at the store, she comes home with juice, crackers, and Pamprin. I take some pills and she pops in Pirates of the Caribbean after getting me my pillow and blanket (and a new bowl). A wuarter of the way through, I get up to do something or another while she answers the phone. Come back and the vomiting fit starts all over, with the addition of my poor mother gagging some (she has a weak stomach). I finally learn that getting up is a no-no so I resume being curled up on the couch in utter agony still and finally manage to drift off during the movie. During this time my cramps FINALLY go away, after I have taken about 6 pills in a 4 hour period because the first two times I ended up throwing the pills up. Needless to say, I never went to school.

Today I did go to school, but I have been so out of it. I feel like my head or just me in general is separate from my body, and not really inhabiting my body. Total mind bog, and after school, I felt like crap. So I asked mom to call the school to tell them I wouldn't be at practice but would make it up at the gym tomorrow, grabbed my trusty pillow, took some more pills, and crashed on the couch. Right after I had eaten a pot pie and an energy drink... I can't sleep after eating or it kills me later. And it did. I wake up, still feel detached, stomach's not feel the best, and I still have a killer headache. And mom brought home McDonald's. I know I shouldn't have eaten it, but I couldn't resist. So stomach's a little worse off, and the rest of the problems haven't really died down. So here I am, procrastinating homework yet again because I just don't have the mental capacity to do anything right now. =@_@= One of the things I have due for tomorrow is to write a persuasive essay that's a satire at the same time. I'm doing it on Irish domination, but I'm seriously tempted to change it and do it on being a woman instead. But I have some sheltered guys in my class (well, one in particular and the others wouldn't really want to know any details) so I won't. But man is it tempting XD.

Anyway, really, things are going okay for the most part. May take a few zeros at school this week but I can afford it and I'm mentally fried anyway lol. And for those who read my last post, I'm fine. I just needed to say a bit of what was on my mind, but I'm doing okay. It sounded a bit more depressing that I meant it to be, but I'm too lazy to fix it.

I hope the rest of you have a great week! Take care and night! Oh, and stop by Sam's (KDJO) site and tell him happy birthday! It's tomorrow (2/7)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! =^_^=

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Yeah, I'm alive. Of sorts. Sorry I haven't been on it a while. Step-dad wants me on less and I've had yet ANOTHER small cold. Life's been busy. I've hurt some people, one much worse than the others, or at least I think. I've proven another friend's indirect statement of I'm a bad friend. And I've developed a bit of apathy right now. I feel very hollow. I may try to make a few new ecards tomorrow. Guess we'll see. Night everyone.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Photo Shoot - Possible Spoiler for Gaara??
HHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, Etaru was just visiting for a few hours and she broguht her Temari costume and the Kazekage Gaara costume she made for me. And so, we had a blast putting on the costumes, seeing how long it would take us (about 2 hours total), and then taking pictures. All in all, my costune is about 90-95% completed so things are doing good. But being as I'm fighting with the TheO in uploading them, for now I only have a pic on cosplay.com. I'll upload more later. Please leave comments here, though =^_^= Pic's a little blurry though for some reason. That'll be fixed later. And yes, I'm missing my gourd and Etaru's missing her fan. The gourd flat up didn't fit in the car (the sucker's huge =O_o=) and Etaru just plain forgot her fan... Soooo there'll definitely be more photo shoots.... And again, we're trying to get our photo in the Shonen Jump Fan Book =^_^=

Here's the link to the full gallery of the photos I have up so far. Enjoy!

I'll fix typos later... I'm currently so out of it, I misread Sunagakure in my own ablum name as Shakespeare and my play list has two songs in it (as opposed to the ten hours worth, no lie): Stratovarius's "Hunting High and Low" and "What's This?" from Nightmare before Christmas... Dangerous combo... Night all!

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