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Friday, January 12, 2007

Quiz Result
So I was a bit of a copy-cat and stole away to the quiz on Etaru's site (Why have you not visited her yet? =O_o= Shoo!! Go see her! XD) just because it tempted me so. So here's the result for a "What Trinity Blood character are you?" just because it amused me so much.

Which Trinity Blood Character Are You? [Nice Pics]

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hiding in Plain Sight
It amazes me how right after I post a post, pleading for help in fixing the accursed and hard to read font color of my posts, I see, underlined no less, "If you want to customize the look of your posts, please click here."

... I feel really stupid now XD Time for bed! And then more studying/memorizing this evil speech.....

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It won't change....
=O_o= It would appear that my last remaining remnant of my old color scheme... is sticking around XD. Yeah, I can't get my post font colors to change...... And I believe this is were I humbly and weakly cry out, "Help..!" =^_^=

And I finally started working on my speeches! ...Because I have to present the long one tomorrow lol.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New level of boredom
Yep, I'm sick again. Getting better, but I've missed the last two days of school. And of course, I haven't been working on the extremely important projects that I need to finish for my final in TWO classes. Yeah... Peoples, don't follow my example XD. Anyway, as I sit here, trying to force myself to work yet force myself not to (technically, both sides are winning - figure that one out) I have found a new hobby and level of boredom. I could be out, trying to find a new free program that can help me make better stuff on the comp or making my friend find them, but no, I'm not. I'm downloading free fonts instead XD. Yep, looking at a site, letter by letter, and downloading new fonts.... I've made a few more ecards, most of which are having difficulties being approved thoughI have no idea why, drinking soda when I want to cut off completely, and worrying half of myself to death about finals this week... After missing the review days... Sadly and very unfortunately, I have a bad case of apathy that will really come back and bite me in the not-so-distant future. On a lighter topic, I FINALLY GOT MY CLASS RING IN!! It's very spiffy, but if my current mood continues, I may have to have the graduation year on it changed XD. Or have the internet disconnected... Whichever will get me to work better.... Nights!
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Friday, January 5, 2007

Yeah, due to the fact that my previous bg made it rather difficult to read all the text, I opted to completely change the theme. I am a bit sad that I no longer have the slate, silver, and blue-gray color scheme going. That is pretty much my all time favorite color combination so it hurts... But I was annoyed at the lack of legibility so here ya go! Feedback is always appreciated. Hate it? Love it? Think it's at least better than my last attempt? XD =^_^=

Yeah... my situation from 2:47 this morning has not improved much. I had a basketball game not too long ago, am tired, but have yet to get a nap in today. So, I'm just wired lol. Well, night everyone!

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   It is now 2:47 a.m.
Yeah... Not a night for sleeping for me, apparently. Though I was planning to get up at 2:30 and finish all the junk that I have due today (welcome to senior year of high school), I've been up since about 1:30 and was tossing and turning before that. The sleep force has not been with me. So what am I doing? NOT working on my projects and listening to a marathon of Digimon music while sitting on a heat pad and TRYING to make myself work. Hasn't happened yet, obviously. But my mind is slowly coming around so I should be able to start soon lol. Let's see... Have to rewrite my Bible paper, correct this speech, write outline for said speech, then MEMORIZE it (it's over two pages), plus study for a unit test in vocab. Procrastination? Nay! Getting by day to day, which is all anyone in my class can do right now XD.

Well, I've been making some more ecards, partially to distract myself from work, partially to vent. There are about 5 that aren't being accepted, for reasons unknown by me. It makes me sad though, especially because one is of Ion (little blonde kid from Trinity Blood that has Al Elric's voice and absolutely rocks). Oh, and I cut my hair. I have no idea why anyone needs to know that, but I did XD. I blame my rambleness that I get early in the morning when my brain's semi-conscious and my hands are stupid lol. Seriously, I work better in the early morning than at night, but my hands just can't type for some reason, which makes my papers filled with typos and gives me bad grades beause I can't reread my stuff for the life of me. And to think, college is just a year away... Maybe.. lol

Well, I hope everyone else is having good nights of rest and fantastic days! Again, I'd be more than happy to do any requests for ecards. Take care everyone and I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings! =^_^= I know I'm going to find a typo in this later and it's going to kill me.... hehe

...I just found the Itallian theme for Digimon Frontier... SW33T!!! =O_O= I feel much more accomplished than I should lol... I need to get some sleep... Badly lol =^_^=

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

   I would like to ask the audiance for help
Alright, considering how much of a help you've all been before (and still are in pming me and leaving such amazing comments on my ecards) I request your help yet again! Once more concerning my site.

Here's the question: Should I leave my site how it is, or go back to having a solid bg color behind the text?

I realize my site is a bit hard to read. I'm still trying to find the happy-medium color of font and so far, I have yet to achieve that (obviously). So now it's time for me to once more kneel at the feet of all you great people and plead for your help XD =^_^=.

So, feedback would be greatly appreciated and greatly beneficial. Thank you!

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

My turn to post an AMV
Though I'm not usually a fan (and in fact tend to dislike having YouTube amvs on pages being as my comp is slow and it kills it) of having amvs on my page, I thought this one deserved it. It's not an anime. In fact, it's Fox. This is a clip of the song "Once Upon A December" from 'Anastasia' but there is a twist. The song is sung in Russian (and of course the lyrics are a bit different - for those who wish to see a rough translation, just pm me).

I'd like to briefly note, and this information is courtesy of my friend who is indeed FROM Russia, the melody of this song is infact a Russian melody. It pains me though that she can't remember what it was...

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! I was just recently checking my portfolio, and MY ECARDS HAVE BEEN SENT 1,001 TIMES!!!! And I only have 50 ecards up!!!! That completely makes my day!! I will have to do something special for this occassion but what to do.... Ah well, I'll figure that out later. I'M SO ELATED!!!! Wheee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to that number!!!! I love you all!!!!!!! =^_^=^_^=^_^=^_^= and one more! =^_^=!!!
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   Random Insight Into My Life
Goodness, I look like I've been abused. Volleyball season is quickly coming to a close (WHY MUST THE BASKETBALL SEASON BE SO MUCH LONGER?!?) and I am raking up the bruises/battlewounds XD. Seriously, that's what the majority of my team (well, more so last year than this year) considers bruises and everything. In our eyes, that means you play hard. And for people like me who tend to bruise rather easily.... SCORE!! lol I have a bruise on the bottom/side of my right arm that's about the size of a silver dollar, if not bigger. I'm quite proud of this thing! It appeared almost instantly when I got it in a game too. But the funny thing it, the center of it isn't bruised so it's just kinda of an off bruise ring (in all actuality it looks like a giant octopus got me with a sucker XD ). And then there are my poor knees that take quite the beating. Whenever I manage to dive, there's always a part of my right knee that I hit on the ground (something I proved the few times I didn't where kneepads in practice) and apparently, the bulk of my knee pad doesn't really protect that one spot.... I have a nice bruise there too. Especially after yesterday when I mauled it when diving. Goodness that hurt =@_@= and my coach thought I was giving the evil eye to the peoples hitting the ball (we were doing a drill where half of the team was on the court in regular setup and the rest were hitting the ball at us and we had to get 15 points before they got 5). And elbows just aren't meant to take my weight lol. They do that, and I get painful floorburns that will pester me for some off weeks. But I regretfully say that our State tournament is this Wednesday through Saturday. Though the team is very young, we're looking to do decent, so long as we wing our first two games lol. So lots of prayers on that! Through all of the ordeals this season, though, I've come to the conclusion that I'm just plain getting old =@_@=. My shoulder knotted up so badly this weekend that I slept on an ice pack for over 2 hours Sunday. I'm quite the sight after every game we have because my knees take such a beating that I pretty much limp every time after the game 'cause they're too weak to support me regularly. And standing up straight? Yeah... Right... Back's shot too. XD And to think I have basketball all the way till February...................... Time to go back to my heat pad and not dwell on it anymore XD =^_^=
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