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Thursday, March 15, 2007

   Odd Stuff
Alrighty, let me set the scene. I have just recently gotten out of the shower because I put some Red Pulse in (concentrated red mousse stuff that's supposed to add redness to your hair) and have begun getting some clothes together for my trip to the con and to Etaru's house. I have also just geled the living daylights out of my hair (this is becoming a daily ritual and I LOVE it XD The wind goes through my hair, I step inside, and it hasn't moved a centimenter) and done it somewhat like Gaara's hair style. At least in the back. The front. not so much. The clothes were chucked on top of my bag, I got my costume together in a bag, then returned to the computer to make sure the internet was still running and to see if Bearshare was downloading any of my songs (yes, I R naughty...). I'm going through my list of searches and right as soon as I click on my search for "gaara", "Crisis After Crisis" or rather, Gaara's theme immediately comes on. And I'm left sitting here all, "=O_o= ... Cool!" XD Yes, I should be packing, finishing my Latin homework, eating the delectable small cheesecake in the frigde for me, removing ALL nailpolish (XD), finishing my shoes, etc. But I'm not. I'm on here chatting to all of you and telling you about stupid little things that are happening XD. What can I say? I live to please. Ish XD =^_^=
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