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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   I'M BACK!
First of all, anyone who's been wondering where I'm at or why I've gone, thank Etaru cause she's the one who kicked me back on here. Quite literally held me at sword (yes sword) point at her house and made me come here and update.... Ish

Wow, life's changed immensely for me in the time I've been gone. Not only is my main school out (the school that I take the majority of my classes at and am officially a student on), but I am proud to say that on the 18th of May, I GRADUTED!!! And yes, I made it! It's such an amazing thing for me, though I cried like a baby. Though I've still been forced to finish out my classes at the public school, that finishes within the week so I'm almost completely free. It's nuts! Mainly cause now I have to get off my fat duff (which continues to remind me that I need to be hitting the gym..) and get a job, as well as finish registering for my classes at the local Vo-Tech. So that's nuts for me.

As for why I've been gone, obviously one point that stand out is my graduation. The other reasons include the massive projects that my class was hit with...right BEFORE graduating. So I was in a semi-mad panic trying to get those done. Then there was the last minute class bonding which usually involved a movie night and usually at my place. It was a blast, though. So, on top f all the reading, projects, and entertaining I was doing, I simply did not have the time nor the motivation to come on and update though I've longed to and am in dire need to make more ecards. Oh, while I'm somewhat (not really) on the topic, my step dad finally was gracious enough to can the evil dial up Netzero that we were using (both my mom and I can have horrid tempers and when the internet doesn't work how we want it, there is problems. Temper spreads between the two of us like a fire during a drought. It's not pretty) and so, much to my unimagined pleasure, I now have cable internet (and digital cable tv, that was a nice bonus).

In other news, I am currently AT Etaru's house (hence the reason why she was able to hold me at sword point) for her OWN graduation today. Tis going to be a grand day. I'll have more to add later, including the Con Report for AO DX which I've been promising. Take care all!

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