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Friday, March 16, 2007

   The Pains of an Early Bird Friend
This is roughly what Etaru was thinking this morning. Yes, the early bird is me (as some of you may have noticed lol). We stay up past 12 though I had been trying to fall asleep and get Etaru to stop moving around, turn off the lights, and at least let me sleep. She finally came down at about 11 and then how does she get me to stay up and participate in our tradition of the nightly conversations? Roman/Greek mythology... Thinking back on it, that was a dirty stunt XD. But anyway, I had Etaru set her alarm for 5 a.m. so that I could shower, get ready, and finish all the sewing that I need to. Well, I stick to my schedule and get up then. The previous night, Etaru had asked me to wake her up after I got out of the shower so she could shower and finish her stuff. Mwahahahaha... She wasn't too happy this morning and was rescued by her mother.. So Etaru got to sleep in till 7 and from then on I continually harassed her till she got up lol. Oh how she suffers when we sleep at the other's house (we share a room). And how I live for it NYAHAHAHA!!! XD

Yep, it's now 7:45, I have one shoe done after having a very sudden inspiration on how to sew the blasted velcro on at 11 last night... That stunk lol. And needless to say the second shoe is already going much easier. And thank goodness too; Etaru's almost out of black thread XD.

For all of those whom I have yet to respond to, sorry!! I'll have to wait to get to everything until after I coem back. Too lazy right now and too busy XD. Well, have a great rest of the week everyone and a great weekend!! =^_^=

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