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Saturday, August 4, 2007

   The Wonders of How I Work
This has absolutely nothing to do with my new job. This is an offered glimps to all of you of just how "skilled" I am. My folks headed out of town today to go camping (I couldn't go because I have to work during that time). They left somewhere between 5 or 6 p.m.. I didn't get off work until 6:30. It is now 1:05 in the morning. I was so completely wipped out from work and just not sleeping good whatsoever these past couple of weeks and had such a bad headache (not to mention the fact that I was breaking out into a sweat for no reason and thought I was going to die or find myself having an uber fever) that I closed the curtains in the living room, turned on the AC and crancked it up, chucked off my clothes for thinner and more comfortable ones, then crashed on the couch at roughly 7. So in the time that I've been home, I slept for roughly 2 and a half hours (with the help of asprine at one point or another. Not sure when I got up, but I did, took asprine, grabbed a different pillow then clonked again), and have been on the computer for about another hour. Then spent roughly half an hour scrounging up some food (at 11:30...).

My point? I have been home for roughly 6 hours, give or take. And I have been busy or preoccupied for 4 of those hours. In the 2 or so hours of the rest of that time, I have made a complete mess of the house. I have manga scattered all over my computer desk, I just dropped my bag a few steps into the house right next to the television, my shoes are a couple feet beyond there (no pun intended), I still have my plate with some food on it on the coffee table, I have all my jewelry (two sets of earrings, necklace, etc.) scattered on the table as well, dishes all over the kitchen cause I need to empty and fill the dishwasher, the pillows on the couch as well as the blanket strewn across the living room floor, notes everywhere from my folks of things to do and where they're at, and to top it all off I HAVE UNDERGARMENTS, SHIRT, AND SOCKS scattered around the living room to boot. Which, for all of you who don't know, is the very first room you enter when entering my house. It's what everyone sees from outside thanks to the huge windows. Hence part of the reason why the curtains were closed at the very beginning.

So the point in all of this is to show just how much of a slob I really am. Not to mention a bona fide college student with my ability to strew things EVERYWHERE! lol. I amaze myself. I really do. And now, NIGHT TIME! (pfft, did you think I was going to say "Time to clean up!"? I'm proud of my work!)

MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^_^=

Oh, yeah... Also changed the scheme of the site again (even changed my avatar!) Tried doing this sooner, but the site I use to upload my bgs and link from wasn't working for me and I had to HEAD to work so I just now got it to work. What do you all think? Font colors seem a bit off though they're legible so any suggestions would be nice! And comments are always welcome!!! =^_^= please??? PRETTY PLEASE??? .... Yay couch! =@_Z=

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