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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

   Back into the Swing of Things
As the title says, I'm finally, TRULY coming back alive. I've gotten to the messages I've had to reply to, slowly going through the comments I have to respond to and thank people for, and have even added 5+ new e-cards to the profile this week. Most were made today and more are bound to come. I'm in a great mood and creativity is flowing! :D Along with good pictures! =^_^=

So yeah, time's still freed up being as I don't yet have a job (hopefully that changes soon). Coming up within the week I'll have that con report for Anime Oasis DX this year that I've been promising for ages to appease myself, my word, and to pacify Etaru XD. Other then that, things have not changed. Compliments of Etaru, I'll be doing a very brief photoshoot/cosplay of Raphael from Angel Sanctuary (sorry to all you fans out there, I was forced. Alright, Etaru struck a good deal with me and I get new clothes to boot.. I'm still sorry! XD) so this will be interesting. And yes, I'm going as a guy again. Good thing I kept some of my supplies from my Gaara cosplay.

So that's what's going on right now in a VERY brief nutshell. More to come later, I promise. And hopefully I'll be talking to some of you soon! Hope you all have a fantastic week! =^_^=

Oh and, just to show how much of a space cadet I can be, just this week when I added my first ecard in a while did I realize I have been uped to Senior Otaku (booYEAH!!!!). So I was celebrating and telling Sam about it, only to be informed that I've had it since at least my last post... On the 27th of May XD. But yeah, random stuff! :D Take care all! =^_^=

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