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Thursday, January 25, 2007

   Sunagakure Comes to the United States
Yo! Been a while since I've had an actual um... post that made sense? =O_o= Forgot the word... Anyway, the Village Hidden in the Sand has appeared in the U.S.. And it's all thanks to my onee-chan and extremely close friend etaru (the one whom I commanded you to go visit, now GO! =^_^=). As some of you peeps know, this coming March I'm going to be cosplaying as Gaara in his later outfit (for those who don't know about it, I won't spoil it for you by saying =^_^= It rocks though). My onee-chan is the one who is making my costume for me, God bless her. Well, going with a theme (that's how we work - last year we went as the duo Kirika and Mireille) etaru decided that she'd cosplay as Temari, Time Jump style. In other words, as the older Temari.

Needless to say, She did an amazing job on her outfit. My outfit is nearly done, the main parts are things I have yet to get such as pants and I need to get some shoes so she can edit them to the right style for both of us. But wow. She just recently finished the main bit of her Temari outfit (minus shoes, all thanks to me XD) and I am in total shock. Check it out!!

Is she great or what? I owe a lot to her and marvel at her sewing skills. Drop her a line and tell her how amazing she looks! We're hoping to take some pictures this weekend (she's bringing my costume to me) and we're hoping to submit our cosplay pics to the Shonen Jump contest for the fanbook. Wish us luck! Well, night all and thanks for reading! =^_^=

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Secret Kingdom
Great song, with an unbelievably catchy chorus

This here comes breakin’ in
Like brick to glass
Like grace to sin
Gonna kick down walls like West Berlin
Shout an amen
Hug it out, then
This here’s gonna light a fire
Gonna pink slip, preaching to the choir
Gonna send us hobbits outta the shire
Here’s the theme song
Get your ring on

That there’s still propagating, waiting on a rooftop
Our journey’s just begun...


This here won’t be contained
By culture, wars and trendy names
Been there, done that, wore out the t-shirts
Don’t need free perks
Don’t need knee jerks
This here still wakes the dead
Still gets God’s people Spirit-led
Gonna put in action all we’ve read
Not all enraged, just all engaged

‘Cause that there’s still fabricating kingdoms out of boxes
We’re gonna leave that slum
This here wants faithfulness, not easy fixes
This here won’t shrink to fit no politics, yeah
This here knows whistles make for better mixes

"Secret Kingdom"

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   Outta Room
I'm out of room on my profile so for now, I'll post this here. It made me laugh to no end, which is a shocking feet when reading "The Universe Next Door" by James W. Sire. To set the stage, this chapter that the following quote is taken from is talking about Nihilism, the "philosophy" that denies philosophies, the possibility of knowledge, denies everything. In short, how can we know that what we see is real or what fact is true? It's much more complicated than that and a very extreme and dangerous thought process.

"The skeptic is never for real. There he stands, cocktail in hand, left arm draped languorously on one end of the mantelpiece, telling you that he can't be sure of anything, not even his own existence. I'll give you my secret method of demolishing universal skeptism in four words. Whisper to him: "Your fly is open." If he thinks knowledge is so all-fired impossible, why does he always look?"

The quote above is by Robert Farrar Capon, used by Sire to prove a point. Enjoy =^_^=

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   Update and Question
Well, as I continue to be lectured and strive forward with life, despite a few pure anger outbursts that have been popping up a bit too much of late, nothing new is happening. I found that winging it through the translation part of my Latin final had it's advantages. Despite me completely forgetting the meaning of one word that just kept POPPING UP (grrr... It was the word for "hare"...) it would seem that I still managed to get the general point of the story, and got full points for that part. Only part I biffed some on was conjigating some infinitives to pluperfect tense and like passive future or one of the ones like it. Short -ere verbs kill XD. And for those who really haven't taken Latin, you probably won't know what in the world I'm talking about. I'll give an explanation of it later, if people so desire.

Anyway, time for my question to the peoples. Do you believe in absolute truth? Is there such a thing?

For my answer to this, I say yes. For those wishing to know why, p.m. me or just leave a comment, but I'm very curious about peoples perspective on this. If you need me to explain what I mean, I'd be glad to. Just let me know =^_^=

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Monday, January 22, 2007

   Cras - Latin for "Tomorrow"
Yeah, for those who don't know, I'm in my second year of Latin in highschool and plan to continue it in college.

Anyway, as I sit here, laughing at my onee-chans continual bg change and shaking my head at Nelson in puzzlement, a thought hits me. Life is okay. Well, I've known this but I've had confirmation. I've been in a bit of an argument with some peeps that are close to me, most of the arguments dealing with how seclusive I am and though I'm there to listen to their problems, I'm not open myself. What's more, their right. Finals are over, and I know there are a couple I could have done better at (MUCH better), and there's a chance I'm NOT done with those evil speeches. I recieved my acceptance letter from a nearby college and though that rocks, that means that I really have to get my act together are start figuring things out for myself and how I'm going to manage in college, how I'm going to pay for it, how I'm going to give my boyfriend, who's two years younger than me in age and in school years, the time of day; and what am I REALLY going to persue? Plus there's always the constant weight of basketball. But above all of this, and WITH all of this, life is still okay. One of my friends that I had been arguing with was upset because he shares his problems with me and confides in me, but I never do the same. And sadly, I don't even do that really with my boyfriend. Yeah, not a good thing. But really, I don't have any big problems, none that really keep me from moving forward. I'm a Christian, and though I'm not the most faithful or strongest one out there, I know that my faith helps me along. And I say, thank the Lord for the strength He gives me. I've heard the argument that religion is a crutch for weak people. I beg to differ. in this world, it takes a lot more faith to believe that everything in the universe just suddenly appeared because conditions were just right, but even before that, matter was just... there and for some reason, started spinning, causing big boom, and there's the universe. I know I'm picking a fight with the masses. Please, for those who disagree with me, pm me. I'd love to know why people believe in evolution and I'd love to debate it. =^_^= Anyway, thanks to my God, I HAVE a tomorrow. A tomorrow to get my work done, a tomorrow to live, a tomorrow, see my friends. Thanks to my God, I have a today. And though I procrastinate (such a great word) I still have my life. And things are going fine. There's always bumps, though I guess some of my friends don't think I get those. But if I didn't, how could I move forward or become a different person, or even grow? Never back down from difficulties. There's always a way to beat them. Anyway, that's my rant of the morning. Hope life is going just as good for everyone else. Take care and God bless. =^_^=

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Making Headway
Well, a break through. I have one of my bgs posted, though it's not the first one I made. It's the second XD. Anyway, I'm still working on getting my first one up, but I have to say, the second is definitely better and not all that bad considering my lack of experiance with Paint Shop Pro. Anyway, that's all for now. =^_^=
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Attempts and headaches
Alrighty, I've started tinkering with my Paint Shop Pro trial and have started to make some backgrounds. Made one already and it is so-so but I'll post it anyway, for better or for worse XD. I may lose what little appreciation people had for the stuff I do lol. But yeah, another one is on the way and so far, it seems a lot better, but we'll see with the finished version =^_^=
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Monday, January 15, 2007

   Hidden Treasure
Well, as I waited not-so-patiently for a disc to load so My Computer would open up, I right-clicked to try and find ways to speed up the process and saw a very interesting option thingy. "Browse with Paint Shop Pro." I, myself, do not have Paint Shop Pro so I was very =O_o=. And being me, a curious little bugger, I clicked it. And got ahold of a 60 day trial version OF Paint Shop Pro. I, my friends, am a happy camper. Now I just need to figure out how to use it BEFORE that time is up. I want to make some bgs and ecards so if anyone has some help, tips, or advice they'd be willing to offer, I'd be glad to hear it =^_^=. And now, back to tinkering...
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Friday, January 12, 2007

   Just too cute
Alrighty, I'm making a bad habit of this =@_@= But this one was just too cute not to put up. Man I've done a lot of posts lately =O_o=

What Type Of Cute Chibi Are You? Lots Of Outcomes! [my first quiz with pictures!]

You are Scared Chibi! Awwww, don't be afraid!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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Random Command
Right then, go visit my onee-chan etaru XD. And actually, because I have the time and odd frame of mood right now babysitting my cousins, I have a list of reason WHY you should go visit her:
1. She's fun
2. She's an amazing cosplayer who makes her own outfits (and is making my Kazekage Gaara outfit)
3. She has a cool site and needs lovins
4. She needs ideas for ecards and encouragement
5. She deserves it =^_^=
6. She's a blast and knowledgeable with her anime and rpgs
7. Because you can :P

So shoo!! Why are you still here at my boring site?? Have fun and tell her I said hi! =^_^=

In other news, FINALS FOR MY MAIN SCHOOL ARE OVER!!!! NO MORE SPEECHES!!! I am so mentally and physically drained... Getting an average of around 3 hours of sleep each night tops for the past two weeks on top of a cold has done a number on me. Thankfully, it's finally Friday. And tomorrow, the other kids in my class and I (all 5 of them XD) are just partying and watching Pirates of the Caribbean II at my place to celebrate finally being done with those speeches. So huzzah!!! =^_^= Hopefully now I'll have more time to check out everyone's stuff and make more ecards.

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