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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

its me again
so how is everyone...............u know i really dont see why i actually write nething, i really dont think ne one reads the posts ne more. my otaku seems to have become obsolete. oh well.
so this is how my summer has been going. couldnt find a place to live for this upcoming semester of school. but we went this past weekend and were lucky......we found a place. small but at least we have a place.........and everything else has just been bad luck one day after another. nothing seemed to go right at all! but i guess that is my life. but i have been working with my boyfriend for his parents.....they own a realty business.........so at least i have been able to make some money. and ive gotten to spend my whole summer with my boyfriend as well, which im happy for. well thats all for now.......tah tah!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........y do i not come here everyday like i used to? dont know.........kinda sucks and i feel a little bad for not posting.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

   IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay it has been a really long friggn time since ive been here...i know im sorry!!!!!!! i still love everyone^^. but i havent really been doing much just concentrating on school..yeah im still in school too. so hey ill drop by some sites....love you guys bye!!!
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Monday, August 25, 2008

its been freakn forever!
hey hey everyone!!!!
i know i havent been here in like forever but here i am now!
well what has everyone been up to?
everyone is doing well i hope........let me in on how you are doing!

as for me....im been doing great!
i went to a convention a couple weeks ago...San Japan 1.5 out of San Antonio.....OMG it was sooooooo much fun!ive never had so much fun in my life. i literally didnt want to leave. and my roommate as well.....she went with me and she's not all to big into anime but she is slowly getting there....thanks to yours truely XD.....but she flat out told me that we HAD to go back next year! so we are ^^. we made so many new friends there.....it was awesome^^.

well im gonna shut up now....and ill post again tomorrow with either links to pictures or with the actual pic XD

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Friday, June 6, 2008

life is going well
sooooo.............im a grandma to 4 kittens.....they are already 5-6 weeks old but they are sooo cute. there are 2 black ones one calico and one orange one. im keeping the orange one XD....and i named him Kyo-kun. i have a new hair cut.....its a womans faux-hawk. and i must say i look pretty freakn awesome.

okay outside of that.......i have just one more step before i am fully to my goal career.....as a Border Patrol Agent. yeah thats right ill be the one on the borders asking if you are a US citizen. but ive always wanted to be a Border Patrol agent since i was like 10. but ne way
so how is everyone......how has life been treating you?

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i totally couldnt breathe
i was crying so hard this morning cuz i was so happy. i found out that i was passed for the border patrol entrance writing exam. this brings me one step closer to my dream.......and i cant be ne happier.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

i am heading home in like 14 1/2 hours!!!!
yeah that would be 330am my time...and 4:30am texas time...cuz my flight leaves at 7:10 am!!!!!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

so i have come to a conclusion.....i <3 jelly belly beans! they be yummy!!!!
well i have 1 more day till i get to eat my pocky...YAY!!!!! and i have a bunch of stuff i have planned for this weekend like WORKING XD!!!!! okay im not excited about that...but i guess i have to gets moneys. and i go home on tuesday...so i cant wait for that.
hhhmmmmm............i forgot what else i wanted to write...so ill leave you with a little quote. guess what its from!

Quote: "NINJA PIZZA!!!.....(ninja pizza?).....Pizza that vanish quickly without trace!"

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

days upon days...............
well up and coming week......
spring break! well not for me ill be doing "business" stuff. i get to go home...but only for 3 days if that...2 of those days im traveling....
ill be singing the national anthem for one of the biggest ceremonies for the border patrol devision of homeland security. and the rest of the week ill be working....wow...my life sucks -_-
other then that...maybe ill get a little time to draw something! ive been in the biggest mood to draw...i just havent had the time. maybe ill be able to get something started..i hope. and also this weekend is of course easter weekend! that means lent is over and i can go back to eating meat! and i get to have pocky again!!!!!! so excited. pocky has been taunting me for these past long weeks.....i have 15 boxes in one of my top drawers in my bedroom. and surprisingly i have made it this far without even having a second thought about just opening a box and eating some! im doing good...only 2 more days and those suckers are opened and down my throat in a flash!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

just watch and listen...and tell me what you think of this...HONESTLY tell me
okay there is a part in this so called speech that says cultures or societies that have homosexuality havent lasted more that a couple decades....BULL SHIT! japanese cultures are high in homosexuality and bisexuality and has lasted longer than our own culture and society.....this lady is wack!

repost if you are affended.

I mean, come on! Comparing Homosexuality to cancer is just low. Homosexuality is natural - just go to New York Central Park Zoo - they have 2 MALE penguins who have mated with NO influence by humans. Other species have homosexuality also. I'm not saying that these Christians are 100% right, but they're just misreading and misconstruing the words that they read. It says in The Bible that yes, homosexuality is a sin, BUT even those people who accepted Jesus into their heart do go to heaven. It is just like any other sin - killing, raping, disobeying your parents...everything. I mean, this is what ruins the image of the Christians - these people who take The Bible too literal and don't read it fully. Ok, I feel better.

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