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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

another "slam poem" and yes i write this myself

what happened to us?
we used to be the best of friends
we knew everything about each other
what happened?
we did everything together
we only knew each other
a short time
but still
you need a place
and i let you move with me
you need your space
and i gave it to you
what happened!?
i know,
i know what happened
i found others
that we both knew
and you,
you fell in love with the wrong person
always mad,
mad that i didn't spend every waking hour
at you side
you became possessive
possessive over the wrong person
sure YOU can can find someone
but when i do, you
you fight, hate, and scold me
it pissed me off!being locked out
sleeping in a common room
you pissed off the wrong person
so what happened?
you became obsessed
you took out your anger out
if not me
my family
i gave you everything i could
but you wanted more
all i wanted you respect and friendship
but you had to take it to another level
you had to start treating me
as if i was your "boyfriend"
but i was nothing like that
just your friend
but you treated me like dirt
like you were better then me
until it slapped you in the face
i had it with your shit
and you
you just had to go and hit me
i have never hurt ne one
smaller than me
but you pushed it
you pushed the wrong button
im sorry that i put you though that window
but im not sorry for something
that you blamed me for doing
something i find perfectly fine
so i found someone for myself
someone to make ME happy
so for that you take everything out on me
thinking i "broke up" with you
i tolerated it
putting it off
till you, like times before,
insulted me and my family
and you wonder why i never
treated you like the "princess" you think you are
and for that and all the above
we no longer speak.
i have tried
and asked
to see how life was treating you
but all you did
was insult me
writing back on the hell bound "myspace"
"you're a stupid bitch and you dont know what you're missing"
or even
"you're pathetic"
im not pathetic
i never have been
and yes i know what im missing
im missing someone that before
we were inseparable
always together
never apart
but now
you're a distant memory
that pains my past
and though i wish we were still friends
im glad that we arent
or you might be here
in this po-dunk town
ruining my chances
to make the friends
i have made today

thank you for the pain,

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Monday, October 29, 2007

just another monday
well its just another monday.....but this one is a little better...why you ask....its almost halloween!!! oh yeah.....ill post pics of me and my costumes when i get them developed......i had sooo much fun putting them together. LOVED IT!
ne way........thats all i gots...my brain is a little fryed cuz of all the work ive been doing....but ill have more next time.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

instead of n actual post
okay instead of an actual post im posting one of my "slam-poetry" poems. yeah...im in my universtiies slam poetry club. so here it is.

(not titled)

to those that know
i care not for those things
that happen around me
this life that i am living now
all is work
all is play
all is just non-sense
that goes my way
i carry responsibilities
that i do not want
and i carry faults
that just tear me down
people suck
im irritated
all the time
cuz of responsibilities
that fall on these shoulders
and no one ever asks if i want them
im put at fault for things
others do
gripped out
for things i dont do
for things im "supposed to have
responsibility" for
but how can i have responsibility
for something i dont know about
stupid people
im irritated
i even almost put a stapler through
my boss' head
i, myself carrying crap on my shoulders
why do i have to do it
why cant i be left alone
i carry the feelings of friends
of myself and
i carry my work load and
i carry what one might call PRIDE
on my shoulders
but that doesnt weigh me down
i carry, at times,
the worldon my shoulders,
and at times

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

hey hey everybody......
well like i promised i am gonna show you piccys of my puppy, Kiba^^........she so cute.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

okay i think my house is slowly turning into a zoo. of course i had Pookie.....well then i got Yuka, and you sawed her(so kawaii), and now.......i have a puppy. she is a German Shepard/border collie mix. she is sooooo cute. her name is Kiba. ill post pics of her next time i update. but yeah she's adorable^^.
and it use to be that i couldnt get my cats to go outside, now i cant keep them in....but thats kinda a good thing this way i dont have to worry about them peeing or shitting ne where in my house, and i dont have to worry if they are cooped up or not.
well, i have to start decorating for halloween. so ill let you all go with a question.

my answer: im going to be a mofia gangster, a sexy kitty, and a anime character(i just havent decided who)

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

hey hey hey!!!
well i hope everyone has been doing good, i have. i got to see my sister(not blood) and her daughter. and i got my phone fixed! yay!!! that made me the happiest. cuz i was having to go with out a phone and it sucked....not having a phone or a car....yeah not cool. but its all fixed now. and as for my car....the engine has to be totally rebuilt and its gonna cost me $2300......yeah im broke off my ass now. boo.

well i did promise that i would have pics of Yuka next time i posted so i am....and here they are......
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
isnt Yuka cute^^......oh and for the hell of it...this is what my toe looks like now....
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
kinda gross huh? =^^=

well i best get going now....hope you all have a great week. laterz!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

so i got another one.....
yeah i couldnt help myself. i got another kitten. her name is Yuka. and she is a black tortuous shell. she is soooo cute^^. ill try to get a picture for my next post.
okay and to the toe...it feels sooo much better. why? because i couldnt take it anymore. so i ripped the nail off. and now there is no more pressure period. but i do have to say this....having no toe nail feel funny^^.
okay enough of that. homecoming......our float was awesome. we won the president's award(the highest float award given at my university) and the most outstanding float award. so yeah we did good.
oh heck....i think i found my new fix for anime....gaia.com they show different animes and i think its pretty cool. especially cuz they show some that i havent heard of and i love it.
well thats all i gots for today....laters!

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Friday, October 5, 2007

yo...shizzle my nizzle
so...yeah, toe still hurts. but its getting better, its not as pussy as it has been, so that makes me happy.
tonight is our homecoming bon-fire. the king and queen will be crowned tonight. and its our last day to finish the homecoming float....costumes and all....god i hope we can do it. and tomorrow is the homecoming parade and football game against Angelo St. i hope we win.....so far our team has won all their games and we are 4-0 maybe 5-0 i dont keep up with the amount of games that we have played. ne way.....our float is kickass yet simple. instead of having a lot of shit on our float..all we have is a goal post, and paper mashae football, and pomped chicken wire....thats it. the rest of the float is us. thats why we are wearing costumes. we have some of the girls dressed as ancient roman cheerleaders...some as gladiators or shall i say football players, and one gilr is our roman ref. its really cute and cheezy.....but i like it. the only thing is that with all the stress that already goes into making a float and costumes....i have even more stress on me cuz im in charge of what goes down.
oh yeah and because of all the drama that has been going down between sisters and other people i have decided that instead of going out and partying with all the other frats and sorority, i am trowing my own party after the game tomorrow. i hope its awesome. because its VIP access only, and there is to be no drama in my house. and its even themed......nothing extravagant.... its a black and white(red too) affair. so that means, nothing but black white or red is to be worn. i cant wait^^.
well thats all i gots for now....so ill let you all get to more important things....like....HOMEWORK!!! na just kidding....love yas laterz!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

have you ever wondered??
okay well my toe still hurts. so i decided to go to the athletic trainer to see what they could do.......and lets just say i wanted to cry. Ed, the head trainer pushed on my toe soooooo hard. oh yeah for those that dont know what happened.......i got my toe nail on my big toe ripped off trying to put on a scuba flipper. yeah i know, but the nail fused back a bit to my toe when i put pressure on it when it first happened. so it hurts........but ill be going to the trainer now every morning to get it cleaned by them and see how much longer my nail will be on my toe...i hope its not to much longer...i just want it off!

but yeah.................so has ne one ever noticed that your middle finger and ring finger are closer together than your other fingers? yes i think of the stupidest things....but i noticed one day and always ponder on it.

and we have two new workers in the post office. one is one of my old friends cousins- micheal, but we have to call him mike cuz my boss' name is also micheal. and Shiyi Wang, her american name is jane. she is cute! hehe and im the only one at work that calls her by her real name.

but yeah working on homecoming the homecoming float.......i love it, its going to be simple but nice......cant wait till its finished

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Friday, September 28, 2007

yo! *waves while eating a bowl of left-over pasta*
so im at work...ah loveley work that pisses me off 24/7! for those that dont know i work at my university's post office.....and everyone there i swear has to be the biggest retards of the world! they never know what they are doing. but i have to give it to them, they are nice people.
but yeah next week is our homecoming week......and its going to give me a headache out the butt! but ill survive, me and my lovely bowl of left-over pasta....yum!

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