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Sunday, January 14, 2007

hey everyone!
well how was everyone's christams break....mine was okay^^. i went home got a new digital camera, cuz someone had stole my last one at a birthday party that i threw for my roommate, and i changed my major yet again. but hopefully this one will stick.....since im already in my 3rd year of college. but yeah, i changed it to physical education with a minor in coaching. so yeah^^, i might be better at this major......haha! but neway how is everyone? you all better be doing good....cuz well you should. but yeah i think i might be posting up a new fanart pretty soon.....i havent put one up in forever!!! i just have to get it scanned and all that good stuff. oh well.....ill let you all know. well neway have a good day and take care...and ill talk at you all when i log back in^^.

you know i just realized......i have been an Otaku (here on myO)..for over 2 years.....2 years, 1 month, and 17 days......holy budda!

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

hello everyone!
hey guys!!!! how are you all doing? good i hope.......man i am soooo sorry for like never being on. i suck and its sad. well ne way....im in my last week and a half of this semester before christmas break....and i realize that i no longer want to be a music major! yeah....i just cant take it ne more, im busting my ass and i think i do really well, and it turns out that i most likly am failing. i just want to cry...wait...i already did. but yeah dont know exactly what my major will be now...probably P.E with a minor in coaching....yeah i think that will work.
ne way other then that.....my fraternity is having a formal dance this friday and im really excited....and that same day im having my cross country banquet. yay!!!well....thats all i got on the whole life thing......but you know what...if you have a myspace account...you should all go visit me on there....it would make me happy......www.myspace.com/marz_inuyasha

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

hey everyone...i just thought it would be nice to come by and post something real quick. well other then saying happy turkey day to everyone..i wanted to make sure that everyone is doing well and that life is treating you all well....i really hope so. well gots to jet...bye bye
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Monday, October 30, 2006

good morning
well today is another day....and let me tell you this........NEVER BE A DD FOR A WHOLE NIGHT! or at least have someone doing it with you. for those that dont know what a DD is..its a designated driver. and yeah this weekend i was the dd for all the halloween parties that were going on...and it sucked. i was getting calls till 10 in the morning on sunday for me to pick people up and take them home. i mean i know its a good thing to do for your friends and skool mates...but i think all the stress of making sure that they wouldnt get sick or freak out on me, i think it got me a little sick. but i did my good deed for the weekend....and now i can go and scare the crap out of little kids on halloween without feeling guilty...okay ill still feel guilty but not as bad^^.
well other than that......how are you all doing? i hope you are all doing well.
so what are you guys going to be for halloween? im a Japanese rock star^^...no one in particular...i just got dressed for a party and the way i looked thats what people said i looked like so thats what i am^^.
well thats enough of me blabbing. you all be careful this halloween......and dont get into to much trouble!

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Friday, October 6, 2006

hey guys!! well i said that i would put up pictures of my kitten when i got the chance and well here they are!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
isnt she cute^^......i couldnt get ne really good pictures, but she's cute just the same^^.
so how is everyone doing? i hope you all are doing well......im excited myself. cuz before i thought that my season for cross country was over...cuz my last meet that i had my caoch said that he would only be taking the top 8 people of our team to the last meets of the season...mainly cuz they are the confrence meet..which is only allowed 8 runners per school and the same with regionals. but there is one other meet...the Chili Pepper run in Arkansas....the race is almost as big or important as a regional or national meet......and it was origanially going to be just the top 8 runners, but my caoch decided that he is going to take all of us because of how hard we had been working the past 2 weeks....so that pumped me up sick! im sooo happy^^. well i dont have much else to say....hope you all have a great day!!! laterz

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Friday, September 29, 2006

hey hey
well the songfest went really well..............but we lost. but its okay i got to make a fool out of myself in front of pretty much the WHOLE universtiy, and no one knew it was me except my ZTA sisters^^. so that was good. well this week is our homecoming as i have said before, and tomorrow night is the "big " game...lets just hope that my schools team doesnt get their ass handed to them. i really hope they dont....that would be sad. well keep your fingers crossed.....if not, i have a lot of ass kicking to do^^(our football guy's asses). well i think i need to go eat something....my stomach has been growling so loud that i was in choir and we heard it over us singing....so its pretty bad^^. well i hope you all have a great day....and take care!!! *huggles*
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Monday, September 25, 2006

so how is everyone? good? good^^............well this week is homecoming for my college, and the theme, UNDER THE BIG TOP, which sucks cuz im terrified of clowns! and today we have a thing called songfest, where each group in the school does something that is related to the theme and shows our pride for homecoming....well we are doing a skit...and i am dressing up as....ill give you one guess.......THE CLOWN! i mean yeah its going to be fun....but why do i have to be something that scares me....oh well ill live through it i guess^^. but ne way, the kitten i told you about, she is doing great...she is all lovey dovey with me cuz i just started her on canned kitten food...and she loves the stuff! and now every chance she gets she is on my lap or on the back of my nech just laying there purring^^....its soooo cute.
well i really dont have much else to say.....but ill let you know how the skit turns out tomorrow...kk....
well love you much, and take care!!!!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

hey everyone!
well today is just another day for me....so how about you? how is your's all day going? good i hope.
well the past few saturdays i have been watching the new animes that have aired on adult swim....Bleach and Trinity Blood.....and i have to say....NEW FAVES!!!! god they are sooo good^^. i love them! hmmm............what else....oh yeah...the other day when i was walking back to my apartment i found a kitten! its sooo small and cute^^. its white with greyish-brown on its paws, ears, tail, and face. its sooo cute^^. i named it pookie, cuz it looks like my cat that some jerk shot and killed, so its pookie 2 i guess you can say^^. but for being so small its a ball of energy, and she love feet......where ever me and my roommate are, pookie goes and just sits or lays on our feet....its adorable. ill try to get a picture for you guys to see pretty soon, k^^. well its time for me to go nows...bye bye

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Monday, September 11, 2006

you all know what day it is!
well how are you all doing? good i hope. well can you all remember what you all were doing on this exact day 5 years ago? i can.......when i woke up this morning 5 years ago, i turned on the tv to watch the live weather broadcast for New York City, and as i sit watching i saw the first airplane fly into the north tower of the world trade center.........and as i went to school, i listen to the radio and the 2nd tower was hit. the teacher allowed us to watched the braodcast instead of doing work....and as we all sat there staring at the tv......the Pentagon was hit. i was a junior in high school, and still 5 years later i am overwelmed by this day. so take time in your day today and give a prayer to those who die in the attack, and who serve our country to keep us safe.
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Thursday, September 7, 2006

hey everyone!!! *huggles*
well, how are you all doing? good i hope.
well this past weekend we had our first XC meet of the season and it was our very first home meet that ENMU has hosted....so it was great. but like everything its had a few minor gliches in it......the women did extremly well, we beat the team we were going after by 60 points, and the ones that beat us did it barely by a meesly 5 and 15 points......so yeah we are going after their asses this weekend at our next meet!but yeah they wont be getting away from us this time.
ne way.......if you havent gone to comment on my new wallpaer, can you.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!! i will love you forevers! wait i already do, okay ill give you a cookie^^.
well i have to go.....i have to start packing for the meet this weekend, cuz we leave tomorrow.......love you all bye bye.....take good care^^ *huggles*

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