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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

hey everyone, man the last day of november, and what....26 more days till christmas!! heck yeah!!!

well so far today is great,except the cold, it's killer on the joints. of course i have practice, and maybe we will acctually DO a workout, instead of putting it off. that just makes me not want to run even more.

well this is all i got so far for today, guess i've had a boring day so far. ^_^

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Monday, November 29, 2004

   Okay now the day sux!
Just found out that I have afternoon practice, and it is sooo cold outside!!!Man, I hate this!!

Well, guess I have to deal with it.

hey, great news everyone..... i didnt freeze my butt off! we were able to workout inside our school gym for practice.......yippy!

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   yo,wuz up!!
hey everybody, wuts going on? I am having a great day so far, I didn't have to get up for morning practice, and i skipped out on my first class today. But I already have a feeling that my day is going to go down the drain!!! I still have afternoon practice. And i still have 2 more classes to go to. Well that is my update to now, so........keep chill'n.
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