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Friday, June 15, 2007

well im much better today......im no longer irritated at chey, and everything will be okay...at least until i cant take it ne more. but yeah, i talked to her again, except more in a pissed tone, cuz well, i wuz.... and she finally got it through her head. but now....i refused to let her do dishes......shes not a very good dish washer. but yeah....i made her do the grocery shopping yesterday, cuz normally im the one buying all the food, and i made her do laundry...haha!!! yes she had to wash the underwear!!! hahaha!!!

hmmmmm...........well thats all i can think of for now...but here is a piccy for you all.....

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Friday, June 8, 2007

well sets see....where do i begin.
well first off im irritated cuz of one of my roommates, chey, she is my other roommate that just moved in starting the summer. but yeah.......im sick and tired of cleaning up her shit!!!! (i am SOOOOOO sorry for venting on you guys, but this is the only place i know she doesnt know about). but yeah when she cooks, i do her dishes cuz she'll let them sit there for weeks. when her mother came to visit yesterday....she didnt do the cleaning...she left and called to tell me that her mother was coming and that the house was a mess, so i had to clean that. and then she told me that her and her mother were going out to dinner so i expected to only cook for me and my Zeta sister but no, i had to cook for them too. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i swear!!! and then last night one of my friends came to visit me asking if he could crash at my place cuz he had to take care of some stuff for school (he lives 2 hours away), so i told him yeah...it might help ease some tension that i have been having lately(and not that way, he lets me talk about whatever i want to him).........okay and so this mornign i get up to cook breakfast for everyone....cuz im feeling less annoyed. but after i get up, chey runs in and jumps on Juston(my bud from out o town)....and screams "big brother, big brother". okay take into consideration...chey is 19, juston is 19, i am 20 going to be 21 in less then a month, and my Zeta sister is 20.........we should be acting like at least older teenagers..not toddlers! and all chey was doing was hanging on juston as though she were a toddler!!!! GOD FOREBID!!!! so i do what i do best when i get irritated....i start cleaning.....and boy, did i clean! juston couldnt figure out why i was acting the way i was and kept asking my sister, she wouldnt tell him, cuz she knew it wasnt her place. so when he finally got chey off of him, he found me in the bathroom scrubbing the tub. he ask what was wrong and i told him.......and i think he got it, but if it happens again when he gets back to the house, im going to scream!!!!! *sigh*
im sorry i vented here....but i had to write this somewhere where chey couldnt read this.......cuz even though i have told her a MILLION times...she still doesnt get it! GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! but thanks for letting me vent....and again im sorry.
but i do hope you all have a good day, and that yours is much better then mine. *huggles*
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

hey hey everyone!
well i finally got a chance to get online.....yeah working is killing me! i have 2 jobs and im taking classes. but its not the end of the world. i get this thursday off, which im happy for, and i am using that to go to carlsbad, nm to see some old friends. yay!!! oh and its only a few more weeks till i get to see my mom...she is comeing here to NM to see me since i didnt get to go home (home being Michigan..for those that dont know).
well im sry to cut this so short but work is a calling me....BOO work! oh well money here i come!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

lets see.
how are you all doing?i hope you are doing okay^^. as for me.....work school and more work. i think im getting tired of this work thing. but i have one more week of school after this week...and thats my week of finals. yeah, thats right, im already taking my finals...then school is out for the summer. except for me. i am also taking summer classes. and working two jobs! AAAHHH!!!!!! im goign to die!!!.................
im dead!
well neway......i dont have much else to say, so ill leave you all to your business.....bye bye^^

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Monday, April 30, 2007

the life of me......
well lets see, what to start off with......i know!
how are you all doing? good i hope^^
well lets see....last week we had our "Greek Week", and it was a blast! i didnt get picks from the first 2 nights, but i got some from the thrid and last day. for you that dont get what im saying...greek week is a time where all the "greeks" get together and play games on campus. the first night was the "pool party"....we had water relays mainly and a diving contest. the 2nd night was "field day" we played egg toss, sack race, and a dizzy race(we had to spin with our foreheads on a bat for fifteen seconds then go run around a tree)....needless to say the dizzy race was kind of dangerous...one of the guys ran into the tree. and the last night was the "toga party". we all wore togas and we even had a chariot race. we had to build our own from scratch.there was also an icecream eating contest, and a greek god/goddess contest. the grek god/goddess contest was were one member of each fraternity or soroity dressed as their groups patron god or goddess. well my fraternity's (Zeta Tau Alpha) patron goddess is Themis, the goddess of justice and truth. and the lucky winner to dress as her.....ME! i dressed as Themis.....and guess what.....I WON THE CONTEST! BOO YEAH! ill show you a piccy........
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of course im the one holding the scales........
and this one is of our chariot....after it decided to do the splits
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well thats all i got for today...let me know what you all think^^

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

well it sucks.....
well we found out that my sister didnt win the election for student body president...the other guy did....the only thing i have to say to that is....BOOO! THAT WHORE!
oh well, not much we can do....he had the numbers.
hehe....well lets see what am i going to talk about today.......
well saturday i cooked dinner for me my roommate and about 10 of our friends......i made teryaki chicken, stir-fry veggies, steamed and fried rice and hot n sour soup. everyone loved it^^, it made me happy.
and then one of my other friends...freddy...but i call him kakashi^^ (he dressed as kakashi for this past holloween).....he made me another recording of naruto....about 5 or 6 episodes...all in japanese!!!! and i borrowed a few other anime from him^^......so i had an anime weekend!
then today it was friggn nice out that i went for a 3 hr bike ride, played some basketball when i got back and got a wonderful sun burn^^.
but it was all worth it. and then i had to take a quiz for a online class that im failing, cuz the teacher said that she never recieved any of my homework assignments......so yeah.....never taking an online class again!
well thats all i gots for today...so ill post a picture!!! yay picture!!!

its of holoween........im the scary looking one in the front

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

lets see.....
today one of my sisters is running for student body president for my college.....yeah.........i REALLY hope she wins! reason being the guy she is running against is lame. he's lazy and doesnt know a thing about politics. but everyone says that he has done sooo much for our school.....yeah sure he has done alot for the school, but it took him 5 years to do it all.....everything that he has done, my sister has done in the 6 months that she has been the student body vice-president. yeah, see what im saying. she is much better qualified, and im not just saying that cuz im her sister.....but because she is. so yeah^^....i really hope she wins!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

im going to sum it all up........
okay i know i have been gone for a couple of weeks........myspace has stolen my time.....
well, lets see...im going to try and sum everything i have been doing in a nice short (but not to short) post.
first off i got back from spring break and the first thing i had to do was make a midterm test for my history class, then i of course had work and classes. but yeah its okay^^. but this past week was the most hectic. remember when i wrote some time last semester that i was being initiated into a fraternity(womens)....wel last week was our initiation for the new mebers from this semester. and yeah, my roommate is now one of my sisters! but having to get everything together for it was so crazy that i almost didnt sleep all that week. so yeah^^, but it was the best thing ever! and now i am getting ready for finals that are to be soon coming up for all the students and my school...BOO!!! but yeah next week we are have what we call "GREEK WEEK" and yeah we are going to play games and alot of fun stuff...and the last day of our greek week, all the fraternities and soroities are having a "fasion" contest with their greek god or goddess. so like our fraternity, we picked someone to dress as our goddess....and the one dressing up is me. i will be dressing as Themis, goddess of justice and wisdom. i cant wait!!!
well again im sorry for taking so long to update...but i hope that your day is a good one^^

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Friday, April 6, 2007

im back!
well i know i wasnt gone for to long just about 2 weeks, but yeah im back............
my spring break was fun i got to see my family and even though i froze my butt off...i still enjoyed myself.
okay im curious.........i know that some of you are on myspace....but how many of you are on gaiaonline.com? i am^^. i think i am addicted to gaia more than i am to myspace. i love it! well if you are on gaia...let me know, kk^^.
other then all that...how are you all doing? i hope everything is going good for you. now i must say my goodbyes, cuz i have choir class.....BOO! but we are learning cool chinese songs which makes everything ok.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

spring break!
well today is the start of my spring break...only cuz i have no classes today....woot woot! and the best thing is that i get to go home for spring break.....i know a week doesnt sound like that long to travel such a distance from New Mexico to Michigan...but i dont care...i get to see my mommy and daddy..and my brother^^. and i think its good, cuz i dont get to go home for the summer.
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