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well as everyone can aspire to, my name is marla…..but don’t call me that…call me marz. im a college student studying hpe(health and physical education) im in a women’s fraternity, called, Zeta Tau Alpha…the best thing in the world….even if my sisters get one my nerves sometimes. But I will say this so that none of you get the wrong idea….I DO NOT PAY FOR THEIR FRIENDSHIP!!! I was friends with the wonderful women of ZTA before I even decided to join. I have three babies…no not really ones…they are my cats. They go by the names Stubbie, Pookie, and Leroy. And a wonderful boyfriend, his name is Brandon and he has become my lover and bestfriend! They make me smile^^. Hhmmm….i really cant think of ne thing else to go on with, so if you have questions…don’t be afraid to ask.

Monday, January 3, 2011

okay.....so im starting to suck at this!
im back..............
i know its been a while, but i just thought id drop by to say hello.
oh and Happy New Year!!!!!! anouther year here at myO....even though its changed so much.
i hope this is a wonderful year for everyone.....and that everything you want to accomplish pulls through^^.
i love you all!!!

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