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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

*tummy growls*
hehe im hungry^^. oh well i guess ill eat something in a little bit......ooOOOOOOoooo...special k sounds good. ill have some of that. sorry random...i like being random.
so how are all of you doing? i hope you are doing good....i am. a little down but good as well. i got to see Mari, and i didnt want her to leave. hehe, it was funny. as soon as she got to my house all i didnt was pick on her. and she asked why(not pick on her in a bad way, just playing around like we always did) and i told her now that she was leaving me, i had to get my picks in while i still could. all we did was laugh^^. then one of my friends came over to say hello and godbye as well to dear Mari, and he picked on her as well......we had so much fun. then the time came for her to leave.....it was so sad.....all we could do was cry, and as some of you know...yeah the ones that have been my friends since i started her......i HATE crying! but thats all i could do. so while she was getting in the car i told her that i was going to go up to Amarillo and kidnap her, and the only way that her coach was getting her back was to pay me 3 millions dollars. we laughed again, and she left. needless to say i cryed some more, my friend comforted me, and said that he'll go to and help me kidnap her. i smiled like a happy kitty.......and went and made some food.....crying makes me hungry.
and now, im just wanting school to start this way i can see Mari again...reason being, all of my cross country meets are in texas this season(even though we are a new mexico school...weird huh) and she'll be at all the meets^^. YAY!!!
well ne way, tomorrow starts my work shops for Zeta, and im not looking forward to it.......i have to be there from 8 in the morning till almost 10 at night....yeah not fun, but got to get it over with. and hopefully ill get something out of it.
well thats really all i have to talk about...but ill leave with a question for you all to answer.......if you were a type of HOT tea, what would you be? and give your reason......i would be jasmine green tea, because i am bitter tasting with a sweet arouma. the perfect combo.
well ill let you all go...love ya, and take care^^

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

hey hey!!!
hey everyone.......you are all doing good, right? you better be........or ill.........GIVE YOU A BIG HUG!!! *big hugs everyone* okay so a few of you asked what ZETA is...........ZETA is my women's fraternity.....Zeta Tau Alpha. we are a great organization....and or main point is breast cancer education and research(we donate to the research). its really fun and you make great friends^^.
but ne way..........Mari is coming back on friday...YAY!!! but still sad cuz she is only sataying till saturday, then she has to get to West Texas A&M to get checked into her new dorm.....yeah it makes me sad......but at least i get to see her.
well its now time for a new change of sceenery(sp?)........like the new look...hope so. let me know what you all think...kk.......
well gots to go......if you have myspace, chack me out.......www.myspace.com/marz_inuyasha

ps- i just took a look at rankings.....and i dropped from being top 75 to 175.......i guess thats what i get for not being here all the time...boo me!

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Monday, August 6, 2007

hey guys!!! how are you all doing? good i hope. well today is another day, but i guess its a good one. all my friends are slowly starting to make their way back to the university campus, which is good, cuz now i can hang with friends instead of by myself. and my roommate comes back this weekend......even though its only to pick up her stuff(cuz she's not coming back to school here at ENMU), but i at least get to see her. and next week i start recruitment workshops for ZETA(if you dont know what it is, dont be afraid to ask).........so yeah, its great. and today the only think i have worked out is to go to work and then go to the gym and do another workout(i got up at 6 to workout this morning).
well i really cant think of nething else to say....so ill put up a picture^^..........have a good day everyone!! LOVE YA!!!!
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

another day another life
so whats up everyone? not much here just chilln. but im kinda excited cuz i just got a pay raise at work....but i still get paid a crappy wage...5.85 hr..........yeah sux. but its something.
well all things pass, im a little depressed cuz my roommate Mariana isnt going to come back to ENMU, instead she is transfering to another school, it breaks my heart cuz she was one of my best friends. but ill get over it, and at least ill get to see her at XC meets...even if we are running against each other.
ne way....what have you all been up too......tell me! i would love to know......ne way time for me to scat! love yas!!!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

well lets see..............okay i havent updated since my birthday, so ill start from there. my birthday was great, my friends took me to a night club where i danced the night away. the night before i had a major water fight with my roommates inside my house...which was fun too......but kinda messy. since then ive just kinda been here and there with work and classes. yeah boring.......i just want to go to sleep and not wake up.....for at least 12 hours! yeah im tired......
but ne way.....and this past week ive been helping out my boss at her church with vacation bible school.......i feel weird cuz its a baptist church and im catholic.....but im having fun....i just have to be careful with what i say. so yeah^^. oh and then i just found out that IO....our faternity headquarters is really mad at my chapter. and i dont blame them....one, our house was always a mess (even i never wanted to be there), and two we just kinda fell through the hole when it came to recruiting girls....now we HAVE to get a min of 15 girls and our house has to stay SPOTLESS! if these dont kick in this upcoming semester....we loose our chapter. but the problem with the recruiting......no one wants to go greek ne more. and our rival soroity plays really dirty. oh well....i think we can do it.
well i gots to get going.....love you guys!

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Friday, July 6, 2007

yay!! today is my big day and im excited^^. im am now oficially 21 and loving it!
well other then having my first test for my summmer 2 session class today, and having to go to work, im happy.....cuz i get another paycheck today(even though its going to be a sucky one), and im going to go into carlsbad and see a bunch of my old friends from high school that said they would party with me for my birthday...YAY!!!
so how is everyone? good i hope. well i know im cutting this short like yesterday, but i have to get to work to make some moneys!! love you all, and be careful this weekend^^
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this is from my bro-bro...THANK YOU!

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

its almost here!!!!
well todays my parents 22nd anniversary, and tomorrow is my big day!!!! YAY!!!!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

*screams inside head*
okay okay......im getting so excited for my b-day this friday that i have butterflies in my tummy! i have NEVER been this excited for my b-day before.....im loving it! YAY!!! but yeah, the big 21 is upon me, and all i know is that im going to spend it with friends, which i think thats why im sooo happy. well to tell you all the truth thats all i really have to say for today, but i hope that you all have a good day, and a safe one at that! love you all!!! *huggles*
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its me^^

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

   I CANT WAIT!!!! *totally excited*
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! okay, i bet you are wondering what im soooooo excited about. well, this friday is my 21st birthday! yes thats right, ill be turning 21 on the 6th. im sooo excited! come to think of it i have never been so excited about one of my birthdays, but this time i am. and this is how that weekend is going to play out. on the 5th...which is actually my mom and dad's 22nd anniversiry, my Zeta sisters are throwing me my "portales" birthday party, this way all my friends that are here in p-ville can celebrate with me, and so i dont have to throw my own birthday party. on the 6th(my actual b-day), i have to go to class and work that morning, but ill be leaving to go to carlsbad to celebrate with my friends and aunt there. and the 7th, i will be going to my first bar. but im not going to drink...im going to dance. thats all i want to do, is go dancing...and the bar is the best place to celebrate with friends and dance the night away! YAY!! so yeah......im going to have the best birthday ever...i hope. and also my mom and dad bought me 3 bottles of sake as my birthday presents and that was probably the best gift ill ever get...well this year^^.
but ne way thats all i got for today...but i hope you all have a good day!!! love ya!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

well today im in a good mood. i havent really been doing ne thing other then work, which im at as im writing this, and working out, which im soar from, and going to classes, which suck as usual. but im even happier cuz my mom has come to visit me, she got in on monday...and it makes my heart happy^^. i love my mom!!!
but ne way....how is everyone doing.......everyone's summer is going good right, it best be! =^^=
well i best get going since im at work....but i hope everyone has a good day!! *huggles*
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