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Thursday, March 13, 2008

just watch and listen...and tell me what you think of this...HONESTLY tell me
okay there is a part in this so called speech that says cultures or societies that have homosexuality havent lasted more that a couple decades....BULL SHIT! japanese cultures are high in homosexuality and bisexuality and has lasted longer than our own culture and society.....this lady is wack!

repost if you are affended.

I mean, come on! Comparing Homosexuality to cancer is just low. Homosexuality is natural - just go to New York Central Park Zoo - they have 2 MALE penguins who have mated with NO influence by humans. Other species have homosexuality also. I'm not saying that these Christians are 100% right, but they're just misreading and misconstruing the words that they read. It says in The Bible that yes, homosexuality is a sin, BUT even those people who accepted Jesus into their heart do go to heaven. It is just like any other sin - killing, raping, disobeying your parents...everything. I mean, this is what ruins the image of the Christians - these people who take The Bible too literal and don't read it fully. Ok, I feel better.

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