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Thursday, March 20, 2008

days upon days...............
well up and coming week......
spring break! well not for me ill be doing "business" stuff. i get to go home...but only for 3 days if that...2 of those days im traveling....
ill be singing the national anthem for one of the biggest ceremonies for the border patrol devision of homeland security. and the rest of the week ill be working....wow...my life sucks -_-
other then that...maybe ill get a little time to draw something! ive been in the biggest mood to draw...i just havent had the time. maybe ill be able to get something started..i hope. and also this weekend is of course easter weekend! that means lent is over and i can go back to eating meat! and i get to have pocky again!!!!!! so excited. pocky has been taunting me for these past long weeks.....i have 15 boxes in one of my top drawers in my bedroom. and surprisingly i have made it this far without even having a second thought about just opening a box and eating some! im doing good...only 2 more days and those suckers are opened and down my throat in a flash!

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