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Thursday, September 27, 2007

yippy i o kie yay!
well things are going good....im not as hyper as ive been the past few days....but im still happy.
one of my friends here is starting a slam poetry club...im totally joining! WOOT GO MATT! yeah he's the one starting it.....and tonight is the first official practice! i totally cant wait. i think the only think i am not looking forward to this week is my test tomorrow and study hall tonight. but i think ill do good on the test, because i have yet to get nething but a perfect score on ne of my tests so far.....yay me!! wait i lie......i other day i got one of my tests back and i had a perfect score plus one!

so how are all you doing today? for those that are still in school, how are your classes going? and those that arent and just work, how are you jobs treating you?

well i really have nothing else to talk about.....but ill leave you with a question to answer for me as extra.......if you were a greek or roman god or goddess......who would you be? and tell me whether the are greek or roman. and for me i would be the greek goddess of justice and truth, Themis!

oh yeah....so i went to everyones profiles today...yeah i got to everyone's....and i couldnt comment....it made me sooo sad. booooooo

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

*singing* my heart will go on and on!!!*stops singing to see everyone staring*
hehe....sorry bout that. im in a singing mood and there is nothing you can do about that!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!
come to think of it....i dont even now why im sooooo hyper and happy....hmph, dont know dont care.....im happy and i like it! so you all need to be happy or ill hunt you down and give you montster marla crushing hugs! MMWWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
and and im wearing my signature inuyasha shirt. okay that what all my friends and sisters call it cuz im the only one on my entire campus that wears this particular shirt and everyone knows its me when i wear it! hehee
oh yeah...im going to put this out there. if you like yogurt, or nething.....buy the stuff with the THINK PINK on it, or for yogurt the pink lids. next month is Breast Cancer awarness month, and everything that you do with help in the fight against Breast Cancer. and yes i mean it. hell if you like cookies.....they have cookie mixes with the THINK PINK stuff on it, even snuggle fabric softener has it.....so next time you go to the store yourself or with your parents...encourage them or yourself to buy that stuff. it all goes for a great cause!
okay i did my speel....so im gonna take off now....hope you all have a great day. and stay out of trouble!!!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

i believe
well i believe that i am having a pretty good day. i dont care that i dont have my car, but sometimes it still sucks. but i dont care.
i have composites today for ZTA.......composites are our fraterntiy pictures...almost like picture day at school......except these unfortualatley will never be lost or misplaced. so i have to look b-e-a-uitful^^....haha.

so what have you all been up too lately? hopefully some fun stuff. as for me ive been slowly moving all of mine and my roommates stuff to our new house, and im super excited about it! i want to get out of that apartment soooo bad! i dont even care that im loosing a bedroom the size of a living room and kitchen put together.....i like my new little room, especially cuz it has red and black walls......no worries ill take pics so you can see.

well i best be going now.....i have lots of sutff to do!! bye bye!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

   i just want to go home
booo.....................i just want to go home and sleep! that all, just sleep......and maybe eat.

i have a headache, my tummy hurts, and i just all around feel really weak.
im totally not going to work, there is no way that i could survive it.

its like i have no feeling in my legs when i stand, and not to mention my back is out of wack.

god i wish i was home. i miss my mom and my dad.......and damn it i just feel like complaining today so deal!

i really want my mommy!

and my stupid car........man i didnt realize how dependent i was on the stupid thing. but i hate having to walk or ride my bike everywhere.......

okay maybe if it wasnt always so gloomy here, it would be better.

my eyes hurt!!!!

*starts pouting* can i just go home and never come back?

cuz that how i feel right now, and the fact i have a test in like and hour and i feel like this doesnt help me at all.

well on a lighter note.........i will be having a bbq on saturday at 2, so yeah. free food.
if you want to know how to get there just call me.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

so life is going good.....well so far
so yeah life is good....still dont have my car though. but i have a lot of loving sisters that put up with me and give me rides everywhere^^. they love me, what can i say.......
Rachel: "yeah we do!"
me: "hey! this is my blog, get your own!!"
Roxie: "but it is true, we love ya.....and there is nothing you can do about it."
Chey: "even if you are kinda a freak.....at least when it comes to anime."
me: "hey thats not nice.......but i guess i am a freak when it comes down to that=^^=."
Rachel: "thats an understatment."
me:"can i get back to typing my own blog now?"
Roxie: "sure."
sorry bout that......those were some of my sisters that i swear i cant get rid of....but im glad i cant. i love them so much^^. but yeah. so my and my roommate and now fellow sister Chey are moving. we got an actual house that is all ours, no rent, ours! and that means i can paint my room^^. so i already started on that, and my walls are going to be black, red, and a dull gold. im making it all contrast to each other, and so far with only my black wall done, it looks soooo nice, and clean cut. and we have a HUGE back yard! that was the best part...cuz now we can get a doggy^^.
so yeah. how are you all today? i hope you are all having a good one, and staying out of trouble. geez listen to me, i sound like someone's mother.
well ne way....im going to get going, cuz i have a few things that i need to get done, before my next class. so take care, and have a good day=^^=

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

today.......SOOOOO much better!
well today is sooo much better! i found a garage close to where my car broke down and they are going to try everything they can to try and fix it and not cost me out the butt! and now i just get around on my bike.....i am so freakn glad this town is like only 2 miles wide....or else i would be committing suicide. haha just kidding. but yeah, so i feel alot better^^.
hmmmmm.........lets seeeeee...........i finally found my old student id, now i can get one of the new fancy ones...if fact i already did.....and im doing the classic peace pose"^^v" and i have food! yes i went grocery shopping and i have food now......thats what made me the happyest......cuz going for almost 3 weeks without eating something for lunch and dinner was gonna kill me! yes all i would eat was breakfast cuz we kinda over stocked on eggs^^. and yeah.
so how are you all doing this pleasant day? good i hope cuz if not.........*tackles ya* ill give you a big hug *give you big hug* yay!!!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   me just want to cry........
well lets see......everything is i guess going good, but really at the same time. im not as stressed out ne more from recruitment, in fact recruitment is over....thank god. but now i dont have a car at this present moment. it went totally Kaploowie! i think the engine blew or a rod in the engine snapped. so right now it is sitting in my universities gym parking lot. yeah this happened last night, so i had to push my car to the parking lot cuz i was in the middle of the street when the stupid car went bye bye. now im hoping that the car garage that i got a hold of can fix whatever is wrong, and it not cost me a fortune.cuz yeah, college student, no money, and no food in my house......i think im gonna go insane.
oh well......in ne case. how is everyone doing? good i hope, and NOT having car problems. but yeah. hope everyones day is good. love you all!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

i think im going insane!!! i have literally hit the bottom of everything. i have no time to sleep, eat or even get on the net....i was lucky today. but ill i have been doing is work, class, recruitment, Zeta, work, practice, homework, class, and pay bills. so yeah...im dead!
well i just thought i would check in with you guys and gals. so i hope you day and weekend goes better then mine. love yas!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

1st week over!
well i just finished my 1st week of school. oh my god...i thought i was going to die!!! well this is the week of formal recruitment, and it is soooooooooo hectic! and i have to sing a song on the last day....hopefully i wont fuck up (sorry about the language)..........but yeah! oh well....i guess we'll see.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sorry its been a while......
well at the moment i am at cross country camp and one of my teammates brought their computer. so im borrowing it to update. my workshops went well.......they were really tiring, but we made it through, and hopefully we will have a good recruitment. and yesterday we took off for camp. well lets just say we had a little adventure along the way. our bus broke down and we had to wait almost 4 1/2 hrs for another one. it was kinda fun so to speak. we hung out in the foreway of a casino, so that we wouldnt die of heat. and it gave us all a chance to bond with the incoming runners on the team a little better then we would have just being at the cabins and running together.
well as for that.....thats all ive got.....other then i have massive amounts of blisters from todays run.....it got to the point where i decided to finish the last mile of the run without shoe.....and it felt alot better then running with the shoes on. but yeah...now im listening to the thunder and rain...its so pretty here^^.
well ill let you go...and you all take care...kk....love yas!

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