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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

its me again
so how is everyone...............u know i really dont see why i actually write nething, i really dont think ne one reads the posts ne more. my otaku seems to have become obsolete. oh well.
so this is how my summer has been going. couldnt find a place to live for this upcoming semester of school. but we went this past weekend and were lucky......we found a place. small but at least we have a place.........and everything else has just been bad luck one day after another. nothing seemed to go right at all! but i guess that is my life. but i have been working with my boyfriend for his parents.....they own a realty business.........so at least i have been able to make some money. and ive gotten to spend my whole summer with my boyfriend as well, which im happy for. well thats all for now.......tah tah!

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