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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Me~ you know what?

Kurama~ what?

Me~ I almost drownd in the shower first I got soap in me nose then almost in me eyes and the soap wnet into me mouth yeah that tasted kinda weird...

Kurama~ dang Diz...

Me~ habg on Im not done yet! then I got water in me eyes and then the nose and mouth at the same time! so I was like DOOD! what is up with this man does the shower not like me anymore or something... *snif* Im not loved!! *sobs*

Kurama~ your loved!

Miroku~ yeah I love you

Me~ you love every woman!

Miroku~ yeah...

Kurama~ I love ya!

Vashy~ so do I!

Me~ yay Im loved!! *hugs everyone but Miroku*

Miroku~ what I get no hug?

Me~ no...

Mirkou~ fine ya meanie!

Me~ I aint that mean!

Miroku~ yes you are you wont give me a hug *snif*

Me~ awh it ok... uhh I'll hug ya, BUT you can't grope me got it?

Miroku~ got it

Me~ ok *hugs Miroku*

Miroku~ *hugs back* heh *gropes me*

Me~ ack! *smacks* grr! *walks off*

Kurama~ *glares at Miroku, follows me*

Me~ grr that stupid perverted monk! *throws hands about*

Kurama~ he- woah *grabs my hand before it hits him*

Me~ huh? oh sorry... I didn't know you was there

Kurama~ *still holding my hand, blushes* uhh its ok...

Me~ *looks down at my hand in Kurama's* uhh Kurama?

Kurama~ yes

Me~ can I have my hand back?

Kurama~ oh sorry *blushes,and lets go*

Me~ its ok I didn't mind...

Kurama~ uhh Diz can I ask you something?

Me~ sure ya can!

Kurama~ uhh well its uhh...

Vashy~ *comes in* hey guys you gotta come and see what Sesshomaru is doing!! its sooooooo funny!! come on!!

Me~ k hang o-

Vashy~ no it can't wait *grabs my hand and drags me away*

Me~ ok ok stop dragin' me I can walk just fine ya know!

Vashy~ yeah I know but your slow at walking!

Me~ thats cause I gots short legs!

Kurama~ *sighs* I guess I'll tell her another time *walks in the direction of me and Vashy*

heehee poor Hiei!

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