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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Kurama~ (thinks~ grrr I need to hurry up and tell Diz something... but everytime I do I always get interupted!) *see's me in the kitchen sittin' on the table*

Me~ dodododdoooooo *eats some bread* mmmmm bread its so bready!!

Bakura~ *walks in see's me eatin' bread* it that all your gunna eat?

Me~ maaaayyyybe...

Bakura~ I'll take that as a yes

Me~ heehee

Kurama~ *walks in* hello

Me~ hiiiii =^-^=

Bakura~ KITTY!!! *pets me*

Me~ heehee *purrs*

Bakura~ ^-^ *leaves*

Me~ *bounces on table* dododoooo bread bread bread your so crumy! fear me and my bread of doom for me and the bread will bread you to death and you will be breaded!!! mwehehehehehehe!!!

Kurama~ *laughs*

Me~ *jumps a bit* ahh you scared me I thought I was all alone

Kurama~ sorry I scared ya...

Me~ it ok!

Sesshy~ *walks in* weeeeeeeee *steals my bread* mine!! *runs off*

Me~ what?!?! noooo thats mine!! *chases after* grr get back here with my bread!!!

Sesshy~ no so ha-nah!

Me~ grrr *jumps uo and tackles Sesshy down* gimme!

Sesshy~ no

Kurama~ *walks up to Me and Sesshy*

Me~ gimme it or I'll... I'll uhhh I'll lick you!

Sesshy~ I dun want to be licked!!

Me~ well then gimme it back!

Sesshy~ fine ya meanie!

Me~ *smiles* I aint that mean... *gets off Sesshy with MY bread in me hands* YAAAAAAAY!!! =^-^=

Sesshy~ *pushes me, then runs off*

Me~ weee I've been pushed!

Kurama~ *grabs me before I fall* you ok?

Me~ yep never better!

Kurama~ uhh theres-

ooOoo what will happen next?
stay tunded for the next story!!
this story was brought to you bye Keyboards where they're are always there when ya need to type up something!!

p.s. comp still craping out on me, untill my bro reformats it I wont be doing much on here without it locking up on me >.<

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