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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

   Hikaru no Go
I woke up today thinking, "OMG! New episodes on Toonami Jetstream!" So I went to watch it on my brother's computer since my computer prevents me from watching (dunno why o.O). So after that, he wanted to go on and I didn't get the chance to finish Prince of Tennis.... *Cries* So I decided to go on my computer and look up Hikaru no Go soundtracks.... and I, somehow, started watching Hikaru no Go episodes on YouTube. >_< I realized they were all in Japanese so it's a good thing they had subtitles! ~ Laughs ~ Then I never stopped. I kept watching the whole morning, afternoon, and evening... I'm still watching right now... Just decided to check on MyOtaku. ^_^ Grrrrr.... Hikaru no Go is sooo addicting.. it's a great show and I recommend all of you to check it out!~ It makes you feel like you wanna be in it and wanna be one of them... it also makes you feel like you wish you were them. Even though they go through so hard times, there lives are amazing ! ~Grins~ They're all always on there own.... it's like there parents don't mind them doing whatever they please. Don't you wish your parents were like that?! I do. Ahahahaa... Well I'm going back to watch.... then after my brother gets off of his computer, I'm going on again to finish Prince Of Tennis... and watch other shows I didn't watch today. I'll check back later~

~Furry-Chibi (=^_^=)

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