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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Okay, so remember yesterday how I was talking about that girl? (Look at the other post for more info) Yeahh, she went up to me today and she said, "Why did you do that yesterday?" I was like, "It was a joke." Then she was like, "Well, it wasn't funny." Then I said, "Well, I didn't think you would acts so serious. & You didn't have to write all over my shirt!" & She said, "Well you deserved it." (Whatta bitch.) I didn't deserve anything. JEEZ! I only took her candy cane as a joke. =D And then I was like, "Well, its not like you never took your friend's stuff." And then the bell rang so everyone was leaving. As I was leavingm she was saying, "You think you're cute but you're not. No one likes you and you have no friends." Tell me how fucking wrong that is?! Yeahhh, she's a spoiled, wanna-be low on life bitch who needs to adjust her attitude and stop bragging. (Woo, I just made that up. ^.^)

Besides the annoyance and bragging I've recieved from her, nothing really happened today. She just stared at me all through Social Studies and Language Arts. Its like "Hello? Do you own work!" Hahaha... I hope I did the right thing... And I hope she regrets everything she's done. Yeahh I know, I shouldn't had touch her candy cane but she always does that kind of thing to me before..... yahh. I just like to say "Treat others how you want to be treated." And if people treat me how they don't want to be treated, I will treat them the same way they treat me. ^.^

GRAWH, I've been so lazy! I have to make you guys a christmas card! I'll try to do it tomorrow.... But for today, that's all!


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