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Monday, December 18, 2006

SOOOOOO.... today was boring.... I thought that I had madd loads of homework but I guess I didn't. Haha. Only Language Arts & Social Studies and the others are to read. WHOA! Can you say easy?! Except that the Social Studies is Double Homework and we're suppose to create our own review sheets. Yeck *mean face* Well I gotta get it over with. It counts as a double homework.. o.O

WOO! Still can't wait `til the break. Unlike some of you guys.. I only have December 23 - January 2 for the break. NOT EVEN TWO WEEKS! & It goes by sooo quickly... =/

Before Christmas Eve, I'll PM all of youuuu a christmas card I'm making ... I might make a different one for each person... I don't know yet. We'll fine out. =)

I'm suppose to be watching ToonamiJetstream and Cartoon Network Videos online right now! BUTTT my stupid computer has a damn virus and I don't know if the virus is effecting the websites I go on but I can't watch anything... ='( I'm gonna make my brother and I switch computers after he watches Megas XLR. Then I'll watch ALL the shows on Toonami Jetstream except Samurai Jack (HATE that show) & ALL the shows on Cartoon Network Videos... =D If you are interested in watching them, click these links: Toonami Jetstream & Cartoon Network Videos.

Anyways, madd thirsty, so gonna go get a drink of water.. & I'm suppose to call 9.tailed.Neko soon..... SOO laterrrrr~! =D


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